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This page contains Korean text.
Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbols instead of Hangul or Hanja.

Say NO! to the gachapons

Hello my name is Fallenone from Alexina server. I used play in KR version but soon moved to NA version due to ridiculous connection. My main job in wiki is to bring all the future stuff to wiki. But I have grammar like imps' so I might need your help ^^

Yes I am Korean. Yes, I know Korean fully... even better than English.... Please forgive me if I make spelling mistake and grammar mistake (very common).

Note to myself

  • future chapter will take place in Iria (released by DevCAT)
    • smokey place in Metus is suspicious.
      • Underworld? Shadow Iria?
      • Remember in g10, how Andras said monster from Metus are found in shadow relm and sided with Fomor?
    • Silva Forest is closed, despite the fact that Mana tunnel is right next to it and it has similar elevation.
    • Right side of Conous is suspicious too.
  • skill capable of doing 10000+ damage so far: Heat Buster, Giant Full Swing, Hail Storm Gold Strike and Fireball. How strong will users get...?
    • Apparently, all skill are capable of dealing over 10000 damage as long as you use enough NX to get high rank Metal Toolkit Enhancement... Why do I even bother...
  • Why cant hailstorm looks like this: Book icebolt2.jpg?
  • ROFL Guards are Thousand Years Old!!!