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Template:DataDivine Short Lance

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Divine Short Lance |Desc=A small lance made by restoring a divine ancient lance. It's smaller than other lances, but strikes deep and does critical damage with its sharpness. While a lance can be used to attack enemies that are far away, it cannot be used to attack nearby enemies. |Category=/equip/twohand/weapon/lance/Divine_Small_Lance/smith_repairable/giant_onehand/steel/no_scale/human_giant_only/not_ego/lordweapon/fixedcolor_dyeable/lance_weapon_skin/

|XML=<xml hitsound="sword" splash_radius = "300" splash_angle = "80" splash_damage = "0.7" stamina_usage = "1.8" lance_piercing="3" min_range_mod="144" max_range_mod="264" slide_margin="180" random_product="attack_min,15,40;attack_max,18,54;critical,6,15;balance,7,12;durability_filled_max,12,20" enhance_type_s="203" enhance_type_r="303" />

|hitsound=sword |splash_radius=300 |splash_angle=80 |splash_damage=0.7 |stamina_usage=1.8 |lance_piercing=3 |min_range_mod=144 |max_range_mod=264 |slide_margin=180 |random_product=attack_min,15,40;attack_max,18,54;critical,6,15;balance,7,12;durability_filled_max,12,20 |enhance_type_s=203 |enhance_type_r=303

|BuyPrice=100000 |Tradability=0 |Race=/human/ | /giant/ |Width=1 |Height=4 |Color1=5 |Color2=5 |Color3=1 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |AttackSpeed=4 |DownHitCount=1 |MinDamage=15 |MaxDamage=22 |MinInjury=10 |MaxInjury=20 |Critical=5 |Balance=10 |Durability=18000 |Upgrades=5 |GemUpgrades=1

|Resell=10000 |Repair90=707 |Repair93= |Repair95=6305 |Repair96= |Repair97= |Repair98=15909 |ObtainList=* Hillwen Engineering (Rank 9) |Information=*+10 Lance Charge Enhancement

|Method=Hillwen Engineering |SkillRank=9 |ProductionExp=4000 |Materials=Enhanced Hillwen Alloy x 2
Shining Metal Shard x 10
Medal of Will x 5
Broken Guardian Lance x 1