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*You can attack with a full normal combo when the skill is manually canceled, provided that you attack immediately.
*You can attack with a full normal combo when the skill is manually canceled, provided that you attack immediately.
*[[Heavy Stander]] may reduce the safety of this.
*[[Heavy Stander]] may reduce the safety of this.
==[[Final Hit|Final]] [[Windmill]]==
*Requires at least Rank F [[Final Hit]].
*Different weapon speeds may change the difficulty of this tactic.
*Recommended with Slow 2 hit weapons.
*This is a combination of Final Cancel and N+Windmill.
*Using Dual Wield, execute Final Hit normally.
*When the use of Windmill is desired, such as in a tightly mobbed area, teleport to a monster in the mob and slash it twice to four times.
*Cancel Final Hit and load Windmill.
==[[Windmill]] [[Counterattack|Counter]]==
==[[Windmill]] [[Counterattack|Counter]]==
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*If done correctly, your character will cancel charge right as it gets within melee range, do a single hit, and load windmill while doing the hit.
*If done correctly, your character will cancel charge right as it gets within melee range, do a single hit, and load windmill while doing the hit.
*All the user has to do at this point is use windmill, effectively creating a charge assisted 1+windmill.
*All the user has to do at this point is use windmill, effectively creating a charge assisted 1+windmill.
= '''Melee/Action Based''' =
= '''Melee/Action Based''' =

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Nexon-logo.png This article contains contents that are not official.
The following information has not been officially released by Nexon America and is original work of an author or authors.
Please use the discussion page for suggestions on improvements.

These are general use Solo tactics, for specific uses, see other Battle Tactics.

Note: Some tactics may not work efficiently due to latency between you and the server. It is assumed that you do not have any lag when doing any of these tactics.


Magic Based

Magic Counter

METHOD 1. Charge two Icebolts, one-to five Firebolts or one Lightning Bolt

  • One charge may be used instead if your MP pool is small, the number of enemies is large, or if you expect the battles to be long.
  • Firebolt and more than 2 charges of Icebolt should be avoided with any enemy that will windmill or counter in response to being knocked down.

2. Fire all charges

  • If the target is in a crowd and you are using Icebolt, you may want to delay between shots to allow yourself time to run away, pulling the target with you. Be careful not to wait too long to fire the second shot; you will still need time to load counter.
  • If the target has a bow and is trying to fire, you should repeatedly charge and fire Icebolts or Lightning Bolts until it puts away its bow (or cancels its skill) and starts to melee.

3. Immediately after the firing animation for the last bolt begins, load Counterattack 4. As soon as the bubble for counterattack begins to fade, load one bolt 5. Fire the single bolt 6. Immediately after the firing animation for the bolt begins, load Counterattack 7. Repeat steps 4 - 6 until the monster is dead.

  • When stamina is low, Defense can be used instead of Counter, but it is not recommended to do this without a shield or against stronger opponents.
  • The target should be as close to the edge of the magic's range as possible when beginning to allow time to charge Counterattack.
    • Exception: When you are using Firebolt, it may be useful to wait until the monster is closer to you to fire the bolt since it will get knocked back anyway. This is useful to give yourself more time to recover stamina if you are low.

Firebolt "Revolver"

  • Similar to how Ice Revolver and Lightning Revolver work, but the enemy does not stay in place.
  • At rank F, this only works on slow enemies (Zombies, Stone Zombies) and enemies that do not run towards you when firebolted.
  • It's possible to do this at rank F on werewolves and skeletons, but there is the issue of them loading smash and smashing you before you can load the skill.
    • If you do load fast enough, the monster will attempt to smash you while you are in the Firebolt casting animation, regardless of distance. However, this does usually does not work, as Firebolt fires faster than smash, but if you are unlucky and lag exactly at that moment, you will get hit by the smash.
    • It's recommended to have this skill at Rank 9 or higher, due to shorter casting time, so that the skeleton/werewolf cannot reach you.
  • Rank 5 or higher is a MUST on fast enemies, such as bears, skeleton wolves, wolves, etc.
  • Load Firebolt to 5 charges (less if you do not have the time because you are being aggroed)
  • Shoot the Firebolt at your intended target.
  • Continuously load Firebolt to one charge and shoot it until the enemy is dead.
  • If done correctly, the enemy will never reach you
    • However, if you have lag, it is harder to do on faster enemies
  • Recommended to have pretty high mana pool, as Firebolt eats up a lot of mana.
  • If you want to reduce your mana use, you may load Ranged Attack, Icebolt, or Lightning Bolt between charges.
    • More difficult to do this at lower ranks, because it causes the enemy to run towards you and normal you, sometimes before you can load Firebolt.
    • However, at higher ranks, you should not have an issue with that.
    • If you intend to use ranged attack, at least Rank 9 Ranged Attack is recommended.


  • Fire-counter is arguably the most versatile of the magic counters as it will knock down monsters even when they are using Defense.
  • It can be used against monsters with Mana Deflector levels that make Icebolt and Lightning Bolt useless.
  • The downside is that Firebolt tends to make monsters immediately use Counterattack or Windmill, causing the player to waste valuable time and stamina while countering and waiting for the enemy to attack. Firebolt also loads more slowly, making it harder to use against faster opponents until Rank 5+.
  • This is the preferred technique for fighting Ogres, Golems, or other monsters that use the skill Stomp and are not stunned by Icebolt. In addition, however, you must run back after each Firebolt in order to avoid the Stomp skill.
    • Firebolt-Counter is favored by those who have a high rank Counter. A good monster to fight with Firebolt-Counter are Cactus Lizard (The Unknown). Their AI is very similar to that of Ogre Warriors, and also give a good amount of EXP.


