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Latest revision as of 12:22, 27 May 2014

This thread is stupidly long (and just flat out stupid).

  1. Using loaded words like "censorship" won't get you anywhere. I recommend you stop using the word.
  2. I don't think vandalism is a very large burden, and I think it more often happens for reasons unrelated to Skipped Content (tm). I don't consider this a valid point of argument in this thread.
  3. Stop making content-free, crappy posts.

Here is my non-vote as a semi-objective, semi-ignorant (read: useless) opinion from someone who doesn't play this game anymore: The Patches page should not include information about other regions. It should only have content available to NA. That means removing Skipped Content (tm) as well as the current patch numbers at the top, which are incomplete and formatted slightly inconsistently as well. I'm not so convinced that the content needs to be flat out removed, but it should be on another page. One possibility for surfacing the page is to put a banner like the incomplete/cleanup banners that hides the link to the page unless the user clicks something saying they understand that the content may never appear on NA, in the same vein as a spoiler box.

Either way, I doubt this group of people will resolve this any time soon, so this may be a decision made by the staff.