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General Overview

Status attributes, often called "stats" for short, affect all aspects of your character, including (but not limited to) appearance and general combat effectiveness.

Base Stats

  • Determined based on Age, Level, Race, Skill Ranks, and Uncooked Food effects.
  • These stats are displayed in white in the character window. If these stats are modified in any method other than the ones described above, they will be shown in brackets beside the new modified stats.


  • The stats acquired from ranking Skills, classes and reading books are permanent and will be carried through rebirth.


  • These stats will fade or reset upon rebirth.
  • The stats that fall under this category includes those gained from Age, Level, and Uncooked Food effects
  • For leveling stats and uncooked food stats, although the stat gain may be in decimals, they still take effect even though the change isn't visible under the specific stat in Character window.
    • Ex. A player with 102 levels up and gains 0.5 STR. Although it still shows as 102, the player would have 1 more max damage than before.
    • Uncooked food works the same way as leveling, except that the stats gained is significantly less. In addition, the older the character is, the less stats will be gained per food.

Temporary Stats

  • Modifications to the base stats including those from Enchants, Cooked Food, Potion Poisoning, and Titles.
  • Displayed in yellow in the character window, with base stats in brackets beside it.
  • These modifications may be changed relatively easily at a whim.


  • When creating a character, the player is allowed to choose an age between 10 and 17.
  • Characters will advance 1 year in age every Saturday at noon (server time), either when they log in or change Channels.
  • After reaching 17 years of age, the Character will no longer increase in height.
  • For Pet characters, their maximum size is at Age 5. After Age 5, the pet's paws/hind legs will continually decrease in size.
  • After reaching 25 years of age, the display will show age as "25 Years Old (+x Years)."
    • The age display past 24 on NA servers will read "XX years past 25" where XX is the number of game years that have passed since the character was created or last rebirthed.
  • After reaching age +25, the "Light Rays" no longer appear when you age, no message will appear, and importantly, no AP or stats will increase.
  • Reaching Age 18 earns the player "the Adult" title. Reaching Age 30 earns the player "the All-Knowing". Reaching Age 40 earns the player "the Old".
  • There seems to be no limit to Aging. A player can age to over a hundred without dying of "Old Age" or something of the like.
    • As stated whenever you fall unconscious, death doesn't exist in the world of Erinn.
  • You can find stats gained by aging here.
  • Trivia: When a pet ages up, the Light Rays will appear every time until Age 25+, although pets usually stop gaining stats at Age 11.

Ability Points

  • Ability points, or AP, are required to rank up skills.
  • AP are earned by leveling up and by aging. Some quests reward AP as well.
  • Along with the Pioneers of Iria update, it is now possible to gain AP by gaining exploration levels, which can be reset by Rebirthing as well.
  • You can recover AP that has been used on skills, Rank E and greater, by using a Skill Reset Capsule.


  • For the enchant of the same name, go here.
  • Life Points, commonly referred to as Hit Points (HP), determine the character's ability to absorb damage.
    • Rest, Magical Music effects, Healing Magics, and Life Potions can restore Life to maximum amount of Unwounded Maximum Total Life. Leveling up will restore Life completely, wounds are healed also. Using Nao Support after being killed will restore HP, Mana, Stamina, and Hunger completely.
      • You can use a Life Potion quickly by pressing the H key or assign it a different Hotkey via Options. The bottom-right most potion in your inventory is always selected when using the hotkey.
      • Excessive use of Life Potions can result in medicinal poisoning which reduces your Intellect and Will while increasing their effectiveness.
    • Life will naturally regenerate at a constant rate of 1 point for every 8 seconds passed.
  • The absolute minimum Total Max Life a player can have is 1, ie; the Life bar size. If reduced below 1 by Enchants or Titles, the amount Life will be adjusted to 1.
  • Having one's Life Points reduced to zero usually results in death.
  • It is possible to survive past 0 Life. This phenomenon is known as the status effect "Deadly". The chances of going into "Deadly" when receiving an attack are dependent on Will.
    • The player will always become Deadly instead of dying when HP was depleted by poison, bad fountain effects, or excessive use of Windmill without using HP Potions in between.
    • While in Deadly status, the very next attack you receive will almost certainly kill you. The chances of surviving are negligible and determined by the player's will.
      • Deadly status "caps" at -100% of base maximum HP.
  • A player will enter Deadly status when the user has 50% or more Life remaining when receiving a single blow where the damage is greater than the remaining life.
  • The player can also become "Wounded", where the maximum amount of Life able to be healed by HP Potions is reduced. This is shown by a black region on the Life bar.
    • Rest, First Aid, and Wound Remedy Potions can heal Wounds. Transformation will also reduce Wounds. Resting by a campfire will heal wounds more quickly.
  • Resting in a dungeon without a campfire will not recover wounds, nor will it give any extra effects.
  • Skills that add to Life include: Combat Mastery, Defense, First Aid, Rest and Sharp Mind
  • See also: Hit Point Modifiers.