  • Ice-counter is popular because it usually triggers the monster to immediately attack and run into the player's counter.
  • Useful if the target has a bow, Stomp, or magic, assuming that it does not have Mana Deflector level 2 or higher.
  • Lighting bolt can be replaced for a higher max damage output but requires more mana.
  • Can be performed at point-blank range if you're lagless, but it's risky.
  • Can also be performed on very fast enemies such as bears if you're lagless.


  • After shooting Firebolt, immediately use Icebolt.
  • As soon as Icebolt is ready, shoot it and activate Counterattack.
  • When the monster runs into your counter, load another Firebolt and repeat.
    • Icebolt can be replaced with Lightning Bolt.
    • Allows players to use magic more than counter.
    • Saves stamina, but may be slower.
  • Firebolt pushes back the monster, separating the distance placing it to Maximum Bolt Range. Icebolt lures it. Counterattack repels it.
  • In situations with monsters with Mana Deflector
    • Depending on the AI, the ice may or may not lure the monsters
      • Higher changes of working on monsters normal speed or slower--assuming you have very little lag.
    • A useful variant is fire-iceice-counter, ie. after the first ice charge and hit, charge ice again. If the monster uses a skill, ice it, and charge again. If it starts running towards you, immediately counter.

Icebolt Freeze (Ice Revolver)

  • Requires at least rank 9 Icebolt, or fast casting music effect.
  • Continuously load and execute Icebolt one shot at a time.
    • It is advised that that Icebolt is charged least 2 or 3 times, in case a monster 'glitches' out of the flinch animation or another monster aggros you.
    • It is recommended to have 5 charges at all times. After shooting a charge of ice, recharge another in order to keep Mana consumption low.
      • It is recommended to be in combat mode when starting. If you are in normal mode, you will attack 2 or 3 times consecutively from just one click, making it harder to charge again after the first hit.
  • Does not work against a monster with Mana Deflector level 2 or 3, somewhat difficult on monsters with level 1.
  • Will require a lag-less connection (in order to execute it on very fast monsters and even knock them back).
    • If you have no latency or almost no latency, and your timing is perfect, it is recommended that you start at point-blank range, because the monster will not be able to get out of the stun before being hit again, and will be knocked back with each hit starting with the fourth, causing you to have to chase it eventually, and sometimes giving it a chance to load defense when you knock it out of range. Also, most monsters tend to use defense less often when they are that close.
      • Even if they get out of the last stun before being hit again, and are within melee attack range, most monsters will not be able to retaliate with normal attack between bolts due to slow normal attack speed. However, If they manage to load a skill like smash or windmill while stunned, they can attack you as soon as the stun is over.
    • If you have a little latency or imperfect timing, it is recommended that you start from farther away because the monster can take a fraction of a step toward you between hits, will not start getting knocked back until after 5-8 hits, and will have a chance to attack you if it gets close enough.
  • Advised to meet the recommended Mabinogi requirements. Available here[1]

Lightning 21111...

  • Similar to Icebolt Counter, it is a tactic designed to help you get in more hits (before having to resort to melee) at the low ranks that have slower casting times.
  • Requires some timing and is difficult to do on a laggy connection.
  • Does not work on monsters with Mana Deflector.
  • Less effective on faster monsters.
  • Does not work when there are too many monsters close together.
  • Load at least 2 Lightning Bolt charges and make sure you are as far from the target as you can be, but still have the target within range, and fire.
  • Immediately charge one and fire again.
  • Continue attacking with single charges until the monster dies or gets too close for you to charge before it reaches you.
  • More effective if used with a Lightning Wand equipped, due to the range boost.
  • Since you started with two charges, the monster will be knocked back by the first attack and be easier to knock back with the next attack(s) because it hasn't fully recovered from the stun from the previous attack(s).
  • If there is more than one monster, the number of charges you should start with is the number of monsters plus one. The monster you target will be knocked back. Attempting this with monsters that multi aggro is not recommended, but for single aggro monsters, they will just face the monster that chained it to them, and then go back to idling.
  • If done correctly at the casting speed of rank f-6 Lightning Bolt, the monster will be pushed back by the first hit, and again by every 2 hits afterward.
  • Can also be useful if you have high latency and rank 5-1 Lightning Bolt.

Icebolt/Lightning Bolt+N

  • Useful if the player does not have a shield or want to use defense
  • The player hits the monster with one Icebolt, which will cancel any skill it has and uses normal attack against it. As the monster gets knocked back the player uses ice to stun it and hit with normal attack again.
  • Shoot bolt only after enemy has gotten up.
  • Must be done very quickly.
  • To get rid of the monster's defense, stand on the monster and use Icebolt+N
    • If the monster is defending it may be better to use two Icebolts instead of one before attacking with your weapon.
    • If the monster has windmill ready, it may be better to load 2 Icebolts, hit the monster once to cancel windmill, and then use Ice+N, since just using Ice+N might give the monster time to recover before you have time to get close enough to attack if you started far enough not to be hit by windmill.
  • Lightning bolt can be substituted for Icebolt.


  • Useful for quickly finishing off a low HP monster with Mana Deflector only.
  • Requires very precise timing.
  • Requires a very slow 2+ hit weapon.
  • The player charges a firebolt, and goes near the monster, preferably on top of a monster standing still.
  • The player fires the bolt and at the same time runs to the position that the monster will be land after being knocked down (distance 500 from the position fired).
    • An estimation or un-synchronized error of +/- 200 distance may produce incorrect timing.
      • If the player attacks too fast or Dual Wields, they may cancel the knock down on the second normal hit and allow the monster to retaliate.
      • If the player attacks too slow, the monster may hit the player first before the first normal hit, the monster may be knocked back on the second hit, or the monster may successfully load a skill.
  • It is recommend one use rank 9+ Windmill after the first successful normal hit.

