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|EXP=8,000 (+725)
|EXP=9,000 (+725)

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Template Usage guidelines


{{{{{format}}} |Name=Giant White Spider (Hardmode) |Page=Spider |Ext=png

|FieldLocations=*None |DungeonLocations=*Alby Basic Hardmode

|HP=9,000 |CP=7365 |Defense=10 |Protection=43~ |Speed=Above Average |Element=none

|MeleeHits=1 |MeleeDamage=100-150

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro= |AggroRange=Average |AggroSpeed=Fast

|EXP=9,000 (+725) |Gold= |DropEquip= |DropMisc=*Book on Arrow Revolver - 7th Page

|SkillCobweb=y |SkillDefense=y

|Notes= |Advice= }}