  • Stamina Points are required when the player activates any Active Combat or Life skill.
  • Each single-wield normal attacks take up 1x stamina (Look up Weapons for their stamina usage), while each dual-wield attack takes up 2x stamina (for Humans).
    • It is still possible to attack with 0 stamina, however the damage will be reduced to bare-handed damage and the player will be unable to activate Combat and Life skills.
  • Stamina naturally regenerates at a rate of 24 points per minute while standing.
    • Stamina cannot be naturally regenerated while the player is using Meditation.
  • As time passes, the player's Food % will gradually decrease to 50%. This reduces the amount of Stamina the player can use. It is possible to reduce the Food level below 50% by using Enchants or Titles. Fountains may reduce Food level to 0%. It is always wise to carry some food through dungeons.
    • Stamina can be recovered above the Food % limit, but Stamina regeneration will take five times longer than normal. Stamina Potions can still be used, but their effectiveness will be reduced to 20%.
    • The higher a character's maximum Stamina is, the slower the Food % will decrease.
    • Beware that Food % has major effects on Stamina.
  • Transformation restores most of the player's Stamina and Food %.
  • Eating Food restores some of the player's Food %.
    • Eating Food will restore the player's Stamina, but only in young characters.
  • Rest, Magical Music effects, and Stamina Potions can restore the player's Stamina. Leveling up will completely restore the player's Stamina and Food %.

Skills that add to Stamina include: Production Mastery, Metallurgy, Campfire, Charge, Stomp (Giants-only), and Fishing


Strength (Str) adds a damage bonus to Melee attacks and skills.


Intelligence (Int) adds damage to Magical skills, contributes to Magic Balance, and affects the success rate of reading Books and Enchanting.

Extra Magic Damage

  • The damage from Int is not part of your attack's damage range. Instead, it is added on to your attack's damage after defense, protection, and criticals have been calculated. Thus, the damage from Int does not receive a bonus from the critical hit skill if you critical. This implies you will always do this bonus damage regardless of defense or protection.
  • The damage from Int can still be negated by the Mana Reflector skill.
  • The formula for extra damage based on Int is: 2×[log10( Int )]3. The rate of increase for damage per increase for Int at any Int may be calculated by 6×[log10(Int)]2/[(Int)×ln10].
    • Examples:
Intelligence 10 20 50 100 150 200 300 500
Extra damage 2 4.4 9.8 16 20.6 24.4 30.4 39.3
(Damage rounded to the nearest tenth)


Dexterity (Dex) adds a damage bonus to Ranged attacks, affects Balance and Wound rate, as well as the success rate of production skills.


Will affects the player's chance of going Deadly, as well as increasing Critical and Wound rates.


Luck affects the player's Critical hit rate, as well as the chances to score a Lucky Finish. (However, Luck affecting the Lucky Finish has been unverified.)

