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Unknown Ore Fragment

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This unidentified ore was collected through Metallurgy.

Unknown Ore Fragment.png

1 × 1
Stack: 20

Name Unknown Ore Fragment Method Metallurgy
Sold By None NPC Resale Value 2 G


Methods to Obtain

Used In


Picture Item Recipe Rank
Ice Mine.png Ice Mine Ice Spear Crystal ×1
Unknown Ore Fragment ×5
Earth Crystal ×5
Dye Ampoule.png Fixed Color Dye Ampoule* Fixed Color Dye Ampoule ×2
Garbage Herb ×1
Unknown Ore Fragment ×1

Metal Conversion

Can be converted directly into:
Iron Ore
Iron Ore Fragment
Iron Ingot

Depending on rank, it can take 1 to 5 ore. For more information see Metal Conversion.

Fragment Attack

  • 100 Unknown Ore Fragments are needed to complete one of Fragment Attack's steps in order to acquire Crash Shot.