1+Ice/Lightning Bolt

  • Requires little lag, and a weapon at slow speed (minimal).
  • Rank 9+ Icebolt and 5+ Lightning bolt highly recommended.
  • Hit the enemy once.
  • Immediately charge Lightning Bolt and attack.
  • Hit the enemy normally again.
  • Lightning can be substituted with Icebolt
  • Using Lightning Bolt or Icebolt right after knocking the enemy down will cause no stun and allow the enemy to hit you before you can charge any skills.

Icebolt 3221

  • Load 5 Icebolts, attack with 3 to push back, load 1 Icebolt, attack twice to push back, load 1 Icebolt, attack twice, load another Icebolt, and then attack once more.
    • Even on fast monsters and with the skill at rank F, it's possible to keep the monster stunned/knocked back.
    • Using Icebolt in this manner allows you to attack 8 times instead of 5 for a min~max at rank F of 80~160.
    • With faster charges at Icebolt rank 9 or on slower monsters it's possible to charge twice between every knock back, thus 3-2-2-...etc.

Skill Lock

  • When a monster is using Counterattack, Defense, or Windmill, charge an Ice or Lightning Bolt. As soon as the monster flashes as it begins to charge a new skill, hit it with the bolt. The bolt's stun effect may trigger the monster to be 'locked' into using the skill it was preparing, and thus will not attack. If it does not work, just try again.
    • Normal Attacks, Ranged Attacks, or any other attacks that doesn't Knock Down works fine as well.
    • You can tell the monster is stuck in Counter or Windmill if it does not move from the exact spot and the skill is still up.
    • If the monster flashes again immediately after attacked, this is a good indication that it has been locked
    • You can also tell if its in Defense if it walks to you but gets "stuck" in front of the player.
  • The idea is that, after you've 'locked' one monster, you can kill the rest at your own leisure. The other monsters will not target you, as you are still being targeted by the 'locked' monster, provided that you are fighting single-aggro monsters such as skeletons or werewolves.
    • You can Windmill the other monsters and they will not aggro. Smash and normal attacks, however, will cause them to attack. Attacking the 'locked' monster will, of course, ruin the lock.
    • Or, you could charge advanced magic/alchemy because the monster cannot attack you while it's locked, and none others will aggro.
    • You can cast Healing or use First Aid if necessary.
  • Locking a monster this way is useful on the single-aggro monsters where, when you kill one, a second immediately attacks you, giving little time for you to defend against it. The 'lock' prevents a 2nd monster from aggroing, unless you provoke it yourself.
    • If you lock a monster that's using an offensive skill, the lock will have no effect, except that the enemy cannot cancel the skill. (It may still execute it.) For example, a monster locked in Smash will still charge at you.
    • A monster locked in Windmill cannot cancel Windmill and will therefore be stuck, but it will execute Windmill if you come in range. Unless you have higher Windmill radius than your target at this point, or have ranged or magic attacks, you can't avoid being hit by Windmill.

Note: Skill Lock exploit is harder to execute after the Iria Update.

Ice Spear Chain

  • Player can have Ice Spear at any rank, but must have A LOT of MP.
  • Cast the Magic and then launch it at a monster. Then cast another one.
  • When the monster unfreezes, hit it again. It should be frozen in mid-air.
  • The monster cannot move or do anything at it's current state due to being in sub-zero temperature.
  • Does not work on a monster with Mana Deflector, due to immunity to freezing effect.

Thunder Chain

  • Must have rank 6 or higher Thunder
  • Cast Thunder then immediately begin recharging. Release when the enemy stands up.
  • Player will have sufficient time to charge due to the increased Standby time between the initial bolt and thunder bolts at higher ranks
  • Recommended that the first attack of the cycle be fully charged for longer animation
  • Extremely high damage output
  • Will chain to other enemies when using rank 1 Thunder.
  • Requires a MASSIVE amount of Mana; MP 100 Potions are recommended if time allows.
  • Does not work on any monster with Mana Deflector, due to the resistance to being stunned.

1+Lightning Bolt+Firebolt

  • Similar to 1+Lightning Bolt
  • Requires the same as 1+Lightning Bolt tactic
  • Lightning Bolt and Firebolt must be rank 5 or higher for this tactic.
  • Lightning Bolt CANNOT be substituted with Icebolt.
  • Use the same strategy as 1+Lightning Bolt, but when the enemy is knocked back charge Firebolt. After using Firebolt charge another Lightning Bolt and hit the enemy with it. Repeat.
  • This will not work on enemies with Mana Deflector or Heavy Stander.

Magic/Melee Based

Advanced Magic+Charge


  • Use any Magic Shield to defend against the correct attacks.
    • This prevents stun and allows you to use another skill.
  • Use Charge
  • Begin another close combat combo to finish the monster.

Magic Stun

  • Use any of the bolt based elemental attacks followed by the charge skill.
  • This is recommended to train skills.
    • For instance, you can go to Tir Na Nog and use these on Zombies. It counts as a knockback for both skills.


  • Use any of the bolt based elemental attacks followed by the Charge skill.
  • Use Smash immediately after Charge
    • Using 2 bolts after Smash will give you enough time to use Charge again, allowing you to continuously stun the target.
    • However, if there is more than one target, this tactic is not recommended.

Magic/Action Based

Dead Magic

  • The player must have at least have a bolt spell and the Play Dead action.
  • The user will spam a bolt on an enemy until it comes really close.
  • When the enemy comes near, use the Play Dead action.
  • The monster will just not move and will start to think the player is dead.
  • Can be used as a substitute for Magic Counter, since it drains less SP.
  • Does not work on anything with an AoE attack.

