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Continuing thread

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Bottom line is that the ultimate anime summer event is just that: an event. If culinary artist was released at the same time as the doki doki event, would it have been doki doki: culinary artist? nope. The anime summer event will eventually end, but the "new beginnings" revamp won't.


For some reason my page's thread was locked so I'm replying here.

Nowhere on Nexon's site does it say "Doki Doki Island: Culinary Artis"t. BUT it clearly says "Ultimate Anime Summer: New Beginnings". I really don't see any arguing with that. This link should have settled this a long time ago.

Kapra - (Talk)16:27, 27 June 2014

The thread was locked to discourage further unnecessary discussion, and you'll find in that quote you're picking at says "If", he was simply trying to make an example. Nexon's naming conventions are erratic, but please disallow this from escalating further. You need to pick your battles more wisely.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)16:31, 27 June 2014

Thank you for saving me time of having to throw that back at him :x

Yinato (talk)16:56, 27 June 2014

I feel like you guys are keep ignoring the issue. Yes Nexon's naming is terrible, but we still need to use their names, not our preferences. I have yet to see any evidence saying why "Ultimate Anime Summer: New Beginnings" is incorrect, and I have provided evidence why it is correct.

This is the battle I choose. Updates are what I will fight to death for. I won't be hostile or violent, but I will continue to instigate conflict until change is made or until I get banned because that is what I think is right.

Kapra - (Talk)17:20, 27 June 2014

Yes well we think you're wrong. On all counts. Funny that.

Mystickskye (talk)17:23, 27 June 2014

But why? What is wrong with this being evidence?

Kapra - (Talk)17:25, 27 June 2014

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Because it clearly states what the Revamp is called, in this case "New Beginnings."


Ignoring that it's bad form to continue a topic after an admin has locked it, multiple perspectives for one. You've shown a single page with a single line that backs your stance. Within that one page it also refers to the Ultimate Anime Summer and New Beginnings as two different entities (event period and update content). They aren't necessarily mutually inclusive though it's entirely possible and even probable they could be.

The actual important thing here is that this whole debate is fucking stupid and an immense waste of time so everyone should take a hint from Saiyr and drop it unless they actually have certain privileges (i.e. you don't Kapra).

Mystickskye (talk)17:31, 27 June 2014

I've read your arguments and when you have multiple people clearly going against your argument with proof, it is safe to say your battle has lost and you've lost the war.


But this "proof" others are using is that "New Beginnings" is also used separately. Well, so is Merlin, Starlet, and Vate. The page they're using as "proof" has my proof as well. Just because somewhere they refer to it as "the Starlet content update" means we should just refer to it as Starlet and not the full name? Well I'm okay with that, so long as we do that with everything.

Kapra - (Talk)17:36, 27 June 2014

Discuss this on the forums if you wish to continue.

Saiyr (talk)17:39, 27 June 2014