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<!-- End: Item Specifications -->
<!-- End: Item Specifications -->
|ObtainList=*[[Fashion Bingonogi]]
|ObtainList=*[[Fashion Bingonogi]]
*[[Eweca Orb (2013)]]
*[[Eweca Orb (2013)]]

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{{{{{1}}} |UUID=0429111 |Name=Vine-print Hunting Boots |Desc=Classy boots with vine prints designed by Lueys. The boots come up all the way to the knees, made for activities near swampy regions. |Category=/equip/foot/shoes/human_elf_only/ |BuyPrice=98000 |Tradability=0 |Race=/human/male/ | /elf/male/ |Width=2 |Height=3 |Color1=2 |Color2=2 |Color3=12 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=1 |Protection=0 |Durability=20000 |Upgrades=0

|ObtainList=*Fashion Bingonogi

|SellList=*98000 G