Adv Magic+Death

Attack unaggroed monsters with one of the 3 Advance Magic skills, then use the play dead action. If you time it properly, you will not be aggroed.

  • To use this with Fireball, activate play dead while it is still being launched (You must appear to be dead at the moment the fireball strikes.)
  • To use this with Ice Spear, activate play dead while the monster(s) are frozen (You must appear to be dead during the explosion that actually does the damage.)
  • Thunder can also work but it will actually cause them aggro.

Melee Based

Note: Some of these are not effective against monsters with Heavy Stander.

Standard Battle Tactic #1

  • Knock Back an enemy using a combo attack or a skill.
  • Load Defense; get attacked while in defense position.
  • Repeat steps one and two.
  • If you want to proficiency train a Shield, then hit once and then load Defense and walk back.
    • Recommended to use a Slow Weapon for longer stunning.

Standard Battle Tactic #2

  • Knock Back an enemy using a combo attack or a skill.
  • Load Counterattack; knock down enemy with by countering their attack.
  • Load Defense (walk away while defending if dealing with an enemy that can run up to you faster than you can load the skill); get attacked while in defense position.
  • Knock the enemy back using a normal attack or N+1 (see below).
  • Repeat steps 2-4 until the enemy is dead.

Standard Battle Tactic #3

  • Requires little lag.
  • Requires a weapon of Normal speed or slower.
  • Attack the enemy once with a normal attack.
  • Load Defense as the attack lands. Get attacked while in defense position. Repeat above step.
    • Cannot be done with a single-hit weapon.
  • This tactic will also help train the proficiency of a shield.

Normal+1 (N+1)

  • Delay between attacks to elongate the attack combo of the weapon by one.
  • Bare-hands and fast/very fast weapons can do a N+2. (This is semi-difficult to pull off.)
  • You cannot N+1 with a 1-Hit weapon.
    • IE. You will do a 4-Hit combo with a 3-Hit weapon, and a 3-Hit combo with a 2-Hit weapon.
  • Process is as follows:
    • 2-hit weapons: HIT, (Delay), HIT, HIT
    • 3-hit weapons: HIT, (Delay), HIT, (Delay), HIT, HIT
    • Bare-hands & fast/very fast weapons: HIT, (Delay), HIT, (Delay), HIT, (Delay), HIT, (Delay), HIT
    • 4-hit weapons: HIT, (Delay), HIT, (Delay), HIT
      • If you time it wrong, and don't use the 2nd Delay, then you'll score 5 hits instead of 6.
  • Another way to preform the N+1 for 2-hit weapons is to hit once, wait a moment, then click and hold on the mob. For 3-hit weapons, hit, wait a moment, click and hold until your next attack starts, wait a moment, then click and hold again for the next two attacks to follow through. This helps to eliminate the timing aspect for less experienced players.
  • When done with dual-wielded weapons, you will usually hit the monster two more times than a normal combo, but occasionally with only one. The last attack in the combo seems to be affected by the delay before the 2nd attack: 2Hits, (Delay), 2Hits, (Small Delay), 2Hits, as opposed to 2Hits, (Delay), 2Hits, Hit.
  • an easy way to cause the delay is after the first or second hit depending on the combo click the ground next to the targeted enemy and quickly click the enemy again to temporarily break the targeting allowing the combo to restart with the prior 1-2 hits already dealt to targeted enemy.
  • To avoid accidentally hitting the enemy multiple times when trying to delay an attack, you can change your options so that you attack only once even if you click several times while targeting an enemy. To do this, go to Options -> Game -> ETC. and click the "Once" button.
    • If Dual Wielding, attacking once means hitting once with each weapon.


Get the enemy against a wall, then spam normal attack until it's dead.

  • Only works against monsters whose AI does not retaliate immediately when being hit while getting back up from a knockdown or pushback
  • Since the monster is up against a wall, knocking it down will not put distance between you, so it will not give it a chance to load a skill or recover from the knockback.


  • Best used against single-aggro enemies that have slow speed and/or defend or counter frequently (e.g. White Snake, Sickle Laghodessa). Not recommended for enemies with Heavy Stander.
  • Use Standard Battle Tactic #1 (see above), but while defending, walk towards a second enemy.
    • Walk towards an enemy that has not already noticed you (single exclamation point).
  • Get both enemies to be in your splash range.
  • After being hit in defense, hit both enemies using the splash damage from a normal attack
    • If you don't know your splash range, this is a good way to find out.
  • After hitting both enemies, the second target will notice you but if it is single aggro it won't attack.
  • Once you have killed your first target, you may now have two enemies noticing you. For most single aggro monsters, this means neither one will attack, and you can take your time deciding what to do next.
    • For most Spider-type enemies, this means they will follow you but not attack.
    • This may not work with some enemy AIs, especially Wolves.
  • Helps preserve both weapon durability and stamina; recommended for long dungeon runs.

Normal+Windmill (N+WM)

  • Requires a Normal, Slow, or Very Slow weapon.
  • Perform N+1 (see above) but replace the last attack with Windmill
    • When dealing with monsters that will multi aggro it can be a good idea to only hit once before loading windmill.
    • Windmill should be loaded as soon as the attack animation begins for the last normal attack you intend to make.

Smash Mill

  • It is suggested to force the monster into a corner or wall.
    • You can use this in open rooms, but be careful. Best used against mobs that do not react aggressively after Windmill. (e.g. Goblin, Slate, Stone Imp)
  • There is a chance that the monster will counter your smash with a normal attack.
  • In corner or wall, alternate between Smash and Windmill. If used in open areas, upon killing a mob, either quickly Smash or Windmill another mob.
    • Use normal attack if the monster retaliates frequently, N+Windmill is suggested.
  • Sometimes the monster may use Windmill while you try to use Smash on it. Golem is a very good example of doing this.
  • Windmill rank 9+ is preferred due to the load time boost.

