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Template:DataBhafel Slayer Greaves (M)

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{{{{{1}}} |Set=Bhafel Slayer |Name=Bhafel Slayer Greaves (M) |Desc=Only those who defeated Bhafel the Black Dragon can have these Greaves. Since these Armors are made of Dragon Scales, they are particularly resistant to magic and lightweight. |Category=/equip/foot/armorboots/steel/smith_repairable/Bhafelsepaer_armor/ magic_armor/heulwen_weapon_armor/

|magic_defense=1 |magic_protect=1 |random_product=defense,0,5;protect,0,3;magic_defense,0,2;magic_protect,0,1;durability_filled_max,0,10

|BuyPrice=60000 |Tradability=0 |Race=/male/ |Width=2 |Height=2 |Color1=1 |Color2=0 |Color3=0 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=1 |Protection=1 |Durability=8000 |Upgrades=0 |SetBonus=*+2 Assault Slash Enhancement

|Repair90= |Repair93= |Repair95= |Repair96= |Repair97= |Repair98= |ObtainList=*Hillwen Engineering

|Method=Hillwen Engineering |SkillRank=7 |ProductionExp=8000 |Materials=Any Metal Boots × 1
Hillwen Alloy × 4
Black Dragon Blood × 1
Dragon Bone × 3
Dragon Scale × 3 |SuccessRate_rN=0 |SuccessRate_rF=0 |SuccessRate_rE=0 |SuccessRate_rD=0 |SuccessRate_rC=0 |SuccessRate_rB=0 |SuccessRate_rA=0 |SuccessRate_r9=0 |SuccessRate_r8=0 |SuccessRate_r7=85 |SuccessRate_r6=86 |SuccessRate_r5=90 |SuccessRate_r4=92 |SuccessRate_r3=94 |SuccessRate_r2=96 |SuccessRate_r1=98 |SuccessRate_D1=98 |SuccessRate_D2=98 |SuccessRate_D3=98 }}