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Regarding an Edit on the Elf page

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Edited by another user.
Last edit: 20:27, 16 February 2014
Ikkisuki (talk)17:12, 16 February 2014

I also want to point out that outside of Event/Gachapon armors, Royal Knight and Bhafel Slayer is the only available Heavy armor for Elves, which effectively limits most Elf players to those 2 choices without paying other players. Just saying.

レキシス・ミカヤ (talk)18:59, 16 February 2014

My original point still stands, unless you want to list every armor for all three races on their page. Words like "most" and "some" do not substitute lists when you are describing differences between races. Low availability of armor does not change that.

Kapra - (Talk)19:43, 16 February 2014

Oh gee, then why do we even bother separating list pages by race. I mean, to list what elves/giants/humans can only wear. Ha, stupid, right?[1] In fact, why distinguish anything? Let's just must everything together and just list their names. Wait, that's simply a category page; hell, just delete lists pages.

    By that logic, why don't we mention how Giants can not wear Human-only or Elf-only heavy armor on the giant page? The list at this point is large enough to not be considered exempts and saying elves can't wear anything but what elves can wear sounds weird.


    Wow. The stupidity on this wiki. Maybe it's contagious. Did you get it from Infodude?

Ikkisuki (talk)19:57, 16 February 2014

That would defeat the point of categorization. Ehh, at any rate, I feel that Elves, while having the mastery skill, still take rather drastic penalties to even be good with heavy armor, thus lacking the skill to wear it as effectively as human.

As frail as elves are, I'm not surprised that Heavy armor hinders them. I don't see the point of the removal. "There are armors that elves can wear" is not a good enough reason to remove it imo.

Looking back at the Elf edit history, I don't honestly agree with the removal. A better way would be to reword it. There isn't a big enough list to even include it first off, and secondly it doesn't even have to be listed when there's a convenient page for it. Honestly I just find it silly for it to be removed. Elves will always be hindered by heavy armor and will never equate to a human wearing heavy armors.

レキシス・ミカヤ (talk)20:20, 16 February 2014

So you guys established the point of list pages is to list what armors different races can and cannot wear, not the race pages. nd you also established that it is clear elves have a disadvantage with wearing heavy armor, so mentioning their increased dex penalty should be sufficient. I just want all three pages to be consistent, and never use words like "some" or "most", you have to be specific. List all the heavy armor or don't.

Kapra - (Talk)15:29, 17 February 2014

Someone get me a list of every article with the usage of the word "some" or "most", please. Pyrus just volunteered to fix all of them.

Ikkisuki (talk)15:47, 17 February 2014

Good point, agreed.

I think those words are too common; they aren't showing up on search


Angevon, Skype

it's strange because "on" works


Angevon, Skype

Kapra - (Talk)16:35, 17 February 2014


hm. she logged off. I'll ask her later.

Ikkisuki (talk)21:32, 17 February 2014

I was wondering why you guys couldn't just search yourself!

is this better? You'll have to sort it out yourself.

Angevon (Talk)16:35, 18 February 2014

I think it's fine as is to be honest :s...

レキシス・ミカヤ (talk)17:11, 18 February 2014

Just sit back and enjoy the show. ^_^

Ikkisuki (talk)18:56, 18 February 2014

Because no one else has administrative privileges, which is required. :l

Ikkisuki (talk)18:56, 18 February 2014

The low availability of heavy armors for elves is obviously something devcat chose to do to make the race different, so it's at least as important on the elf page as the specific skill details. Rephrazing that line more might be a good idea, but there's nothing wrong with the word "most" being there.

Sozen Cratos Focker (talk)14:25, 18 February 2014

Holy crap, someone that agrees with me.

レキシス・ミカヤ (talk)14:30, 18 February 2014

Hey, hey, now. What about me?!

Ikkisuki (talk)18:52, 18 February 2014

You always agree anyways.

レキシス・ミカヤ (talk)18:55, 18 February 2014

I feel the insignificance from your post ;-;

Ikkisuki (talk)18:57, 18 February 2014

Your special to me o3o?

Nise Panda (talk)19:22, 18 February 2014

Ikkisuki (talk)19:30, 18 February 2014

Thus far, nobody has offered a rephrasal. Anyone have any ideas/

Kapra - (Talk)21:59, 18 February 2014
Pyrus just volunteered to fix all of them.


Ikkisuki (talk)22:01, 18 February 2014

It should be rephrased so that it's talking about availability rather than ability now that the lack of elven heavy armors isn't as absolute as it used to be. "most heavy armors can't be equipped by elves" would be fine.

Sozen Cratos Focker (talk)11:20, 19 February 2014

How about rather than listing out the names of all the armor Elves can wear, list the number of armors Elves can wear and say that only three of which (named) armors can be obtained outside of cash/trade/event methods? Along the lines of "Of the ten Heavy Armors Elves can wear, only [[Royal Knight Armor]] and [[Bhafel Slayer Set|Bhafel Slayer Guard]] can be obtained outside of events, player transactions, and cash methods."

Kapra - (Talk)17:35, 19 February 2014

Listing them on the elf page isn't really necessary when you could just link to the the heavy armor list that's already grouped by race.

Sozen Cratos Focker (talk)18:34, 19 February 2014