Mill Spam

  • Used primarily against a single opponent.
  • At least Rank 9 Windmill is required.
  • By continuously loading and executing Windmill, the opponent will not be able to reach you before the next Windmill loads, and will keep getting knocked back.
  • Cannot normally be executed on very fast monsters, such as bears, or if the monster is cornered.
    • The range increases of Windmill at ranks 5 and 1 allow for Mill Spam to be done even very fast monsters. (But it can't be done indefinitely, even at this point.)
  • You cannot Mill Spam if you are wielding fast or very fast weapons, since the enemy will get back up quickly and leave no time for you to execute another windmill.
  • Make sure you have enough stamina if mill-spamming for prolonged periods of time. (This can be solved by using a transformation, if available, or stamina potions.)


  • When in a multiaggro situation in which you know you will be hit by one or both of the monsters, use Windmill and then cast Healing right after.
  • The additional defense points from casting Healing will reduce the damage you take from the monsters. After the enemies have hit you and are in their attack delay pose, use Windmill again and repeat the process until only one enemy is left; then you may switch to more traditional tactics.
  • Use only on fast, medium to low damage monsters
  • You may use potions after casting Healing.

Hit And Run

  • This tactic can only be used in an open field or large, spacial area. It also only works on enemies that run at the same speed as or slower than you.
  • This cannot be used in a regular dungeon room because the door locks behind you. But it works in prespawns, orb rooms, and non-sealed boss rooms (IE. In Rabbie Normal you can run out of the room, but you cannot in Ciar Intermediate for 4).
  • Hit the enemy with Firebolt, Magnum Shot, or Smash to knock it down even if it has passive defense.
  • Run away and wait for the enemy to unaggro.
  • Repeat process until enemy is dead.
  • Most effective on: Black Succubus, Red Succubus, Troll
  • Do not use Smash, normal attack, or Charge on a monster that's walking backwards toward its original location unless it decides to stop (Troll may use Rest any time). You must wait for it to reach its destination. If it gets stuck in the hallway, use a ranged attack (like Magnum Shot or Firebolt).

Weapon Switch

  • Requires slow weapons
  • Requires no lag.
  • The player hits the monster normally once with one weapon then switch to another (more powerful weapon) to attack (or finish) the monster.
  • Reasons for doing this may be:
    • You need to load Defense after the combo ends, and want to do it with a shield instead of a two-handed sword, but two-handed sword is more powerful.
    • Your weaker weapon has more hits. For example, a Longsword (3 hits) and a Machete (1 hit). Hit twice with Longsword, switch to Machete, finish combo.
  • Can be used in accordance to N+1.

Double/Splash N+Windmill

  • Requires a Slow or Very Slow weapon.
  • Requires no lag.
  • Requires the two monsters to be within the players normal attack range.
  • The players hits one monster, then hits the other (if splashed then you must delay (for N+1), if no splash you must hit it as fast as possible) and then loads windmill to kill both monsters.
  • High damage recommended, depending on the monster.
  • Two handed weapons make this easier. (Also used as a risky escape tactic.)


  • Requires little lag.
  • Requires slow or very slow weapon.
  • Used if the monster has a fast aggro or uses smash and you do not have time to charge magic.
  • Used as a substitute for N+Windmill if the player does not have powerful windmill, and is faced with single aggro monster that has level 1 Heavy stander.
  • The players hits the monster once and loads counter attack if the monster attacks right back it will be knocked back, the player then can continue with other tactics such as magic counters.


  • Note that this method will use much stamina (if at low ranked Counter), so it is recommended to have Stamina Potions handy.
  • Requires normal speed or slower monsters, with certain exceptions. (e.g. Ogres)
  • The player keeps on activating counter until the monster is dead.
  • The slowness of the monster will compensate for the counter+counter delay.
  • Cannot be used if the monster is not thrown back the full distance due to glitches, walls, or blocking objects.


  • This technique requires that you do not lag.
  • Start off with any attack (preferably Smash).
  • Load Counterattack and wait for the monster to hit you.
  • As the attack lands, use Windmill and execute.
  • Load Counter again.
  • Repeat.
  • Note that this does not work on most monsters because Counter does not load while the Windmill spinning animation. This technique is somewhat used on Delayable Monsters (ie Mongoose)

Mill Finish

  • Finishing a monster with Windmill may interrupt the aggro chain and give you some abusable aggro delay. The number of available unprovoked aggros will be reduced by the number of mill-finished monsters until those monsters' bodies disappear.
    • For single-aggro monsters, a single mill finish is enough to cause the delay.
    • Most useful on single-aggro monsters that make a continuous chain of aggros (after you kill one, another immediately aggros).
    • Also useful on single-aggro monsters that don't chain, but it's harder to tell whether it's in effect.
    • Be prepared to deal with next aggro in case the chain doesn't stall.
    • Windmill does not cause a provoked aggro; therefore, any and all monsters of the stalled type can be windmilled with impunity during the delay period.
    • Invincibility ends once the monster's corpse disappears. Be prepared to deal with the recommencement of aggro once this happens.

Defense+Windmill (Def+WM)

  • Requires lagless connection
  • Requires at least rank 9 Windmill
  • The player loads Defense, and when the monster hits the defense, the player loads Windmill immediately and executes it, then the player loads Defense again to continue the cycle.
  • It is similar to the monster hitting Heavy Stander and resetting your animation (where you can immediately load any skill and/or attack) while delaying the monster's attacks, however due to the delay transitioning from defense to other skills, you can only do this if you have a lagless connection and very fast reaction (this is very difficult to do for most people).
  • Use of HP Potions is strongly recommended as Windmill always cuts down 10% of your HP, and getting hit in defense when you are in deadly status will result in death.

