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Template:DataRevelation of the Guardian

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Revelation of the Guardian |Description=An ancient tome that contains a prophecy about the Guardian of Erinn. Used as a material item to unlock a weapon's Erg.

|Width=2 |Height=2 |Stack=100 |Resell=0 |SellList=

|Method=Magic Craft |SkillRank=Dan 1 |ProductionExp=100 |Materials=Massive Turtle Shell Chip × 5
Thorny Blue Shackle × 5
Magical Stone Plate × 5
Torn Sheepskin Parchment × 1 |SuccessRate_rN=0 |SuccessRate_rF=0 |SuccessRate_rE=0 |SuccessRate_rD=0 |SuccessRate_rC=0 |SuccessRate_rB=0 |SuccessRate_rA=0 |SuccessRate_r9=0 |SuccessRate_r8=0 |SuccessRate_r7=0 |SuccessRate_r6=0 |SuccessRate_r5=0 |SuccessRate_r4=0 |SuccessRate_r3=0 |SuccessRate_r2=0 |SuccessRate_r1=0 |SuccessRate_D1=70 |SuccessRate_D2=77 |SuccessRate_D3=85 }}