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*Completing the 30, 100, and 200 [[Collection Journal Quests#Transformation|Monster Transformation Collection Quests]] provides an extra 5, 7, and 10 Health bonus, respectively.
*Completing the 30, 100, and 200 [[Collection Journal Quests#Transformation|Monster Transformation Collection Quests]] provides an extra 5, 7, and 10 Health bonus, respectively.
*See also: [[Hit Point Modifiers]].
*See also: [[Hit Point Modifiers]].
*Soft capped at 999.
*Hard capped at 1500.
**Health bonuses from Transformation ignore the hard cap.

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For charts to compare stats contributed by skills, see Stats and Skills.

Status attributes, often called "stats" for short, affect all aspects of your character, including (but not limited to) appearance and general competence in skills.

General Overview

Base Stats and Information

  • Determined based on Age, Level, Race, Skill Ranks, and Uncooked Food effects.
  • These stats are displayed in white in the character window. If these stats are modified in any method other than the ones described above, they will be shown in brackets beside the new modified stats.
  • Affects the player's Combat Power.



  • These stats will be lost upon rebirth.
  • Includes stats from Age, Level, and Uncooked Food effects.
  • Stat gains from the above sources will be calculated to one decimal place, despite only whole numbers being shown.
    • Ex. A player with 102 STR levels up and gains 0.5 STR. Although their STR still shows as 102, the player would have 1 more max damage than before.
    • Uncooked food works the same way as leveling, except that the stats gained is significantly less. In addition, the older the character is, the less stats will be gained per food.

Temporary Stats

  • Modifications to the base stats including those from Enchants, Cooked Food, Potion Poisoning, and Titles.
  • Displayed in yellow in the character window, with base stats in brackets beside it.
  • Temporary Stats do not affect the player's Combat Power.
  • Stats may not be reduced below 0.


  • When creating a character, the player is allowed to choose an age between 10 and 17.
    • Players may not rebirth to an age that exceeds their current age.
  • Character's age will increase by 1 every Saturday at 12:00 pm server time.
  • After reaching 17 years of age, the Character will no longer increase in height.
  • For Pet characters, their maximum size is at Age 5. After Age 5, the pet's paws/hind legs will continually decrease in size.
    • Pets will stop gaining stats for Age and Levels, as well as give the lowest companion bonus upon reaching Age 11.
  • After reaching 25 years of age, the character's age will be shown as "XX past 25".
  • After reaching age +25, the player will no longer receive any stats or AP for increasing age, nor will the game indicate that their age has increased.
  • Reaching Age 18 earns the player "the Adult" title. Reaching Age 30 earns the player "the All-Knowing". Reaching Age 40 earns the player "the Old".
  • Characters can age indefinitely, though this has no effect after age 25.
  • You can find stats gained by aging here.

Ability Points

  • Ability Points, or AP, are required to rank up skills.
    • To see a table of AP requirements for skills, see Skill List.
  • AP is earned by leveling up base level and exploration level, and by aging.
  • Some quests reward AP as well.
  • AP may also be obtained by using an AP Potion or ten AP Coupons.
  • AP can be recovered from Skills that are Rank E and higher by using a Skill Reset Capsule.
  • 4 AP are required to repair one Durability point of the Brionac at a 100% success rate.


For the Rank A Enchant, see Rank A Enchants#Life.
For the Rank 8 Enchant, see Rank 8 Enchants#Life.
  • Life Points, commonly referred to as Hit Points (HP), determine the character's ability to absorb damage.
  • You can use a Life Potion quickly by pressing the H key or assign it a different Hotkey.
    • You must enable this feature in the game's options in order to assign any potion to your hotkey bar.
  • The bottom-right most potion in your inventory is always selected when using the hotkey.
    • Priority goes as follows: Main inventory -> Non-expiring Item Bag -> Expiring Item Bag.
    • Potions will not be used by default from anything other than the main inventory bag.
    • Excessive use of Life Potions can result in potion poisoning, reducing your Intelligence and Will while increasing the effectiveness of the potion.
  • Life will naturally regenerate at a constant rate of 1 point for every 8 seconds.
    • This equates to 0.125 per second.
  • Maximum Life cannot be reduced below 1 by any means.
  • A character's Life Points being reduced to zero may potentially knock the player unconscious, however it is possible to survive with negative HP.
    • When this occurs, the user will be placed in Deadly status.
    • The chances of going into Deadly when receiving a lethal attack are dependent upon Will as well as how close to maximum Life the player was when receiving the blow.
      • Player's will always go into deadly status if they receive a lethal blow while at 100% Life.
    • A character will always go in to Deadly status instead of being knocked if the damage is caused from a passive source, such as Sulfur Poisoning or the draining portion of Life Drain.
    • While in Deadly status, the next attack will always knock the player out.
      • Deadly status "caps" at -100% of maximum HP, including enchants and other bonuses.
  • "Wounded" Life appears as a black section on the player's HP bar.
    • Wounds reduce the player's effective health and cannot be healed by Life Potions or any other form of Health recovery.
    • Rest, First Aid, HP Elixirs and Wound Remedy Potions can heal Wounds. Transformation will also reduce Wounds.
      • Resting by a Campfire will heal wounds more quickly.
  • Resting in a dungeon without a campfire will not recover wounds, or grant any regeneration bonuses.
  • Skills that add to Life include: Combat Mastery, Defense, First Aid, Rest, Transformation Mastery, Wind Guard (Giants-only), Life Drain, Spinning Uppercut, Drop Kick, Respite, Dischord, Pierrot Marionette, Colossus Marionette, Act 9: Invigorating Encore, Study: Potion Lore, and Shockwave.
  • Completing the 30, 100, and 200 Monster Transformation Collection Quests provides an extra 5, 7, and 10 Health bonus, respectively.
  • See also: Hit Point Modifiers.
  • Hard capped at 1500.
    • Health bonuses from Transformation ignore the hard cap.


For the Rank 7 Enchant, see Rank 7 Enchants#Mana.



Strength (Str) adds a Damage Bonus to Control Bars, Atlatls, and Melee Combat.

Your physical strength. The more Strength you have, the stronger your attacks are and the more bonuses you gain from Strength-dependent skills.


Intelligence (Int) increases Magic Attack, the success rate of Enchant and the Experience gained for Pets. It also reduces the cast time and mana cost of Thunder, Fireball, and Ice Spear.

Your rational capability. The more Intelligence you have, the more bonuses you gain from Intelligence-dependent skills.

  • Every 20 Intelligence increases Magic Attack by 1 point
    • Magic Attack increases magic damage dealt by 1% per point.
    • The exact amount added is 0.05 Magic Attack per point of intelligence.
    • These effects compound with the Elemental Masteries and the effects of certain Wands. (I.e 1.2x damage from Int and 1.1x damage from Mastery would be 1.32x damage).
      • Damage bonus from the player's Enchants as well as from int can add large amounts of Damage due to the stacked multipliers.
  • Every 20 intelligence will increase the player's Magic Defense by one point.
    • Magic Defense is used instead of normal Defense when calculating damage taken from any magic attack.
    • Protection will still reduce the damage of magic after Magic Defense has been factored in.
  • Magic Balance is raised by 1 for every 4 Int.
  • Mana Consumption and Casting times of Thunder, Fireball, and Ice Spear are decreased by 2% per 100 Int.
    • This effect compounds with similar effects from other sources. (I.e Having 20% cast time reduction from int and 40% from a wand would result in a 52% casting time decrease.)
  • Hard capped at 1500.
  • Skills that add to Intelligence include: Mirage Missile (Elf-only), Herbalism, Potion Making, Blacksmith, Musical Knowledge, Composing, Cooking, Wine Making, Mushroom Gathering, Pierrot Marionette, Colossus Marionette, Shockwave, and all magic skills except for Bolt Mastery, Thunder, Meditation and Magic Shields.
  • See also: Intelligence Modifiers.


For the Dexterity enchant, see Rank A Enchants#Dexterity.

Dexterity (Dex) affects the damage of Ranged Weapons and Control Bars, Balance and Wound Rates, as well as the Success Rates of certain Life Skills.

Your ability to work. The more Dexterity you have, the faster and better you can create items and the more bonuses you gain from Dexterity-dependent skills.


Will, also known as Willpower, affects the player's chance of going into Deadly status upon receiving a lethal blow, the damage of Knuckles, and increases Critical Hit and Wound Rates.

Your mental prowess and determination. The more Will you have, the better you can survive dangerous situations and the more bonuses you gain from Will-dependent skills and Will-affected circumstances.


Luck affects the player's Critical Hit rate, as well as the chances to score a Lucky Finish and Lucky Gather.

A mysterious and inexplicable phenomena that helps you. The more Luck you have, the more often good things happen to you and the more bonuses you gain from Luck-related skills.

  • Luck increases the rate of a Lucky Finish/Gather occurring.
  • Every 5 Luck adds +1.0% to Critical.
    • The amount of Critical that is contributed by the Luck stat is calculated as (Luck - 10)/5.
      • Having luck below 10 will decrease the player's critical rate by up to 2%.
  • Luck does not increase success rate of Production or Repairs nor will it increase item drop rate.
    • The exception to this is Weaving Theatre Mission passes, which have their success rate boosted by the player's Luck.
  • Hard capped at 1500.
  • The only skills that increases Luck are Gold Strike, Harvest Song, and Commerce Mastery.
  • Luck can also be achieved through Enchants, leveling or aging up while Age 14 or younger, and/or through the Mercantile Talent.
  • See also: Luck Modifiers.


The amount of damage you deal to enemies when you attack them with physical weapons like swords and bows.

  • Damage is the amount of HP an enemy will lose when a player attacks.
    • The HP loss inflicted on an enemy is not permanent and will regenerate over time if no further attack is made (assuming the enemy has not been killed).
    • A portion of the player's damage will also cause Wounds to the enemy base on the player's Injury rate.
      • Magic, Alchemy, and certain skills cannot inflict Wounds.
    • Wounds will not be recovered.
  • A player's damage stat is displayed as a range between a minimum and maximum value. Any given attack on an enemy will inflict an amount of damage whose value is somewhere within that range.
    • The average damage value the player will inflict is determined by their Balance stat
    • When a weapon is equipped, the Attack of that weapon is added to a player's Damage stat.
    • Without a weapon equipped, you will be armed with Bare Hands.
  • For enemies that naturally recover HP very quickly, a player must either be able to cause large amounts of damage per attack or be able to cause wounds (permanent HP loss).
    • Enemies in Dungeon Recovery Rooms will regenerate HP lost from a player's damage much faster when they are in their rest cycle but will not regenerate the HP lost to wounds.
  • Strength increases the amount of damage caused by melee attacks, where a +2.5 strength increase adds +1 to maximum damage and a +3 strength increase adds +1 to minimum damage. (Every 15 Strength, 6 Max Damage is added as well as 5 Minimum Damage)
  • Dexterity increases the amount of damage caused by ranged attacks, where a +2.5 dexterity increase adds +1 to maximum damage and a +3.5 dexterity increase adds +1 to minimum damage. (Every 35 Dexterity, 14 Max Damage is added as well as 10 Minimum Damage)
  • Intelligence increases the amount of damage caused by magical attacks, see the Intelligence section on this page for more information.
  • A player's minimum damage cannot exceed their maximum damage. If the minimum damage would be higher than the maximum, the minimum damage will be lowered to the player's maximum damage.
  • See also: Damage Modifiers.

Damage Calculations

The final damage dealt on a monster is calculated in the following steps:
1. Base damage plus all additional damages (from enchants, stats except Int, skills)
2. Skill Multipliers (if applicable)
3. Enemy Defense Deduction
4. Enemy Protection Deduction
5. Shield Melee Damage Reduction (if applicable)
6. Elemental Multiplier (if applicable)
7. Passive Defense (if applicable)


  • Wounds appear on your Life Bar in black. They are the parts of your life that cannot be healed by Life Potions or Healing.
    • However, if one has the Master of Party Healing Title equipped, then each Healing will remedy an amount equal to 10% of the healing value.
  • To recover from wounds, you must Rest, receive First Aid, receive treatment from a Town Healer, or use Wound Remedy Potions.
  • You cannot recover wounds by Resting if you are in a Dungeon unless you are near a Campfire.
  • Magic, Alchemy, and Puppetry Skills, as well as Counterattack and Windmill will never cause wounds.
  • The maximum amount of wounds the player can have is 100% of their life.
    • This will cause the player to be in deadly status until some wounds are restored.


The chance that an attack you deal to an enemy will injure them. Injuries cannot be treated with potions or healing magic.

  • Injury rate is the percentage of your damage that is inflicted as Wounds on the enemy.
    • For example, if you have an Injury Rate of 10~20% and you hit 100 damage on an enemy, you will inflict 10~20 points of wound to the enemy as well as the damage.
  • Injury rates are most useful on enemies that naturally recover HP very quickly. This includes Dungeon Recovery Rooms.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +1.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.
  • Every 10 Will adds +2.0% to Maximum Wound Rate and +0.5% to Minimum Wound Rate.
  • Maximum and Minimum Injury Rate is reduced by 1.0% for every Protection point on the target.
  • Magic, Alchemy, Puppetry Skills, Counterattack, and Windmill are not affected by the injury stat as they cannot cause wounds.
  • See also: Injury Modifiers.


The chance that an attack you deal will inflict deadly damage to your enemies. Your Critical rate is affected by your Luck and Will.

  • Critical determines the chance to score a Critical Hit.
  • Critical chance is based on the player's Will, Luck, weapon, and Enchants
    • Critical hit rate with Bolt Magic is not increased by the Critical Change of Melee or Ranged weapons.
    • Critical Chance increase from Enchants will apply to Magical Critical Chance.
    • Critical Chance increase from Axe Mastery, Crossbow Mastery, and Lance Mastery as well as their skill's master titles will be applied to Magic Critical Chance provided the player has the respective weapon equipped.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1.0% to Critical chance.
  • Every 5 Luck adds +1.0% to Critical chance.
  • Critical Chance is reduced by 2.0% for every Protection point on the target.
    • Certain skills are able to ignore this reduction.
  • Effective critical rate is capped at 30%, regardless of the player's actual critical rate.
  • See also: Critical Modifiers.


The likelihood that your attacks will deal damage close to the max damage you are capable of. The more Balance you have, the higher the chance. Balance is affected by Dexterity and skill ranks.

  • Balance affects the Damage output from the player.
  • Every 4 Dex adds +1% to Balance for Melee and Ranged Attacks.
    • The exact formula is (Dex - 10) / 4, rounded down.
  • For Combat Mastery and Ranged Attack, each rank gives an additional 1% Balance when using Melee or Ranged attacks, respectively.
  • Enchants that affect Balance influence both Melee and Ranged by the amount shown; and magic by a fraction of that amount.
  • Sword Mastery increases Balance by 1% every rank when using a Sword.
  • Intelligence influences Magical Balance.
  • Balance is capped at 80% for Melee and Ranged Weapons, and 100% for Magic.
  • Balance can be roughly represented as a bell shaped distribution. The equation for approximating median damage is: ([Max Damage - Min Damage] * Balance) + Min Damage.
    • The Median Damage represents where the peak would be in a regular bell shaped distribution but is not necessarily the mean or mode.
    • As Balance can be approximately represented by a bell shaped distribution, then the following pattern tends to occur: 50% of the time, the player will land a damage that is greater than the median damage (before applying Defense, Protection, Elements, and Skill Multipliers) calculated by the above formula. Conversely, the other 50% of the time, the player will hit less than the mean damage.
    • For the purposes of randomizing damage the distribution goes beyond maximum or minimum damage depending on whether the balance is greater than or less than 50% respectively. From whichever value would give a greater range to the balance/median point, the distribution extends out approximately equally beyond the maximum or minimum damage value. All values that would occur beyond maximum/minimum are instead rounded to the maximum/minimum. This means that the probability that a given damage figure would be greater or less than maximum or minimum damage respectively is added to the probability of rolling maximum or minimum damage respectively. This generally means that with extremely low or high balance values the minimum or maximum damage respectively ends up being the mode(most common) damage value.
      • Thus even with 100% magic balance balance a player will roll maximum damage half the time and the other half roll damage values down to their minimum at a decreasing probability.
        • Therefore in that situation the mean(average) damage is actually less than the median damage. Theoretically the only time the mode, median and mean would be the same is at 50% balance. When balance is less than 50% average damage is higher than median damage and when balance is greater than 50% average damage is lower than median damage.

Knocked Unconscious

When a player character receives damage that brings their current Health to 0, the player's character will be Knocked Unconscious; the character will be thrown upon the ground, unable to do perform any actions except chat (in public and via messenger).

See Knocked Unconscious for much more detailed information and the seven methods of revival.

Magic Attack

The amount of damage you deal to enemies when you attack them with magic skills. Your Magic Attack is affected by your Intelligence. Every 1 point of Magic Attack increases damage by 1%.

  • Magic Attack is the percent boost a player will receive to all magic damage.
  • Every 20 Int increases Magic Attack by 1.
  • Healing heals 1 additional health per 10 Magic Attack.
  • Party Healing heals 1 additional health per 5 Magic Attack.
  • Mana Shield's efficiency is influenced by Magic Attack.
  • See also: Magic Attack Modifiers

Magic Balance

  • Magic Balance determines the average Damage of your spells.
  • It is actually a hidden stat, and not displayed on the character screen.
  • Magic Balance is capped at 100%.
  • The formula for Magic Balance is as follows:
    • [(Int-10) / 4] + 30 + (magic_mastery_correction) + [(enchant_bonuses)(spell_constant)][1]
      • Magic Mastery Correction is a special constant that depends on the player's Magic Mastery rank.
        • Each additional Magic Mastery rank adds +1 to this constant. Rank F Magic Mastery is equal to 1; Rank 6 is equal to 10. Rank Novice is 0.
        • Ignoring any possible Enchant bonuses, one can obtain a Magic Balance of 100% with:
          • 290 INT (Rank Novice Magic Mastery)
          • 230 INT (Rank 1 Magic Mastery)
      • Enchant Bonuses are enchants that affect normal damage balance. The total damage balance effects of a player's enchants are tallied up and multiplied by the Spell Constant.
      • Spell Constant is a special number that varies from spell to spell. The spell constants are as follows:
  • Only Wands affect the balance of spells; other weapons have no effect on spell casting.
  • See also: Balance Modifiers.

Magic Damage

  • Magic Damage the actual damage dealt to an enemy by a spell.
  • The formula for Magic Damage is as follows:
    • { [ ( spell_damage * full_charge_multiplier ) + wand_bonus ] * charge_multiplier + ( damage_enchants * spell_constant ) } * ( 1 + magic_attack/100 + elemental_mastery_bonus + bolt_mastery_bonus + staff_elemental_level_bonus + hebona_set_bonus + rosemary_glove_bonus ) * ( 1 + normal_upgrade_bonus + title_bonus ) * ( 1 + special_upgrade_bonus ) * 1.1 * thunder_multiplier
      • This formula does not apply to Blaze.
      • Fusion Bolt uses this formula twice, one for each separate bolt, when calculating damage.
      • Spell Damage is the spell's base damage as shown in the skill window.
        • Reforges for the spell's max or min damage adds directly to this value.
      • Full Charge Multiplier is any damage multiplier the spell may have for being fully charged.
      • Wand Bonus is a fixed amount of damage added to bolt spells while using a wand.
        • Ice wands: +10 damage to Icebolt
        • Fire wands: +5 damage to Firebolt
        • Lightning wands: +7 damage to Lightning Bolt
      • Charge Multiplier is the number of charges.
        • This multiplier is always 1.0 when calculating Icebolt or Lightning Bolt damage.
      • Damage Enchants is the sum of all bonuses to maximum OR minimum damage, depending on what is being calculated.
      • Spell Constant is a special number that varies from spell to spell.
        • The spell constants for magic damage are different from those for magic balance.
        • The spell constants are as follows:
      • Magic Attack is the player's Magic Attack stat.
      • Elemental Mastery Bonus is the percent bonus to the spell applied by the appropriate elemental mastery skill, used as a decimal.
        • Reforges for the mastery's damage adds directly to this value.
      • Bolt Mastery Bonus is the percent bonus applied to bolt spells by Bolt Mastery (if applicable), used as a decimal.
      • Staff Elemental Level Bonus is the percent bonus applied to the appropriate bolt spell when wielding a staff that has been elementally charged.
        • Stage 0: 0
        • Stage 1: 0.05
        • Stage 2: 0.1
        • Stage 3: 0.15
      • Hebona Set Bonus is the percent bonus applied to Firebolt or Icebolt while wearing a Hebona Set, used as a decimal.
      • Rosemary Glove Bonus is the percent bonus applied to ice magic while wearing a Rosemary Glove, used as a decimal.
      • Normal Upgrade Bonus is any increases to magic damage from normal or gem upgrades, used as a decimal.
        • Increases to the Magic Attack stat do not apply to this bonus. They apply to the Magic Attack variable above.
      • Title Bonus is any increase to magic damage from a currently-equipped title, used as a decimal.
      • Special Upgrade Bonus is any increases to magic damage from special upgrades, used as a decimal.
      • Thunder Multiplier is the bonus damage applied to the final strike of Thunder.
        • 1-4 charges: 1.5
        • 5 charges: 2.0


The amount of damage you absorb when you're hit by a physical attack. The more Defense you have, the less damage you take.

The amount of damage you absorb when you're hit by a magic attack. The more Magic Defense you have, the less damage you take. Your Magic Defense is affected by your Intelligence.

The amount of an enemy's critical attack you block. The more Protection you have, the more you block. Displayed as a ratio.

  • Defense reduces physical damage received by the specified amount.
    • Certain skills ignore the Defense stat.
    • The Defense skill passively adds to base Physical Defense.
    • The Tethra completely ignores Defense.
  • Magic Defense reduces magical damage received by the specified amount.
    • Magic Defense is only influenced by the Intelligence stat and certain enchants. Every 20 Intelligence contributes to 1 Magic Defense.
  • Protection reduces all damage received by that %. It also reduces the enemy's effective Injury and Critical rates.
    • Critical Chance is reduced by 2.0% for every Protection point on the target.
    • Maximum and Minimum Injury Rate is reduced by 1.0% for every Protection point on the target.
    • Certain skills ignore the Critical Rate reduction of Protection.
    • Life Drain, Shadow Spirit, and Wings of Rage, are the only skills that can completely ignore Protection.
  • Shields add hidden Defense against Melee attacks in addition to the displayed stats.
    • Shields also passively decrease an enemy's Critical rate by a flat amount.
    • Using the Defense skill with a Shield will increase Melee and Ranged Defense when successful.
  • Certain skills, such as Healing and Wind Guard, temporarily increase the Defense and/or Protection stat while active.
  • Lances and the Masterpiece Bow possess a Piercing Level, which has the ability to ignore some Defense and Protection.
  • Frozen Blast, Spinning Uppercut, and Devil's Dash can temporarily lower the opponent's Defense and Protection.
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is not possible to have negative Defense and/or Protection.
  • Defense is calculated before Protection. (Please go here for a more thorough explanation.)
  • Note that any monster with 100% Protection will negate all damage to 1.
    • Monsters that have level 3 of any Passive Defense only take 1 damage from the matching attack type, though this is not the same as Protection.
      • Lower levels of Passive Defense will still reduce damage by a certain percentage.
    • Certain monsters are immune to traditional forms of attack and must be attacked with a specific weapon or skill or in a certain way in order to deal damage. When attacking these monsters, the message "The weapon isn't making any impact!" will flash on the player's screen.
  • See also: Defense Modifiers and Protection Modifiers.

Movement Speed

Status Effects

Status effects are special conditions that a character is put into or applied onto the enemy via using a certain skill, ability or from an in-game effect.

