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Difference between revisions of "Template:PotionMakingQueryTable"

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  |?Potion tradable
  |?Potion tradable
  |?Potion can be crafted
  |?Potion can be crafted
  |sort=Potion craft rank
  |sort=Potion name

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  • 2 Potion name
  • 3 Potion icon
  • 4 Potion type
  • 5 Potion effect
  • 6 Potion effect duration
  • 7 Potion consumable
  • 8 Potion restore stat
  • 9 Potion restore amount
  • 10 Potion stack
  • 11 Potion height
  • 12 Potion craft rank
  • 13 Potion craft rates
  • 14 Potion craft mana
  • 15 Potion tradable
  • 16 Potion can be crafted
[edit]Template Documentation

This table is specifically used to show potions alongside their crafting materials.





Row template: Template:SemanticPotionMakingTableRow

Header template: Template:PotionMakingQueryTableHeader