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Editing a monster: Wandering Prison Ghost

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Top free text:

Monster info:

Monster type: Determines the style of the template. See here for more info.
File Extension: The file extension of the icon if it is not jpg
Image: Name of the image if its not the monster name
Family: Determines family page. E.g. 'Meek Bat' is under 'Bat'
Section: On the family page, under which section does this monster fall under? For example, we have "Cave" Bats.
Mainstream: Is this a mainstream story boss?
Field boss: Is this a Field Boss? Note: different to a Raid Boss

Basic Stats

Melee Hits: The number of melee hits this monster can perform. Leave blank if none.
Move Speed: The monsters approximate movement speed. See here for details.
Aggro: Will this monster attack on sight?
Multi Aggro: Will more than 1 aggro at once? Specify the number if less than 6.
Aggro Range: How far is its detection range? See here for details.
Aggro Speed: How fast is its detection speed? See here for details.
Explosive Damage: The damage if the monster explodes. Leave blank if unknown.
Element: The element of the monster. Leave blank if unknown.


Heavy Stander: If this monster possess "Heavy Stander", enter the level of it. (Use 1 if you don't know)
Mana Deflector: If this monster possess "Mana Deflector", enter the level of it. (Use 1 if you don't know)
Natural Shield : If this monster possess "Natural Shield", enter the level of it. (Use 1 if you don't know)
Skills: A comma separated list of skills this monster possess. e.g 'Smash, Elf Ranged, Magnum Shot, Fireball, Life Drain, Chaincasting'

Misc Info

Equip Drops
(All Difficulties):
A bulleted list of equipment drops common between all difficulties.
E.g. *[[Mongo's Hat]]
Misc Drops
(All Difficulties):
A bulleted list of misc drops common between all difficulties.
E.g. *[[Common Leather]]
Missions: Shadow/Theatre/Baltane missions, Sidhe type, or Alban floor.
Not used if monster type is Normal or Raid


Notes: A bulleted list of any notes/information regarding this monster
Advice: A bulleted list of any combat advice regarding this monster

Combat Stats
Melee Damage: The damage per hit, lower to upper, for this monster's melee hits. Blank for none
Ranged Damage: The damage, lower to upper, for this monster's ranged hits. Blank for none
Monster Critical: The critical % of the monster. Blank for unknown. '%' not required
CP: Combat power. For CP that stays relative to the player, use: -1 for Weakest, -2 for Weak, -3 for Similar, -4 for Strong, -5 for Awful, -6 for Boss

Monster difficulty

Locations/Dungeons Difficulty
A list of where the monster is found E.g. Dunbarton,Barri Basic
Leave blank if monster type is not Normal

Shadow Mission: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Hard / Elite / Lord
Alban: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced / Hard / Heroic
Sidhe: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced
Bandit: Newbie / Rookie / Trained / Hardened / Veteran / Master

Health points: Combat power: Defense: Protection: Melee Damage: Ranged Damage: Monster Critical: Experience: Gold:


Drops Equipment List: Drops Misc List:
A bulleted list of any equippable items dropped by this difficulty.
Note: while Magic powder is technically an equippable, it fits more into the Misc. category.
A bulleted list of any non-equippable items dropped by this difficulty.

Free text: