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General Overview


  • When creating a character, the player is allowed to choose an age between 10 and 17.
  • Characters will advance 1 year in age every Saturday at noon (server time), either when they log in or change Channels.
  • After reaching 25 years of age, the display will show age as "25 Years Old (+x Years)"


  • Life Points, also commonly referred to as Hit Points (HP), determine the character's ability to absorb damage.
    • Rest, Magical Music effects, Healing Magics, and Life Potions can restore Life. Levelling up will restore Life completely.
    • Life will naturally regenerate at the rate of 7 points per minute.
  • Having one's Life Points reduced to zero usually results in death.
  • It is possible to go under 0 Life and still survive. This phenomenon is known as going into "Deadly Status". The chances of going into "Deadly" when receiving an attack are dependent entirely on Will.
  • The player can also become "Wounded", where the maximum amount of Life becomes depleted.
  • The absolute minimum Life a player can have is 1. If reduced below 1 by Enchants or Titles, Life will be adjusted to 1.


  • Mana Points (MP), are used up when the player casts a Magic skill.
  • Meditation, Magical Music effects, and Mana Potions can restore Mana. Rest does not restore mana. Levelling up will completely restore Mana.
  • Mana will regenerate naturally at the rate of 3 points per minute during the daytime. At night, during Eweca, Mana regeneration occurs at 9 points per minute.
  • Standing on a Mana Tunnel in Iria during the daytime will regenerate mana at 5 points per second, in addition to the natural regeneration rate.


  • Stamina Points are utilized when the player activates any Active Combat or Life skills.
  • As time passes, the player's Food % will gradually reduce to 50%. This reduces the maximum amount of Stamina the player can use. It is possible to reduce the Food level to under 50% by using Enchants or Titles.
  • To restore Food %, the player must eat Food.
  • Rest, Magical Music effects, and Stamina Potions can restore Stamina. Levelling up will completely restore Stamina.
    • Eating Food will restore stamina, but only in characters with a low age.
  • Stamina cannot be regenerated while the player is using Meditation.
  • Stamina regenerates at the rate of 24 points per minute while standing.


  • Strength (Str) adds a damage bonus to Melee attacks and skills.
  • Every 10 Str will add +4 to maximum melee damage and +3 to minimum melee damage.
    • The exact distribution is: +2.5 Str adds +1 to maximum damage; +3 Str adds +1 to minimum damage.
  • Note: for enchant scrolls, a change in Strength is indicated by "STR"
  • Note: for enchanted items, a change in Strength is indicated by "Hit Points"
    • Note: for example the cowardly enchant scroll will show "STR -6~9" but a cowardly item will show "Hit Points 6 Decrease"


  • Intelligence (Int) adds damage to Magical skills, contributes to Magical Balance, and affects the success rate of reading Books.
  • The formula for extra damage based on Int is: (what does log mean) [(log Int)2]×3
    • The damage from INT is not part of your attack's damage range. Instead, it is added on to your attack's damage after defense, protection, and criticals have been calculted.
    • The damage from INT does not receive a bonus from the critical hit skill if you crit.
    • The damage from INT is not affected by defense or protection, which means you will do at least the damage from it even on a monster with high defense.
    • The damage from INT can still be mitigated by the Mana Refractor skill.


  • Dexterity (Dex) adds a damage bonus to Ranged attacks, affects Balance and Wound rate, as well as the success rate of production skills.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +4 to maximum damage and +2 to minimum damage to ranged attacks.
    • The exact distribution is: +2.5 Dex adds +1 to maximum damage; +3.5 Dex adds +1 to minimum damage.
  • Every 5 Dex adds +1% to balance to melee, ranged, and magic attacks.
    • The exact formula is (Dex - 10) / 4, rounded down.
  • Every 10 Dex adds +1.0% to maximum wound rate and +0.5% to minimum wound rate.


  • Will affects the player's chance of going into Deadly, as well as increasing Critical and Wound rates.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1.0% to Critical.
  • Every 10 Will adds +2.0% to maximum wound rate and +0.5% to minimum wound rate.


  • Luck affects the player's Critical hit rate, as well as the chances to score a Lucky Finish.
  • Every 10 Luck adds +2.0% to Critical.


  • Takes the indicated percentage of the player's Damage and inflicts it upon the opponent as Wounds.



  • Affects damage output from the player.
  • Balance is capped at 80% for melee and ranged weapons, and 100% for magic.
  • Balance can be perceived as a standard Normal Distribution Curve. The equation for calculating mean damage is: ((Max Damage - Min Damage) × Balance) + Min Damage. In other words, the mean damage is the weighted average of maximum damage and the minimum damage, with the Balance as the weight.
  • In layman's terms, Balance determines where in your damage range your hits will land. So if you had a damage range of 10~20, and 0% balance, your hits would, on average, land on on the bottom of your damage range for 10 damage. Likewise, with 80% balance, your hits would, on average, hit 8/10ths of the way up your damage range for 18 damage.


  • Defense reduces damage received by the specified amount.
  • Protection reduces damage received by that %. It also reduces wounds and Criticals received.
  • Please see Defense for a more thorough explanation.

Status Effects

Status Effect
Deadly.png Deadly Appears when the player's HP is below 0.
File:PotionPoison.png Potion Poisoned The player has drunk too many potions too quickly. Certain stats are reduced until it wears off.
Poison.png Poison Appears when the player has been poisoned. HP will be reduced until the effect wears off.
Mirage Missile Effect.png Mirage Missile Appears when affected by Mirage Missile. HP will be reduced until the effect wears off.
File:Stone.png Petrification The player cannot move for 10 seconds.
Dark Knight Disarm.png Dark Knight Disarm Incurs rapid HP loss in transformed Dark Knights.
Berserk.png Berserk Magical Music effect. The player cannot be knocked down by any attack.
Weakness.png Weakness Magical Music effect. Results from a failed Berserker effect. The player is weakened.
Sharp Aiming.png Sharp Aiming Magical Music effect. Increases archery aim percentage to 120%.
Fast Casting.png Fast Casting Magical Music effect. Cast time reduces to 70% of original.
Poison Immune.png Poison Immune Cannot be Poisoned.
Stone Immune.png Stone Immune Cannot be Petrified.
Explosion Resistance.png Explosion Resistance Takes reduced damage from Explosions and cannot be knocked back by Explosions.
Stomp Resistance.png Stomp Resistance Takes reduced damage from Stomp and cannot be knocked back by Stomp.
Mana Reduction.png Mana Reduction Reduces Mana consumption by 10%.
Stamina Reduction.png Stamina Reduction Reduces Stamina consumption by 20%.