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Star Piece Event

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Mar 1st, 2017 - March 21st, 2017
Star Piece Event advertisement


Caravan Joe is back with a new event! The Star Piece Event is your opportunity to get a brand new, celestial outfit and a brand new Nimbus pet with a colorful look. Grab Star Pieces from Shadow missions, collect ones in all the colors of the rainbow and earn as many coins as you can.


  • When you login to Mabinogi, you'll receive the "Falling Stars" quest
  • Speak to Starry Caravan Joe in Dunbarton and register a Main Character to take part in the event and gain 5 Star Piece Chisels and a Star Piece Scrapbook
    • Only one main character per account
  • After 36 minutes (one in-game day) of being logged in on your Main Character, you'll receive an additional 5 Star Piece Chisels. This will reset at 7 AM every real day.
  • Complete Shadow Missions for a chance to obtain a Star Piece from the end chest.
    • Higher difficulty Shadow Missions will have a higher chance to obtain a Star Piece.
  • Use a Star Piece Chisel on a Star Piece to create Star Coin and, rarely, a randomly colored Star Piece.

Starry Caravan Joe Shop Rewards