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Milletian thingy

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I think its more of an assumption and DevCAT loves putting it in people's inventories for some reason.

In Episode 5, there's a guy helping Cessair and he has this in his inventory. I don't see why a Milletian would betray the "Specific" Milletian and aid the Unknown Men, especially after they want them gone.

Infodude575 (talk)19:33, 26 July 2013

It could be a default item leftover from when the character was generated, so pretty much anyone without special inventory items like potions would have one...

Oneris (talk)20:20, 26 July 2013

pffft, that would mean Shiela would have one a long LONG time ago...

まそっぷ ! (talk)20:36, 26 July 2013

They could be becoming more careless? I mean, why would the Elf spy be a milletian?

Or, it could be that Shiela wasn't generated from a default character base, and she was generated more like the Giant Headless we keep turning into.

Oneris (talk)20:50, 26 July 2013

I never checked their inventories, but do Shamala and Millia in G18EP4 have BfN?

Infodude575 (talk)20:58, 26 July 2013

Yes, and Yes. I'm redoing EP4 on my giant. I don't know why I'm compelled to play my giant lol @@

I'm waiting for speculations to occur

まそっぷ ! (talk)16:28, 30 July 2013

I'm still going with copypaste error.

Infodude575 (talk)16:50, 30 July 2013

When you can take something as simple as a piece of bread and turn it into a controversy...

While we're at it, how do you turn G18 into controversy on where to place it e-e...

まそっぷ ! (talk)22:46, 26 July 2013

That's the thing Kevin, its not simple.

Only Milletians, Morrighan, and Duncan are supposed to see Nao, and Tarlach gains the ability to with this holy potion. Though, I'm not sure why Ruairi sees her at the end of G3...

Infodude575 (talk)22:41, 26 July 2013

Well he...nevermind, I'm lacking an explanation. perhaps Morgant did something to his consciousness...

まそっぷ ! (talk)22:45, 26 July 2013

"Power of friendship"?

Infodude575 (talk)23:27, 26 July 2013
Unfortunately, Bread from Nao isn't as simple as regular bread; see its talk page.


There's yet to be proof that there is any significant meaning behind it.

By the way, I can't prove it, Shamala has yellow eyes for some significant reason! Better add that to the trivia section!

Ikkisuki (talk)20:40, 10 May 2014

I don't see the point and agree with the lack of significance Bread from Nao has, lol. It's just bread that can't be dropped/destoryed by any means. Just because they have could mean anything, but the trivia value kinda...plummeted drastically once everyone seemed to have one. It was amusing at first but now it's just annoying :s It could just be a developer oversight to remove it because of the way it's coded or something. Hell should I know

Tarlach in Break Every Seal has a Bread from Nao in his inventory.


Tarlach's page

This just makes the bread sound worthless, it sounds more like Devcat simply didn't remove it.

Nise Panda (talk)08:15, 11 May 2014

Its not a matter of why it wasn't taken out, its a matter of why its there in the first place. Why is it that only Saga characters have it but not G1/3 Ruairi/Tarlach?

Normal bread could easily be explained with "I just picked it up at a grocery store" or "Caitin was kind enough to give me one". But this is bread from a magical person that cannot be seen by many; how could they receive bread from Nao if they can't come into contact with her?

Infodude575 (talk)11:23, 11 May 2014

Tarlach and Nao meet up during G3.

It's not only Saga characters, some characters in chapter 4 had the bread as well.

Nise Panda (talk)11:28, 11 May 2014

Grr, Tarlach you slippery slime...

Infodude575 (talk)11:45, 11 May 2014

Even Ruairi notices Nao as Mari.

Then there's this thing: Holy Potion of Lymilark

and even if Nao gave them the bread, there is literally no other evidence leading them to be Milletians, they treat you completely different and if they were Milletians they would have realized it by now.

Even Duncan knows that Nao exists.

Nise Panda (talk)11:59, 11 May 2014

Yes, Ruairi saw Nao, but what did she do? Stand there and look pretty. She didn't even say "Here, have some bread!"

