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Upload an image for an equipped WeaponPreview Upload an image for a sheathed WeaponPreview
Equipped Sheathed
[edit]Template Documentation


Use this template for equipment previews other than weapons


For each boolean parameter, use y to enable it and do not define the parameter at all to leave it disabled. All parameters listed are optional.

Parameter Usage Default setting
Weapon The in-game name of the item Page name
Gender Use to replace the Equip preview by a gallery of gender-specific poses. Unused
Combat Use if the item has a particularly different look while in combat stance, such as for chains
Instrument Use if the item is an instrument so that a "Playing" picture is enabled
Umbrella Use if the item is an umbrella so that an "Opened" picture is enabled
Hide Parameters
noSheathed Use only to remove sheathed image when the item does not appear when sheathed Unused
noEquipped Use only to remove Equip preview when the item has gender-specific poses.
Extension Parameters
ExtEquip Use if the file preview is a gif. unused
ExtEquip2 Use only if the Gender parameter is set to Y, and the female preview is a gif. png
ExtCombat Use if the combat pose to be uploaded is a gif.