Teleport Attack

Not Recommended!!!

  • Requires a Rank C Final Hit or higher.
  • The player will wield a Single Hit weapon.
  • Player will spam Teleport on all monsters within the area.
  • While doing so, it will knock down everything and break Heavy Stander.
  • This is useful if the player is in Weakened Status or attacking a monster with Heavy Stander, since it will knock down the monster.

Final Finish

  • Requires at least Rank F Final Hit.
  • User is primarily equipped with a Dual Wielded Weapon and a Single Weapon as a secondary.
  • Execute Final Hit as you normally would do with a Dual Wielded.
  • Just a few seconds as Final Hit ends, immediately switch to your secondary weapon and strike the target so they will fall back.
  • This tactic prevents the enemy from hitting you after final hit runs out since it will be knocked back.
  • Beware that you may get hit while you try to switch your weapon, depending on your Dual Wielded weapon's speed.

Final Cancel (Dual Wield)

  • Requires at least Rank F Final Hit.
  • Different weapon speeds may change the difficulty of this tactic.
  • Using Dual Wield, execute Final Hit normally.
    • The skill icon will start blinking when there is only 10 seconds left.
    • The skill icon will start to blink more rapidly upon 5 seconds left.
    • When Dual Wield Final Hit ends normally due to time expiration, the enemy may immediately retaliate.
  • To prevent being hit, you must cancel the skill when it starts to blink very rapidly (3 seconds left).
  • You can attack with a full normal combo when the skill is manually canceled, provided that you attack immediately.
  • Heavy Stander may reduce the safety of this.

Final Windmill

  • Requires at least Rank F Final Hit.
  • Different weapon speeds may change the difficulty of this tactic.
  • Recommended with Slow 2 hit weapons.
  • This is a combination of Final Cancel and N+Windmill.
  • Using Dual Wield, execute Final Hit normally.
  • When the use of Windmill is desired, such as in a tightly mobbed area, teleport to a monster in the mob and slash it twice to four times.
  • Cancel Final Hit and load Windmill.

Windmill Counter

This tactic is meant to help fulfill the "Counterattack with Windmill" requirement needed in the Windmill skill.

  • Lure a monster to you. Position yourself really close to a wall.
  • Let the monster attack you.
  • As the monster is attacking you, immediately load Windmill.
  • You should be pushed back once the monster finishes its combo.
  • Whatever you do, don't click anywhere upon finishing of Windmill.
  • If done correctly, you should be able to execute Windmill automatically. It will then fulfill one point for "Counterattack with Windmill."
  • Please refer to this link for more information (credit goes to its maker).

Weakened Final Hit

  • Done without dual-wielding.
  • Useful for enemies with Heavy Stander, or if you want to use a 2 handed sword for Final Hit.
  • Attempt to play a Berserker Music Scroll with very low music playing rank, resulting in a failure and "weakened" state. Weakened state will give the enemy 100% Heavy Stander.
  • Once weakened, when one uses final hit with non-dual wield, the attacks will knock down the enemy, similarly to single wield final hit. However, because the previous attack was "blocked" by a "heavy stander", the game allows for an IMMEDIATE recoil and resulting attack. Basically, it allows you to continually hit the enemy even if it was knocked back, which you normally can't do since there is a delay time between knock-backs.
  • Hard to explain, but this essentially means you can final hit with a 2handed weapon or with a one handed weapon against monsters with heavy stander, while still maintaining very fast hit rate.

Wall: Counter+1

  • Upon the finish of a Counterattack hit the monster once to make it fall down again.
  • Counterattack again.
  • Ineffective against monsters with Heavy Stander, or if the monster decides to use a skill.

Wall: Windmill+1

Same as above tactic, except Counterattack is replaced by Windmill.

  • Requires slow weapons.
  • This is ineffective against monsters with Heavy Stander.
  • Although it wouldn't work against monsters that load a skill, few (if any) monsters load a dangerous skill after being Windmilled.

Wall: Knockback+1

  • Requires a walled monster.
  • Finish a normal combo and hit the monster again.
  • Requires slow single wield weapons.
  • Not effective against monsters with Heavy Stander or that load Counterattack or Defense after being knocked back.

Wall: Smash+1

  • Requires a walled monster.
  • Finish a Smash and hit the monster again.
  • Requires slow weapons.
  • Ineffective if the monster decides to use a defensive skill, such as Counterattack or Defense.

Wall: Counter+Smash

  • Requires a decent connection.
  • Upon walling a monster, use Counterattack and follow with a Smash.
  • Not effective if the monster decides to use Counterattack.


  • Use Charge and follow with Normal attack (once to knock it down).
  • Not effective if the monster possesses Heavy Stander.


  • Human/Giant-Only
  • Use Charge and after you hear the crash sound, immediately load and execute Smash. This is better suited to Giants, as lag is a large factor in the effectiveness of this tactic for Humans.
    • In some dungeon rooms it is possible to knock a monster into the wall then follow up with Smash+Mill.

Charge+Final Hit (Tackle)

  • Human-Only
  • Use Charge followed by Final Hit.
    • Charge gives the enemy enough stun time to charge Final Hit.
    • Meant to be used in mid-battle instead of first attack.


  • Can be done with normal, slow, and very slow weapons.
  • Cannot be done with single-hit weapons.
  • Requires adequate connection.
  • Use charge at an enemy, then in the middle of charging, when you are about halfway to the enemy, use windmill.
  • If done correctly, your character will cancel charge right as it gets within melee range, do a single hit, and load windmill while doing the hit.
  • All the user has to do at this point is use windmill, effectively creating a charge assisted 1+windmill.

