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Difference between revisions of "Template:DataBat Crown (M)"

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(If a color isn't specified, it's assumed to be random. Undo revision 640953 by I0Bjhansen0 (talk))
(Yes but the snowball event gave out set color crowns. same as the other crowns that change skin color. Maybe each page should have the snowball event reward be specified Undo revision 640954 by IDSd (talk))
Line 25: Line 25:
|ObtainList=*[[Snowball Fight Event (2014)]]
|ObtainList=*[[Snowball Fight Event (2014)]]
*[[Wings of Tuan Gachapon]] (2015)
*[[Wings of Tuan Gachapon]] (2015) (Random colors)

Revision as of 20:06, 12 August 2015

{{{{{1}}} |Name=Bat Crown (M) |Desc=A crown that contains magical power. When equipped, the wearer's skin will turn purple, like a bat. |Category=/equip/head/headgear/skincolorchange/ |XML=<xml skin_color="122" /> |skin_color=122

|BuyPrice=8000 |Tradability=0 |Race=/male/ |Width=2 |Height=1 |Color1=5 |Color2=5 |Color3=0 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=1 |Protection=1 |Durability=14000 |Upgrades=0

|Repair98= |ObtainList=*Snowball Fight Event (2014)