As for the Holy Potion, there's no shred of evidence that the others took it, or are even aware of its existence.

Infodude575 (talk)12:05, 11 May 2014

even if Nao gave them the bread, there is literally no other evidence leading them to be Milletians, they treat you completely different and if they were Milletians they would have realized it by now.

Even Duncan knows that Nao exists.

Nise Panda (talk)12:32, 11 May 2014

Well, I suppose that's true...

Yes, Duncan and Akule knows Nao exists, but Akule said he never met her. This doesn't mean that all Tuatha de Dananns know of her existence.

Infodude575 (talk)13:44, 11 May 2014

Maybe they put it there as an easter egg to make people speculate wildly while forgetting it's still just a game.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)10:39, 11 May 2014

I.e.: Look above.

Ikkisuki (talk)17:44, 11 May 2014

I don't have an opinion one way or the either if we include it on NPCs' pages, but I think we should still mention it on the page of the Bread from Nao item itself, considering its a limited access item and not something you can buy from a shop. (Even if it is RP-only.)

Kapra - (Talk)13:06, 11 May 2014

I'm losing interest in the argument, but still I agree with Kapra.

Infodude575 (talk)13:53, 11 May 2014

Just to be clear, I meant the list of NPCs, not the speculation.

Kapra - (Talk)14:07, 11 May 2014

Still insignificant.

Mystickskye (talk)17:39, 11 May 2014

Perhaps, but its the small, insignificant things that makes a game memorable. The quirks, glitches, oversights, the plot holes. It is a small thing but it is still a thing. Some franchises even thrive on such things, like Zelda, not to say Mabinogi does or does not. That being said, I'm for listing that the NPCs have it on this page specifically, whether it should be on NPC pages or whether we should include the speculation is an entirely different argument.

Kapra - (Talk)18:36, 11 May 2014

Arguably they aren't. At this juncture I don't think you actually understand what insignificant really means. And yes I know you mean just this page but I still think it'd be a worthless thing to do. You should probably give this a read.

Mystickskye (talk)20:02, 12 May 2014

I actually did read that post and wanted to comment on the having to be a totalitarianism to not be totalitarianism but I thought it would be out of place to create and escalate a tangent on another user's talk page. The point is, yes it is small. Its sole purpose is not to go into excessive detail on something that can be better summarized. It is not harmful to the game, Nexon, DevCAT, or other players. It does use or reference any mods or hacks. It is relevant to the game Mabinogi (which would apply to everything found in the game obviously, not like Vindictus or a million other things I'm sure you can come up with). Point being, there isn't a reason as to why it shouldn't be there other than some people saying they don't want it there. In my opinion, if there is a piece of information and it passes those requirements, it should be given a place somewhere, the less relevant the less pages. That being said, Bread from Nao will always have a page, the legitimacy of this page is not in question. And since the piece of information is about an otherwise unattainable item, this would be the best page to have it. In my eyes you should not be thinking why have a piece of information, think why not and where. Is there a reason why it shouldn't belong other than one's personal feelings? It is a fact that those NPCs have the bread which is otherwise unattainable, even if it is RP-bound.

Kapra - (Talk)00:42, 13 May 2014

I'm just going to say this straight. I am sick of your recent actions, Kapra.

Your "keep all the information no matter how insignificant" stance is misguided almost to the point of absurdity. The way you try to relentlessly force it onto the rest of the wiki while disregarding the opinions of pretty much everyone else is unreasonable and rude. No matter what argument is given against you, you deflect it by either twisting words or using faulty logic. For example, "Is there a reason why it shouldn't belong other than one's personal feelings?" is a stupid question to ask. I could ask you if there's any reason why it should belong other than your personal feelings, but you'd probably just repeat your view on keeping all information. Well, guess what? That's your own personal feelings. The majority of editors do not agree with you.