  • Lucky Finish
    • Lucky Finishes are not solely dependent on luck. It is possible to receive any type of Lucky Finish with 0 luck.
    • The amount of gold that is dropped is determined based on the Monster's base gold drop, as well as the type of Lucky Finish. The rates for the Lucky Finishes are: 2x for regular, 5x for Big, and 100x for Huge.
    • It is possible to simultaneously get multiple Lucky Finishes at one time.
  • Every 5 Luck adds +1.0% to Critical.
    • The amount of Critical that is contributed by the Luck stat may be calculated by: (Luck-10)/5
      • Therefore, if the player has less than 10 Luck, the deficit will actually add "negative Critical". (eg. 0 Luck will be -2.0% Critical)
  • Luck DOES NOT increase success rate of production or repairs.
  • Luck DOES NOT increase item drop rate.
  • There are no skills that increase Luck, the only way to gain Luck is through enchants, leveling up (includes explore), titles, or aging from 10-14.
  • See also: Luck Modifiers.


  • Damage is the amount of regenerative HP an enemy will lose when a player attacks.
    • The HP loss inflicted on an enemy is not permanent and will regenerate over time if no further attack is made (assuming the enemy has not been killed), unlike wounds caused by a player's injury rate.
  • A player's damage stat is displayed as a range between a minimum and maximum value. Any given attack on an enemy will inflict an amount of damage whose value is somewhere within that range.
    • When a weapon is equipped, the Attack attribute of that weapon is added to a player's Damage stat.
  • For enemies that naturally recover HP very quickly, a player must either be able to cause large amounts of damage per attack or be able to cause wounds (permanent HP loss) with their injury rate stat.
    • In Iria's dungeons, enemies in Recovery Rooms will regenerate HP lost from a player's damage much faster when they are in their rest cycle but will not regenerate the HP lost to wounds caused by a player's injury rate.
  • Strength increases the amount of damage caused by melee attacks, where a +2.5 strength increase adds +1 to maximum damage and a +3 strength increase adds +1 to minimum damage.
  • Dexterity increases the amount of damage caused by ranged attacks, where a +2.5 dexterity increase adds +1 to maximum damage and a +3.5 dexterity increase adds +1 to minimum damage.
  • Intelligence increases the amount of damage caused by magical attacks, see the Intelligence section on this page for more information as the relationship is not linear and has some qualifications.
  • See also: Damage Modifiers.


  • Wounds appear on your Life bar in black. Wounds are the parts of your life that cannot be healed by life potions or Healing.
  • To recover from wounds, you must Rest or use/receive First Aid. Wound Remedy Potions and Transformation will also reduce wounds.
    • More wounds can be recovered by First Aid if you are resting while receiving the aid.
  • Note: You cannot recover wounds by resting if you are in a dungeon
  • Magical attacks will never wound.
  • It's possible to have 100%(+) Wound. You will stay in deadly until the wounds are healed.


  • Injury rate is the percentage of your damage that is inflicted as wounds on the enemy.
    • For example, if you have an injury rate of 10~20% and you hit 100 damage on an enemy, you will inflict 10~20 points of wound to the enemy as well as the damage. Note that wounds are not the same as damage.
  • Injury rates are most useful on enemies that naturally recover HP very quickly. This includes Iria's Recovery Type rooms.
  • Dexterity, Will, certain Transformation Skills and the use of ranged weapons increases the injury rate.
  • Magic attacks cannot inflict wounds, and thus are not affected by the injury stat.
  • See also: Injury Modifiers.


  • Affects the chance to score a Critical Hit.
  • Crit% from weapons do not count toward Magic crit chance unless using a wand.
    • However, Crit% increase from enchants will apply to Magical crit chance.
  • Every 10 Will adds +1.0% to Critical.
  • Every 5 Luck adds +1.0% to Critical.
  • Crit chance is effectively capped at 30%.
  • See also: Critical Modifiers.


  • Affects damage output from the player.
  • For Melee: A Player's DEX stat, enchants, and Combat Mastery skill rank all affect balance.
  • For Archery: A Player's DEX stat, enchants, and Ranged Attack skill rank all affect balance.
  • INT influences Magical balance.
  • Barehand balance is 35%. Thus, most weapon would increase the player's balance.
  • Balance is capped at 80% for melee and ranged weapons, and 100% for magic.
  • Balance can be perceived as a standard Normal Distribution Curve. The equation for calculating mean damage is: ((Max Damage - Min Damage) × Balance) + Min Damage. In other words, the mean damage is the weighted average of maximum damage and the minimum damage, with the Balance as the weight.
    • In layman's terms, Balance determines where in your damage range your hits will land. So if you had a damage range of 10~20, and 0% balance, your hits would, on average, land on on the bottom of your damage range for 10 damage. Likewise, with 80% balance, your hits would, on average, hit 8/10ths of the way up your damage range for 18 damage.
    • If balance can be labeled as a Normal Distribution Curve, then the following pattern tends to occur: 50% of the time, the player will land a damage that is greater than the mean damage (before applying Defense, Protection, Elements, and Skill Multipliers) calculated by the above formula. Conversely, the other 50% of the time, the player will hit less than the mean damage. Thus, although a player may have 100% Magic Balance, they will not hit their full damage all of the time.

