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[[Image:Restoration_Pass.png]] [[Image:Fomor_Scroll.png]]
Part of [[Generation 3]] is restoring the Dungeon Statues.  
Part of [[Generation 3]] is restoring the Dungeon Statues.  

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Restoration Pass.png Fomor Scroll.png

Part of Generation 3 is restoring the Dungeon Statues.
This series of quests requires you to turn a Fomor Command Scroll into a Dungeon Pass (for Statue Restoration).

  • There are 2 ways to make the dungeon pass from the Fomor Scroll
  1. Make via Handicraft using Mana Herb and Holy Water
  2. Take Fomor Scroll to the resident cleric. (James, Comgan, Kristell, or Endelyon)
  • These passes are tradable, so you can have your friend make one.
  • The corresponding NPC will only give you one Fomor Scroll at a time.