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Portrait of ShuanFile:Shuan.png
Race Human
Gender Male (?)
Occupation Baltane Special Unit Secretary
Location Avalon Gate


Thick glasses magnify his sharp, darting eyes.
He regards his surroundings carefully, as if calculating something.
His tied, unkempt hair is that of a total workaholic.


Shuan's Equipment


  • When creating a Alban Knights Baltane Special Unit, Shaun recommends introducing your character to each squire; this is not required, but Shuan does have a different response depending on which squires you choose to introduce yourself to.
  • Shuan knew Kaour's father when Kaour's father was a Baltane Squire and may have even trained him.
  • Speaking to Shuan many times will reward you with the Shuan Keyword.
    • You will need to start around 55 conversations with Shuan.
    • These conversations will need to happen nearly back-to-back, as NPC Intimacy decays over time.
  • Using the Shuan Keyword on the various Squires reveals some info about Shuan.
    • Kaour says that Shuan paradoxically claims to be a retired Alban Knight from Lughnasadh while no retired knight by the name of Shuan exists.
    • Logan exclusively uses female pronouns to describe Shuan when using the Keyword, though Logan elsewhere refers to Shuan with male pronouns.
  • Asking Shuan "What if I want to recruit Shuan" brings up some hypothetical scenarios.
    • One scenario has Shuan "under the Avalon Gate" while they wear the "female Swordsmanship School Uniform because" they "were actually a girl".
      • Shuan appears in these clothes at the end of the 2017 April Fool's Alban Inception Event.