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Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Kapra
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  • I never said Mage was a job, it is not.
    • A class or in Mabi's case, a Talent, is not a job. There are some exceptions, like when classes or talents are named after jobs, like knight.
  • She can be called a starlet, actress (where did it says she was an actress?), singer, or soul star. But only actress and singer would be actual jobs.
  • Exactly. Vate in Mabinogi's case it not used as an occupation's title, but as I explained in an earlier post in this thread, it could be one. But thus far, it hasn't been used as one and there is still room for the saga 2 to explain it in more detail.

To resolve the argument, these issues would need to be settled:

  • Has druid ever been used as a term of an occupation, where and how? Would using the terms Healer or Priest, or other job titles be more accurate?
  • Is Starlet the NPC is actress? It is established that she is a Singer and that can be accepted as her occupation.
  • How are the terms "Starlet" and "Soul Star" occupations, and not slang, while being more accurate than other terms like Singer.
  • Is Vate or Vates an occupation title? As previously said, this cannot be proven one way or the either yet.

In addition, to a more radical note, I would rather we keep the occupation on the Job entry of a NPC page's infobox, but only include their role in the map in map pages. NPCs that would do nothing in the map but show dialogue wouldn't have a roll, NPCs that give daily quests would give quests, NPCs that own shops would list their type of shop, etc. As specific as possible.

Kapra - (Talk)23:42, 18 February 2014