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|DropEquip=*[[Composite Bow]]
|DropEquip=*[[Composite Bow]]
**Prefix: [[Cheap]]
**Prefix: [[Cheap]]

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Hobgoblin Warrior (Raft) |Page=Hobgoblin Warrior (Raft)

|FieldLocations=*Courcle (Rafting Course) |DungeonLocations=*None

|HP= ~450 |CP=2500 |Defense= |Protection= |Speed=Normal |Element=

|MeleeHits=3 |MeleeDamage=25-95 |RangedHits= |RangedDamage= |MagicHits= |MagicDamage= |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=y |AggroRange= |AggroSpeed=

|EXP=676 |Gold=150-200 |DropEquip=*Composite Bow

|DropMisc=*Large Meat

|SkillSmash=y |SkillCounter=y |SkillDefense=y

|Notes=*Often walks while using Smash.

  • May use the Jump skill to get on a raft.

|Advice=*Ice Counter seems to be effective.

  • While on a raft, it is possible to Windmill them the moment they load the jump skill (Basically windmilling them before they land on the raft).