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Difference between revisions of "Template:DataEnchantHard Peaca"

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(future enchant)
m (Specific names of Shoes added, changed "Tara Auction" to "Auction".)
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|Name=Hard Peaca
|ItemsDroppedBy=Enchant Scroll ([[Peaca Basic]])
|ItemsDroppedBy=Enchant Scroll ([[Peaca Basic]], [[Peaca Intermediate]] Reward)
[[Dustin Silver Knight Greaves]], [[Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots]], [[Vivid Casual Shoes]] ([[Auction]])
|MPReq=if [[Magic Mastery]] Rank 6+
|MPReq=if [[Magic Mastery]] Rank 6+
|DmgMaxReq=if [[Ranged Attack]] Rank 3+
|DmgMaxReq=if [[Ranged Attack]] Rank 3+
|DmgMinReq=if [[Combat Mastery]] Rank 3+
|DmgMinReq=if [[Combat Mastery]] Rank 3+

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Hard Peaca |Rank=8 |Type=Suffix |EnchOn=Shoes |ItemsDroppedBy=Enchant Scroll (Peaca Basic, Peaca Intermediate Reward) Dustin Silver Knight Greaves, Valencia's Cross Line Plate Boots, Vivid Casual Shoes (Auction) |Implement=Yes |MPPos=15 |MPReq=if Magic Mastery Rank 6+ |DmgMaxPos=6 |DmgMaxReq=if Ranged Attack Rank 3+ |DmgMinPos=6 |DmgMinReq=if Combat Mastery Rank 3+ }}