Magic Balance

  • Magic Balance determines the average damage of your spells.
  • It is actually a hidden stat, and not displayed on the character screen.
  • Magic Balance is determined solely by Int as of the G7 update (Ancient Secrets of Irinid).
  • Magic Balance is capped at 100%.
  • The formula for Magic Balance is as follows:
    • (Int-10) / 4 + 30 + (magic_mastery_correction) + (enchant_bonuses)(spell_constant)[1]
      • Magic Mastery Correction is a special constant that depends on the player's Magic Mastery rank.
        • Each additional Magic Mastery rank adds +1 to this constant. Rank F Magic Mastery is equal to 1; Rank 6 is equal to 10. Rank Novice is 0.
      • Enchant Bonuses are enchants that affect normal damage balance. The total damage balance effects of a player's enchants are tallied up and multiplied by the Spell Constant.
      • Spell Constant is a special number that varies from spell to spell. The spell constants are as follows:
  • Only wands affect the balance of spells; other weapons have no effect on spellcasting.
  • See also: Balance Modifiers.


  • Defense reduces damage received by the specified amount.
  • Protection reduces damage received by that %. It also reduces wounds and Criticals received.
  • Defense is calculated before Protection.
  • Please go here for a more thorough explanation.
  • Note that any monster with 100% Protection will negate all damage to 1.
  • The Defense skill adds to base defense.
  • See also: Defense Modifiers and Protection Modifiers.

Status Effects

Status Effect
Deadly.png Deadly Appears when the player's HP is below 1, but not yet dead. (Next hit will almost certainly kill you.)
Potion Poisoning.png Potion Poisoning The player has drunk too many potions too quickly. Certain stats are reduced until it wears off.
Poison.png Poison Appears when the player has been poisoned. HP will be reduced until the effect wears off.
Mirage Missile Effect.png Mirage Missile Appears when affected by Mirage Missile. HP will be reduced constantly until the effect wears off. Minimum HP is 1. Mirage effect can spread to you by other humans/giants/elves whom are infected by this. It can occur even if they arent using PvP mode. In this way, it can even be returned to the sender.
Petrification.png Petrification The player cannot move for 10 seconds.
Dark Knight Disarm.png Dark Knight Disarm Incurs rapid HP loss in transformed Dark Knights (10 hp/second).
Outraged.png Outraged Magical Music effect. The player cannot be knocked down by any attack.
Weakness.png Weakness Magical Music effect. Results from a failed Outraged effect. The player is weakened.
Sharp Aiming.png Sharp Aiming Magical Music effect. Increases archery aiming speed by 120%.
Fast Casting.png Fast Casting Magical Music effect. Cast time reduces to 70% of original.
Poison Immune.png Poison Immune Cannot be Poisoned.
Stone Immune.png Stone Immune Cannot be Petrified.
Explosion Resistance.png Explosion Resistance Takes reduced damage from Explosions and cannot be knocked back by Explosions.
Stomp Resistance.png Stomp Resistance Takes reduced damage from Stomp and cannot be knocked back by Stomp.
Mana Reduction.png Mana Reduction Reduces Mana consumption by 10%.
Stamina Reduction.png Stamina Reduction Reduces Stamina consumption by 20%.
Combat 2x EXP.png Combat 2x EXP Receive double the experience gained from killing monsters for a period of time (30 minutes/120 minutes). Status enabled by consuming Combat 2x EXP Potions.
Mana Shield Effect.png Mana Shield All damage consumes Mana instead of HP until Mana runs out.