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Lost Earring.png Maugre popped by to say herro to his best buddy Anemki.
Taunt.png Hates doing coding and not knowing what she is doing.
Combat Mastery.png Beware: Powerful melee attacks.
Spirit of Order.png Will always be a Paladin at heart.
Good Luck Potion.png Carries excessive amounts of potions.
Valentines Gesture 2.png Spammy gestures and actions.
Vintage Ceremonial Dress.png Collects Vintage clothing. <3
File:Resurrection.PNG Endless supply of phoenix feathers.
43px Elatha and Andras fangirl.
G1 threemissing.png Favourite Generation:
Generation 1: Advent of the Goddess
Clown Doll.png Pierrick fangirl! :3
Battle Short Sword.png Uses duel Battle Short Swords.

Like a boss.

Power Mushroom.png This one was only made because of the awesome mushroom. :D


Pet White Cotton Ostrich.png Pet Japanese Bobtail.png Pet Green Gecko.png Pet Bull.png Pet Magic Carpet.png Pet Snowy Owl.png Pet Antique Mimic.png

Pet Orange Pixie.png Pet Black Mud Crab.png Pet Shire.png Pet Mini Bear.png Pet Pitta.png Pet Oak Magic Broom.png Pet White Sheep.png

Pet Thunder Dragon.png Pet Clover Pig.png Pet Thunderbird.png Pet White Tiger.png Pet White Flame Spider.png Pet White Elephant.png Pet Yellow Sprite.png

Pet Siamese.png Pet White Jindo.png Pet Black Flamemare.png Pet Adelie Penguin.png Pet Bombay.png Pet Himalayan.png Pet Crow.png

Pet Brown Fox.png Pet Black Wolf.png Pet Guardian Spider.png Pet Short Horned Antelope.png Pet Ice Dragon.png Pet Treat Pumpkin.png Pet Labrador Retriever.png

Pet Red Panda.png Pet White Seal.png Pet Yellow Jindo.png Pet Silver Fox.png Pet Dark Russian Blue.png Pet Fire Dragon.png