  • Some status effects that are not evident may not be on this chart; status effects are not limited to what this chart shows.
    • Not all status effects have an icon; you may be put into a status effect without any indication.
  • All status effects are temporary under normal conditions.
    • Some may disappear during logout or changing channels, some, like Potion Poisoning, will not.
Icon Status Name Effect
Deadly.png Deadly Appears when the player's HP is below 0, but not yet dead. Being hit by anything, even Rock Throwing, with this status on will always kill you. You may heal out of this status.
Potion Poisoning.png Potion Poisoning The player has drunk too many potions too quickly. Certain stats are reduced and the effectiveness of potions are increased until it wears off.
Poison.png Poison Appears when the player or enemy has been poisoned. HP will be reduced until the effect wears off.
Sulfur Poisoning.png Sulfur Poisoning Appears when the player is in the sulfur area near Raspa Volcano. Reduces 2 HP every five seconds as long as the player is there, and continues even during Deadly status. Getting Deadly status will give the title "the Sulfer-poisoned Explorer". The effect will disappear shortly after leaving the area. You can also use Poison Immunity to prevent this.
Mirage Missile Effect.png Mirage Missile Appears when affected by Mirage Missile. HP will be reduced constantly until the effect wears off. Minimum HP is 1. Mirage effect can spread to you by other humans/giants/elves whom are infected by this. It can occur even if they aren't using PvP mode. In this way, it can even be returned to the sender.
Petrification Status.png Petrification The player cannot move for 10 seconds.
Dark Knight Disarm.png Dark Knight Disarm Incurs rapid HP loss in transformed Dark Knights (10 hp/second).
Outraged.png Outraged Magical Music effect. Grants the player 100% auto-defend rate for every form of attack.
Weakness.png Weakness Magical Music effect. Failed Outrage effect. Grants enemies targeted by the player 100% auto-defend rate for every form of attack.
Sharp Aiming.png Sharp Aiming Magical Music effect. Archery skill's aim speed increased by 20%.
Fast Casting.png Fast Casting Magical Music effect. Cast time reduces to 70% of original.
Poison Immune.png Poison Immune Cannot be Poisoned.
Stone Immune.png Stone Immune Cannot be Petrified.
Explosion Resistance.png Explosion Resistance Takes 20% of the Original Damage from Explosions and will be stunned rather than knocked back.
Stomp Resistance.png Stomp Resistance Takes reduced damage from Stomp. Stomp range increase due to running is void. Close range stomp will not knock the player back.
Mana Reduction.png Mana Reduction Reduces Mana consumption by 10%.
Stamina Reduction.png Stamina Reduction Reduces Stamina consumption by 20%.
Combat 2x EXP.png Combat 2x EXP Receive double the experience gained from killing monsters for a period of time (30 minutes/120 minutes). Status enabled by consuming Combat 2x EXP Potions.
Frozen (Ice Spear) Inflicted cannot move, attack, nor be attacked. Explodes after a set duration.
Mana Shield Effect.png Mana Shield All damage consumes Mana instead of HP until Mana runs out, drains Mana at a slow rate.
Elephant Shower Effect.png Elephant Shower Increases elemental fire resistance by a certain amount for 15 minutes. Increases Health by 7, Mana by 7, Stamina by 7 for the duration of effect on allies only. This happens when one is affected by the Blue or White Elephant's Water Spray skill.
Frozen (Frozen Blast) Inflicted cannot move nor attack.
Wings of Eclipse Effect.png Demigod Invulnerability Defense and Protection are greatly increased. Grants the user level 2 of every Passive Defense, Advanced Heavy Stander, and 100% auto-defend melee rate. Loading and loaded skills cannot be interrupted. Damage will consume Eclipse of Wing's EXP. The user must have Awakening of Light as well as Wings of Eclipse active in order to trigger this status.
Attack Speed.png Attack Speed Increases the speed rating of the user's equipped melee weapon(s) by 1 without decreasing stun time.
Very Slow > Slow > Normal > Fast. Does not affect any melee weapons with greater than "normal" speed (e.g. Dagger)

Aim speed of Ranged Attacks x 1.15. (Does not include Magnum Shot or Crash Shot)

Weapon Attack Boost.png Weapon Attack Boost The player's melee and ranged damage is 20% higher.
Magic Power Boost.png Magic Power Boost The player's magic damage is 20% higher.
Fishing Boost.png Fishing Booster Increases your chance of acquiring items that are normally hard to get after using the Fishing Booster Potion.
Mini Potion Effect.png Mini Potion Used. Causes a cosmetic reduction in size and enables you to go through the Mouse Hole in certain Shadow Missions. Player also suffers significant damage reduction.