Melee/Action Based

Hit and Die

  • Tactic is similar to Hit and Run except that it doesn't matter what area you're in or how fast the monster is.
  • The player will start off with an attempted Smash. Remember it ignores the monster's Heavy Stander, and is the most damage dealing attack.
  • After the Smash has been executed, the player will then use Play Dead.
  • The monster will follow the Play Dead formula, and cannot attack.
  • Wait for the monster to drop aggro and repeat the previous 3 steps.
    • Does not work on anything with an Area of Effect (AoE) attack. I.e. Golem's Stomp
    • Does not work on anything that ignores the Play Dead formula. I.e. Blue Ghost's Thunder
  • Replaceable with Windmill in multi-aggro situations.

Ranged Based

  • Note: Ranged attacks are heavily affected by lag (more so than other types of attacks), this includes real aiming speed and reload speed. Some of these tactics may be ineffective on high HP monsters, depending on your Ranged Attack rank and lag.

To see some of these tactics in action, which will help you understand the timing better, watch these two videos (credit goes to the people listed in the descriptions)

Standard Archery Tactic #1

Standard Archery Tactic #2

  • Load Magnum Shot and shoot.
  • Shoot Ranged Attack while the enemy is still on the ground and it will be knocked back again.
  • Load Magnum Shot again and repeat.
    • Note: If the monster is getting up, do not shoot because its get-up animation will be canceled and it will instantly rush you instead. Wait for it to fully get up, then shoot Ranged Attack until it is knocked back, then use Magnum Shot and repeat.

Standard Archery Tactic #3

Zero Shot

  • Requires one to have little to no lag.
  • Get very close to an enemy (within point-blank distance).
  • Load and execute Ranged Attack continuously.
  • If done correctly, the enemy will not be able to react.
  • At Rank 1 Ranged Attack, it is possible to zero shot from a greater distance due to aim speed.
    • The enemy may be pushed back after the 4th hit, depending on how fast zero shot is executed.
    • Loading Support Shot in place of Ranged Attack will increase the speed at which zero shot is executed and will reduce the amount of stamina used.
    • Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield level 2 or higher.
  • Note: The MAXIMUM aiming accuracy is 99% (if the monster is standing still), but it is possible to shoot earlier, and at a lower accuracy, by clicking before the meter reaches 99% (you must be in Manual Combat mode).

Only Zero Shot

  • Often times zero shot is not enough to kill the monster before it is knocked back.
  • To assure a constant aiming accuracy of 99%, charge one of the following skills when the monster is knocked back
  • If Icebolt or Lightning Bolt is charged, release it when the monster is close enough for you to follow the bolt with zero shot.
  • If Defense is used, charge Ranged Attack immediately after the monster melees your Defense. Basically follow Defense with zero shot.
  • Still requires little to no lag.

Zero Missile (Elf Only)

  • First, load Mirage Missile at point blank range, then continue on with zero shot.
  • Takes a longer time to activate Mirage Missile, but even with a low rank mirage it will deal more damage than a zero shot alone.
  • Do not attempt to shoot another Mirage Missile after the initial Mirage Missile's duration has expired.

Shot of God (SoG)

The efficacy of this tactic is disputed due to the fact that it may not work for everyone, highly dependent on their latency and exact timing.

  • Allows you to shoot an arrow with 100% accuracy, even at 0% aim.
  • During shooting animation, shoot an arrow as the skill animation of the character does a first "bounce". (Magnum Shot)
  • Although this is primarily done with Magnum Shot, it is possible to do with a normal Ranged Attack and Arrow Revolver.
  • SoG with Ranged Attack or Arrow Revolver requires you to click once your characters elbow locks in the back.
    • You cannot SoG with Support Shot if the enemy is out of range (0% Aim).
  • SoG has an infinite range. (Attempting with a Short Bow from a long distance using Magnum Shot is the easiest way to confirm this)
  • SoG is also possible with a Crossbow, though the timing remains unknown.
    • Using the clicking noise a crossbow makes seems to work best. Often get it as it finishes the sound byte. Currently testing this.
  • SoG is still possible on an elf. However, because the delayed frame for elves loading arrows, you are forced to side step so that you may draw back your elbow earlier. (Unconfirmed)
  • SoG is not possible for a Giant's Throwing Attack.
  • Once you're in the rhythm of SoG with a crossbow you can just keep shooting (this is easiest with bosses or high HP monsters).

Hybrid Shot


  • Similar to Fire-Counter however Ranged Attack is immediately chained after using fire, and before activating counter.
  • Lag-less connection is required for faster monsters.

Magnum Camping

  • Usually used against boss monsters.
  • Use Campfire to light a fire before aggro.
  • Use Magnum Shot on monster.
    • Try to shoot it again if it uses a skill.
  • Hide behind the fire when it charges at you. It will get stuck behind it.
  • Load Magnum Shot
    • When the monster moves away from the fire by using any skill, fire your arrow.
  • Hide behind the fire again.
  • Watch out for misses.
    • Use rank 9+ windmill when this happens.
  • Repeat until monster is dead.
  • Use SoG if you can.

Campfire Trap

  • Recommended on large monsters only.
  • Use Campfire to light a fire before aggro.
  • Use Magnum Shot or Ranged Attack to lure monster.
  • Hide behind the campfire. It will get stuck behind it.
  • Slowly distance yourself over time from the fire and arc around left or right until you can shoot the monster.
    • The monster should not be able to move toward you, provided that you are in the correct position.
      • May take a long time to get it the first time.
  • Use Ranged Attack continuously until monster is dead.
    • Do this slowly so that the monster does not get knocked back. But try to not let it load a skill, as that could make the monster get itself unstuck.