And since I mentioned the majority, I'm going to reply to your bizarre "majority doesn't make right" argument from the Patches talk page. You seemed to be saying that because the majority doesn't always make the right decisions, we should not follow the majority. So? Does that mean we should follow you instead? No, it doesn't. In fact, statistically speaking, you're more likely to be wrong than the majority. I'd also like to point out that this wiki pretty much runs on majority rule. Only in a few cases, as pointed out above, will the totalitarian rulers will step in and exercise their power. In all other times, the majority certainly will not always do the right thing, but it will always do the thing that it thinks will make the most people happy. If it turns out badly and they realize it, then the majority will take action again to correct it. Currently, you are not the majority and after a long time in deliberation, you've also failed to convince the majority. You're done. You've had your chance to convince people and failed. Get out of the way and deal with it.

Blargel (talk)02:17, 13 May 2014

For the majority part, I was calling for admin intervention. I notified Angevon on skype and asked that they take a decisive stance one way or the either.

As for the rest, you're right. I will stop, there's nothing anyone, including me, is saying that is in any way new.

Kapra - (Talk)02:28, 13 May 2014
having to be a totalitarianism to not be totalitarianism


It's not your call, you're not an admin. I'd say more, but Blargel's post summarizes what I've been saying the entire time and what I would've quoted/called you out on...except he did it in a much nicer way. Though, the fact that it took you so long to see that there's no point in continuing is rather disturbing.

Yinato (talk)05:05, 13 May 2014

What would the wiki or any community be if it didn't question its leaders? I never said it is my call. At least for me, growing up in a western society you're taught to not take everything blindly and give dissenting opinions when necessary or no social or structural progress well ever be made, or at least not at a decent pace. Had that comment been in a public thread I would comment on it and not feel the need to apologize for doing so because that is what the institution teaches you to do, not simply accept the institution without rational. Of course, they are by no means obligated to take into consideration, reply to, or even read a comment I or another user makes. That does not mean I cannot express my thoughts on a subject, especially if there is no rule against doing so. You don't have to take my advice but please do not discourage people to speak their mind on how things are run.

Kapra - (Talk)23:48, 13 May 2014


Thanks for saving me from typing a wall of text jin!

There's a difference between questioning admins and spewing complete and utter bullshit. The only person I'm discouraging from speaking their mind is you, Pyro, because quite frankly, your thoughts tend to bring out the worst in people.

Yinato (talk)05:31, 14 May 2014

@Mystickskye As I said, "Of course, they are by no means obligated to take into consideration, reply to, or even read a comment I or another user makes." and "especially if there is no rule against doing so." And yes, perhaps I am an asshole. Better be an asshole than not call people out when they say shit, we all say shit.

@Yinato Excuse me? I didn't question the admins, as I said, it was not the appropriate place to have such a conversation, how can you accuse something I did not say of being bullshit? And just because something hurts or is uncomfortable or takes weeks or months to resolve doesn't make it not worth doing. Bringing out the worst in people can be productive. After all, its eventually down to yourself if you want to bring the worst version of yourself out.

Kapra - (Talk)15:01, 14 May 2014

While I agree with Nise, the stupidity of your post compelled me to post one more reply.

I didn't question the admins . . . how can you accuse something I did not say of being bullshit


First off, I didn't accuse you of something you didn't say. I said there's a difference between questioning admins and spewing bullshit, not that your questioning of admins was bullshit derp. Besides, since you said you didn't question admins, what of the two options does that leave? The bullshit I was referring to was the less-than-logical replies that you've made in this and other discussions over the years.

Bringing out the worst in people can be productive.


Saying that means that you understand that pissing people off with your ignorance can progress discussions, and that you accept the consequences that may arise (if you didn't, why would you have brought it up?). So thank you for giving us the okay to insult you every time you piss us off. Now quit your complaining.

After all, its eventually down to yourself if you want to bring the worst version of yourself out.


The ones who show that side to you feel that you are deserving enough to receive that kind of special treatment. You have no one to thank but yourself.

Yinato (talk)17:02, 14 May 2014

Let's just stop this now. Because this is almost as productive as making Info listen to us.

We solved the main discussion, which was nay or yay to Bread from Nao.

Nise Panda (talk)15:06, 14 May 2014