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Ski Event (2009, 2010)

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The skiing hill is southwest of Vales, just north of the "h" in Sella Beach, and is marked by a quest beacon at your first visit.

  • To receive the Sheep Robe, you must reach the goal in 52 seconds or under. It will be automatically placed in your inventory.
  • You must ski through the posted flags. If you miss a flag, time will be added to your score at the end.
    • It is nearly impossible to get the robe when more than 1 flag is missed.
  • Controls: WSAD.
    • W makes you ski faster
    • A turns you left
    • D turns you right
    • S slows you down
    • To perform a power slide, press the spacebar.
  • If you don't like the robe's color, you may drop it and ski again to obtain another one.
    • You will not be given a second robe, even if you succeed at skiing, if you are still carrying the first robe.
  • Tip: Instead of walking up the hill to try again, you can hit the sign at the bottom of the hill to teleport you to the starting point.

Link to the Nexon Announcement.