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Template:DataNoblesse Deity Special Wear (F)

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Noblesse Deity Special Wear (F) |Set=Noblesse Deity |Desc=An outfit so refined, it looks like it could be worn by a deity! The delicate sheen of the fabric juxtaposed against the metal makes it even more stunning. Wearing this outfit allows you to strike a special pose! |Category=/equip/armor/cloth/custom_idle_motion/

|BuyPrice=32000 |SellPrice=3200 |Tradability=0 |Race=/female/ |Width=2 |Height=4 |Color1=1 |Color2=1 |Color3=5 |Color4=5 |Color5=1 |Color6=5 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=2 |Protection=0 |Durability=20000 |Upgrades=3

|Repair94=? |Repair95=? |Repair96=? |Repair97=? |Repair98=? |Repair99=? |Repair100=?

|ObtainList=*Noblesse Deity Box }}