Magnum Spam

  • Load Magnum from as far away as possible from the enemy
    • The extra distance is in case a miss occurs you can easily regain using other tactics, such as Magnum Mill
  • Shoot the enemy
  • Immediately load another Magnum Shot
  • Execute Magnum Shot once the target is back into range
  • Note: Use SoG if you are able to
  • Note2: Rank 9 Magnum Shot is recommended becuase of reduced load time
  • Note3: The higher the range rank, the faster the aim speed
    • Aim is taken while the target is out of range, for example, if the monster loads defense, as soon as the monster walks in range, the aim meter should immediately be at 90%

Ranged/Melee Based


  • Requires lagless connection.
  • Requires a quick reaction.
  • Requires slow bow.
  • Useful if you know you are going to run out of arrows.
  • Shoot an enemy within melee weapon range.
  • Weapon Switch to a melee weapon and hit enemy.
  • Metal Skeletons sometimes do this.
  • Does not work on anything with Natural Shield or Heavy Stander.


  • Requires a quick reaction
  • Useful if you run out of arrows in the middle of engaging a distant monster.
  • Shoot an enemy with ranged.
  • Activate Defense
  • When Monster hits Defense, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately hit the monster, you will have a chance to perform a normal attack or 1+Windmill.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill
  • Switch to ranged and repeat cycle (or if you don't want to, keep using melee).


  • Similar to Ranged+Defense+N
  • Useful if you run out of arrows in the middle of engaging a distant monster.
  • Shoot an enemy with ranged.
  • Activate Counterattack
  • When Monster gets countered, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately load Defense.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill
  • Switch to ranged and repeat cycle (or if you don't want to, keep using melee).***Cannot be used against an enemy with Natural Shield level II or higher.
    • Requires little to no lag, to compensate for the switch delay.
    • Magnum Shot may be used in place of Ranged Attack if it is done in accordance with SoG.


  • Use ranged before and after Defense+Windmill, you must be able to do Defense+Windmill first.
  • Note: Watch your HP. You have only a little time to use HP potions after Ranged Attack and before using Defense (if any at all).


  • Requires a quick reaction.
  • Useful if you are a Melee Ranged Hybrid.
  • High Ranked Magnum and Ranged Attack Recommended.
  • Shoot an enemy with Magnum Shot.
  • Activate Defense
  • When Monster hits Defense, do a Weapon Switch quickly to a melee weapon and immediately hit the monster, you will have a chance to perform a normal attack or 1+Windmill.
  • Continue with melee until monster tries to load a skill.
  • Switch to bow, use Magnum Shot and repeat cycle.

Charge+Zero Shot (Elves/Humans Only)

  • Requires a quick connection.
  • Use Charge, switch to bow, and use Ranged Attack or Arrow Revolver. Highly doubted that Magnum Shot can be used safely if you are human, r5+ magnum for elves will work due to reduction of load time to .5 seconds.


  • Starting at a Zero Shot distance (preferably), shoot one arrow.
  • During the enemy's stun time, load and execute Windmill.
  • In the spinning animation of Windmill load Support Shot or Ranged Attack, and shoot ASAP.
  • Load another Windmill and spin ASAP, then repeat.


  • Preferably have as little lag as possible. Rank 9 Magnum Shot or higher recommended for faster loading speed.
  • Does not work on fast and very fast monsters, unless you have high rank Ranged Attack for faster aim speed.
  • Shoot an enemy with Magnum Shot.
  • Immediately activate Ranged Attack and shoot the enemy while it's on the ground.
  • Counter after it is hit for the second time, and after being hit, load Magnum Shot again.

Magnum Mill

Action Based

Shoot, Die and Hide (Elves Only)

  • Requires patience and good judgment.
  • Does not work on anything with an AoE attack.
  • Useful in multi-aggro situations.
  • Can be used in place of Dead Magic.
  • Do NOT attempt this tactic if:
    • You don't have enough SP to Play Dead immediately after attacking.
    • You don't have enough MP to Hide.
  • Attack an enemy using whatever means you desire. (Preferably a knock-back attack or a ranged attack)
  • Before the enemy can strike back at you, use Play Dead.
  • Wait at least 30 seconds. This will compensate for the 30 seconds of non-combat required to activate Hide.
  • Cancel Play Dead and IMMEDIATELY activate Hide.
    • A good time to do this is when you can clearly see that the aggroing monster has counterattack or defense loaded.
    • Make sure the monster is a good distance away from you.
    • If the aggroing monster is charging magic or is aiming at you with a ranged weapon, DO NOT CANCEL PLAY DEAD! They will attack you before you get a chance to activate hide.
    • Do not cancel at exactly 30 seconds after you play dead. Always wait a few seconds after.
  • If timed correctly, you should disappear during the get-up animation of Play Dead, and the monsters should drop aggro. After a few seconds, you may cancel Hide. It is important to wait a few seconds, or else Hide may fail at dropping aggro.
  • Before attacking again, make sure you have enough MP and SP to continue the tactic. Take advantage of the brief moments of dropped aggro. If the monsters continue to aggro you after you have canceled Hide and you do not wish to fight, simply activate Hide again.

Rock and block (Elves and Humans only)

  • Only use on Normal, Slow, or Very Slow enemies.
  • If your enemy has Counter, Windmill, Defense, or any other dodging or blocking attacks this will be useful to get them back to attacking.
  • Don't use on Very Strong enemies unless you have a high ranked Defense.
  • If your target is in Defense, Windmill, Counter or any other dodge skill then simply use the "Throw Rock" action to get them out of it.
  • Then quickly load Defense if the enemy does not use Smash.
  • If your target is slow enough, then load Counter or Firebolt instead.
  • Repeat Steps 4-7.