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|potionObtainList=*[[Alchemist Gachapon (2010)]]
|potionObtainList=*[[Alchemist Gachapon (2010)]]
<div style="column-count:4;-moz-column-count:4;-webkit-column-count:4">
*[[Archer Slate]]
*[[Black-footed Tarantula]]
*[[Black-legged Fennec Fox]]
*[[Black Leopard]]
*[[Black Physis Fox]]
*[[Black Soldier]]
*[[Blue-legged Fennec Fox]]
*[[Blue Rat Man]]
*[[Blue Skeleton Ghost]]
*[[Bone Archer#Bone Archer|Bone Archer]]
*[[Bone Fighter#Bone Fighter|Bone Fighter]]
*[[Bone Lancer#Bone Lancer|Bone Lancer]]
*[[Bronze Bone Fighter]]
*[[Bronze Bone Lancer]]
*[[Brown Coyote]]
*[[Brown Dingo]]
*[[Brown Ixion]]
*[[Brown-legged Fennec Fox]]
*[[Brown Snowfield Bear]] / [[Brown Snowfield Bear Cub|Cub]]
*[[Brown Warg]]
*[[Burgundy Sickle Laghodessa]]
*[[Cactus Lizard]]
*[[Cave Millipede]]
*[[Coffin Mimic]]
*[[Desert Ghost Fanatic]]
*[[Desert Hunter Ghost (Strong)]]
*[[Fighter Slate]]
*[[Ghoul (Blue)]]
*[[Giant Worm (4)|Giant Worm]]
*[[Glowing Stone Gargoyle]]
*[[Goblin Keeper]]
*[[Goblin Keeper (Strong)]]
*[[Goblin Keeper Archer (Strong)]]
*[[Gold Bone Archer]]
*[[Gold Bone Fighter]]
*[[Gold Bone Lancer]]
*[[Gray-legged Fennec Fox]]
*[[Gray Physis Fox]]
*[[Gray Town Rat (Hardmode)]]
*[[Great Mimic]]
*[[Green Skeleton Ghost]]
*[[Guardian Horse of Ruins (Mysterious)]]
*[[Head Hyena]]
*[[Horned Wild Boar (Black)]]
*[[Horned Wild Boar (Brown)]]
*[[Ice Bear]]
*[[Ice Hyena]]
*[[Jungle Millipede]]
*[[King Mimic]]
*[[Long Mane Hyena]]
*[[Magic Golem]]
*[[Masked Goblin]]
*[[Metal Skeleton (Hardmode)]]
*[[Nubes Millipede]]
*[[Old Ice Mimic]]
*[[Piked Horn Deer]]
*[[Pot-Belly Spider]]
*[[Prison Flying Sword]]
*[[Rat Man]]
*[[Red-legged Fennec Fox]]
*[[Red Skeleton Ghost]]
*[[Red Snowfield Bear]] / [[Red Snowfield Bear Cub|Cub]]
*[[Sand Mimic]]
*[[Shadow Archer (Strong)]]
*[[Shadow Fighter]] (Normal and Strong)
*[[Shadow Lancer]]
*[[Shadow Shire]]
*[[Silver Bone Fighter]]
*[[Silver Bone Lancer]]
*[[Skeleton Wolf (Advanced)]]
*[[Spiked Worm]]
*[[Spike Laghodessa]]
*[[Stag Beetle (Black)]]
*[[Stag Beetle (Red)]]
*[[Stone Horse]]
*[[Stone Imp]]
*[[Stone Imp (the Dubious)]]
*[[Stone Imp (Strong)]]
*[[Stone Horse Keeper]]
*[[Stone Mask]]
*[[Stone Mimic]]
*[[Striped Hyena]]
*[[Stripeless Hyena]]
*[[Swamp Cobra]]
*[[Treasure Mimic]]
*[[Volcano Horned Wild Boar]]
*[[Volcano Lizard (Green)]]
*[[Volcano Lizard (Red)]]
*[[Volcano Wolf]]
*[[White-footed Tarantula]]
*[[White Hair Llama]]
*[[White Skeleton Ghost]]
*[[Young Brown Warg]]
*[[Young Cactus Lizard]]
*[[Young Cave Millipede]]
*[[Young Nubes Millipede]]
*[[Young Sand Millipede]]
*[[Young Stone Mask]]
|potionSoldBy=*1 (140g), 10 (1,400g) 20 (2,800g) - [[Comgan]], [[Dilys]], [[Manus]], [[Agnes]], [[Heulfryn]], [[Atrata]], [[Kirine]], [[Kousai]], [[Royal Guard Physician]], [[Nessa]], [[Muro]], [[Goro]], [[Morc]], [[Beirnes]]
|potionSoldBy=*1 (140g), 10 (1,400g) 20 (2,800g) - [[Comgan]], [[Dilys]], [[Manus]], [[Agnes]], [[Heulfryn]], [[Atrata]], [[Kirine]], [[Kousai]], [[Royal Guard Physician]], [[Nessa]], [[Muro]], [[Goro]], [[Morc]], [[Beirnes]]
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