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posted 14 days ago

Hi Lint.

Thanks for the detailed answer. I'm not a discord user, so wasn't aware of that part of the story.

I've been tracking my discoveries of the new dungeons by taking a copy of the current page, dumping it into a text file, and making edits there. I didn't think of putting stuff in my user page, so thanks for that idea. It would certainly make it easier to pick up any wiki-coding errors I make, so I should look at that.

posted 17 days ago

Thank you! (And also thank you for your input on Granites' page. I had falsely believed they were heavily greek/hebrew based so I was looking in the wrong direction.) I'm unable to do things today, but I'm actually going to attempt to compile every character's hated gifts and see if I can fix up that Gift page, which was my original goal before getting distracted by Kristell. Since there's only 18 Gift Items (though I know other items have values) I've just been writing down how each NPC responds as well as their responses depending on if they loved, hated, or responded neutrally to the gift. I do want to build up a spreadsheet to confirm if even neutrally-reponded gifts raise or lower favor, even slightly, for the sake of having it recorded.

With how expansive the Personal Story and Nearby Rumours keywords are it might inflate the page too much to add all of them, and it may be that they're worth recording in some other means such as on the NPC page itself?

I must ask, do you know if the MabiWorldWiki has a discord or some means to discuss bits like this before adding them? I'm only working on my own misguided braincell, so sharing thoughts with others to come to more plausable conclusions with the Wiki's standards in mind might be more ideal? (And thank you for informing me about the brackets. I'll use parenthesis from now on.)

posted 69 days ago

Craobhán is a very interesting one, and the Bondi one requires such a diverse knowledge of languages... I'm not surprised early MabiNA content butchered it considering half the grammar in that content is questionable, and the translations are very literal. At the very least there seems to be a more solid communication between the importance of word meanings lately, yet some weirdly inconsistent "localizing for western audiences" like I suspect Cravan was. Cuz who in their right mind is gonna look at Craobhán and not say Craowban?

posted 72 days ago

Ohh I did notice the Bondi thing on the forum. I'd been looking into it for a while esp after Gordisse was bought up again. I've got a deep interest in this sort of stuff too so I hope we can learn the answers in time. I noticed on your userpage an attempt to translate Dul Brau Dairam Shanon as well as being behind a lot of other name-stuff. I wish honestly we could just ask the Devs what on earth they were trying to do with that. So much of the "Fomorian" seems to be Irish but with incredibly butchered grammar twisted through 2 different languages. (,_how_much_of_it_is_Irish? I made a note of the butchered grammar here, but I'm not fully fluent in Irish yet and this was 4 years ago.)

posted 72 days ago

In response to your comment left within the edit on Aton Cimeni's page, I would like to reply that "Aton" is an acceptable spelling for Aten, which is why I considered the similarity. But it would be right to say that it's pure speculation (because we really dont know anything about Atty, so I don't disagree with removing it if you think it's too big a stretch.

posted 112 days ago

How to add "Is a Close Combat Weapon and receives various melee skill bonuses." in Other Information. There is so many should be added like Life Exploration Fishing Rod.

posted 272 days ago

hey yeah.. the ones I edited in the echostone tab are strictly edited in the echo tab, for the one i got with fine reforges i put in general reforging..

posted 508 days ago

I did not know that...sorry?

posted 783 days ago

You recently added that the auction house gives you 13 slots if you are over level 2k, I am over level 10k and only have 12, where are you getting your information from?