Can also be achieved through Magical Music at any time; this effect caused by music, aside from the cosmetic shrinking, increases Critical Rate and has no negative reductions.

Shadow Mission Bonus.png Shadow Crystal Used. Increases Mission Reward Bonuses by a respective amount.
Nuadha Set Item.png Nuadha Set Item Increase Demigod time by 1 minute. Increase the damage of Demigod skills by 25%. Decreased Skill EXP usage for some skills (?).
Cressida watercannon.png Water Cannon Enhance Increases the damage of Water Cannon by 15%
Cressida flame burst.png Flame Burst Enhance Increases the damage of Flame Burst by 15%
Cressida lifedrain.png Life Drain Enhance Increases the damage of Life Drain by 15%
Transformation Collection Effect.png Transformation Enhance Increases Success Rate of Collecting Transformation Information by 10%
Hebona icebolt.png Icebolt Enhance Increases the damage of Icebolt by 15%
Hebona firebolt.png Firebolt Enhance Increases the damage of Firebolt by 15%
Adonis fishing.png Fishing Enhance Increases the auto- Fishing Success Rate by 10%
Partron refine.png Refine Enhance Increases the Refine Success Rate by 10%
Partron blacksmith.png Blacksmith Enhance Increases the Blacksmith Success Rate by 10%
Belmont metallurgy.png Metallurgy Enhance Increases the Metallurgy success rate
Belmont Gold.png Gold Strike Enhance Increases the damage of Gold Strike
Birnam charge.png Charge Enhance Increases the damage of Charge by 10%
Bohemian magnum.png Magnum Shot Enhance Increases the damage of Magnum Shot by 15%.
Bohemian support.png Support Shot Enhance Increases the damage bonus of Support Shot by 25%. It does not affect the damage of Support Shot, however.
Thames smash.png Smash Enhance Increases the damage of Smash by 15%
Thames down.png Assault Slash Enhance Increases the damage of Assault Slash
Trinity healing.png Healing Enhance Increases Healing's effect by 20%
Commerce Status.png Commerce Reduces damage by 50%, allows one to trigger Bandits, prevents entering the Housing Channel and indoor areas, prevents Pet summons, and prevents use of Continent Warp, Changing Channels, Moon Gates, and Housing Flyers
Commerce Boost.png Commerce Appears when the player uses a Letter of Guarantee. Grants bonus Ducats, Gold and EXP upon trade completion.
Pursue.png Outlaw Pursue Mode Allows one to view and activate Bandit triggers and receive Outlaw's Homestead Passes from Bandits.
Spinning Uppercut Debuff.png Spinning Uppercut Debuff The Defense and Protection of a target is lowered by a certain amount
Dazed Inflicted is unable to cast Magic or Alchemy
Pinned Inflicted cannot move nor attack.
Respite Aftereffect.png Respite Aftereffect Attacking or Healing with Magic or Alchemy under this effect will cause the user's HP/MP/SP to drop by 25%
Merrow's Curse.png Merrow's Curse Steadily drains Stamina and Mana for 5 seconds
Spinning Uppercut Debuff.png Devil's Dash Debuff The Defense and Protection of a target is lowered by a certain amount
Flame of Resurrection Status.png Flame of Resurrection Revives the player immediately upon being knocked unconscious


Status Effects

Equipment Combination Effects

See Equipment Combination Effects for more information on triggering these status effects.

  • Some effect bonuses share the same visuals as others (e.g. Poison Immunity visuals are the same as Flame Burst Enhancement).