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Forum - 2nd Titles are a Mess

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Hi all!

The two second title pages ( the section on the titles page and the page that lists the coupons ) are an absolute mess. I'd like to move everything to a single page with a chart that displays the title's icon, description, image of the coupon, title's effects, how to obtain the title/coupon, and animation where applicable.

What do you guys think of this idea? Having a page that just lists the coupons (and doesn't even tell you where to specifically obtain them) when all their descriptions are practically identical seems completely moot to me and both pages have been very unhelpful when looking for a title with a specific animation.

I'm not super advanced at wiki editing so I might need a bit of help but I'm willing to take this on mostly by myself. I've always hated the clunky titles page, haha.

Posted by Wildthewerecat on March 25, 2019 at 06:52.

I'm semantifying the titles themselves right now (not the second titles yet, but I'll get to them relatively soon), but the coupons could certainly use your help if you have a good idea.

I'm not making any comment on your proposal but re: how to obtain them wrt semantification, I've been discussing how to do this with Yai, and we don't quite have a good answer yet for where this will be moving forward. However, having that information compiled would be extremely helpful in getting there. For gachas and event coupons I believe they should all be listed on the respective page, but they're annoying to find since the coupons are all on one page, and I know I've found some that didn't have links at all because coupons don't often have their own pages. So having that info on one page like you describe would be great.

So if you do set this up as you describe, this is my suggestion: Make a table header template to import that, then make a template that creates the appropriate table row from keys in it; essentially how the main titles are implemented on the Title page, but for coupons. In titles they're TitleTableHeader and TitleTable respectively.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 26 March 2019 at 12:00.

Alright, this is the bit I'll need some help with. Once we've got the tables down I can churn it out by myself, I'm just a little confused by the code here.

The test table is on my user page here. This is the header template and the table template.

I've copied the code from the titles page and left the icon part as is because I'm not sure what I'm looking at even tho it could probably be changed. I've attempted to make a hide-able column for animations so the same template can be used for two different tables and it seems to work. I don't know why the images are broken which is what I need help with.

Also, would it be possible to put a collapsible table like the one I have on my page into each section of the last column for the animations? Or some other 'click to show' option? Since there will be so many large gifs on one page.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on how to do this stuff. This isn't the kind of editing I normally do and I'm not sure where to find help other than to ask here.

Posted by Wildthewerecat on March 29, 2019 at 09:47.
Edited by Wildthewerecat on March 29, 2019 at 11:09.

I took the liberty of fixing that up for you. You can see the changes here and here

Good work!! It looks a lot better. And of course, if I misunderstood your intentions, please feel free to adjust as you like and ask more questions.

I think for the animations it might be a bit much for one page, even if it's collapsed. There are a loooottt of second titles with animations. Perhaps it would be better as a gallery?

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 6 April 2019 at 21:07.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 6 April 2019 at 21:10.