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*'''Outfit Boxes'''
*'''Outfit Boxes'''
**[[Squire's Uniform Box (Kanna - Library Outfit)]]
*'''Enchant Scrolls'''
*'''Enchant Scrolls'''

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Basic Information

A special mission that can be started in Avalon Gate. This mission is solo only. Players can only enter this mission if they are level 60 or higher. The basic level mission can be entered once per in-game day, resetting at 6am in-game. The elite level mission can be entered as long as the player has the corresponding elite mission pass. In the basic difficulty, players cannot obtain exp when they are above level 99. In the elite difficulty, players cannot obtain exp when they are above level 149.

Basic Difficulty

Players will spawn at the entrance to Avalon Gate.

In order to clear the mission, Players must rescue all 10 Baltane Support Units and stop Girgashiy from warping into Avalon Gate.

Occasionally a Warp pentacle will spawn at the center of the map, along with monsters. If these monsters reach the pentacle they will be warped into the gate where the Squires and rescued Baltane Support Units are.

Rescuing the Baltane Support Units

10 Baltane Support Unit NPCs will spawn across the map. Initially they are being corrupted by the power of the prophets. Players must step on the red circle surrounding the Support Unit, spawning a single wave of monsters. Defeating the monsters will stop the corruption, and the Support Unit will assist the Squires in defending the gate.

Stopping the Girgashiy Warp Ritual

4 orbs surround Girgashiy in a square shape, hitting the orbs will spawn monsters.

There are 3 waves of 4 orbs for a total of 12.

Each wave of orb becomes increasingly more difficult.

Note: Players may do the mission in either order, they can prevent the Warp before saving the Baltane Support Units, however ultimately the must do both to clear the mission.