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Template:DataEnchantWooden Needle

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Wooden Needle |Rank=8 |Enabled= |Type=Prefix |EnchOn=Wood weapons and wood equips[1] |ItemsDroppedBy=Wooden Blade (Alby Advanced for 3 Reward) |Implement=Yes |HPPos= |HPNeg= |HPReq= |MPPos= |MPNeg= |MPReq= |StamPos= |StamNeg= |StamReq= |StrPos= |StrNeg= |StrReq= |IntPos= |IntNeg= |IntReq= |DexPos= |DexNeg=16 |DexReq= |WillPos= |WillNeg= |WillReq= |LuckPos= |LuckNeg= |LuckReq= |DmgMaxPos=8 |DmgMaxNeg= |DmgMaxReq=if Combat Mastery Rank 5+ |DmgMinPos= |DmgMinNeg= |DmgMinReq= |BalPos= |BalNeg= |BalReq= |WoundMaxPos= |WoundMaxNeg= |WoundMaxReq= |WoundMinPos= |WoundMinNeg= |WoundMinReq= |CritPos=6 |CritNeg= |CritReq= |DefPos= |DefNeg= |DefReq= |ProtPos= |ProtNeg= |ProtReq= |CPPos= |CPNeg= |CPReq= |RepairPos= |RepairNeg= |RepairReq= |OtherPos= |OtherNeg= |OtherReq= |DupeStat=Max Damage |DupPos=4 |DupNeg= |DupReq=if Combat Mastery Rank 8+ }}

  1. Although the Wooden Rimmed Glasses appears to be made of wood, it may not be enchanted with Wooden Needle