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Template:DataFried Dumplings

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Fried Dumplings |Page=Fried Dumplings |Icon=Fried Dumplings.png |Width=2 |Height=1 |SellList=- |Resell=0 |Recipe=Wheat Flour(50%) Sliced Meat(35%) Leek(15%) |Method=Baking |EXP=1500 |Hunger=? |Consumable=Yes |Weight=? |Upper=? |Lower=? |5sHP=- |4sHP=- |3sHP=- |5sMP=- |4sMP=- |3sMP=- |5sSP=- |4sSP=- |3sSP=- |5sSTR=- |4sSTR=- |3sSTR=- |5sDEX=- |4sDEX=- |3sDEX=- |5sINT=+8 |4sINT=+7 |3sINT=+6 |5sWILL=- |4sWILL=- |3sWILL=- |5sLUCK=- |4sLUCK=- |3sLUCK=- |5sPROT=- |4sPROT=- |3sPROT=- |5sDEF=- |4sDEF=- |3sDEF=- }}