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Actual Damage testing help.

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This has been on my to do list for years, but more people helping would be easier. I'm trying to pin down the multiplier on the players damage.

I know the following things:

Player min, max, and balance are factored in.

The damage is based on the players damage shown in the character screen. This means if you have a bow its dex bessed, melee is str based, etc.

It counts as base damage, so crit is also part of it.

What I don't know:

The multiplier (I know it could be as high as x15)

Special upgrade crit increase factor.

If anyone could help me get more samples so I can get an exact multiplier it'd be much appreciated

Please be sure to use it on Foxes or Bears (1 def 0 prot) to get accurate measurements

Include your max and min. Also include your SoL rank. If you are using +Damage enchants please list those as well as my initial testing shows they could be factored in differently.

Even if its just a few, it'll add up and we can pin down the multiplier.

Tellos21:06, 24 June 2012