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Revision as of 00:51, 19 January 2011

NXNeural (nexonamerica): We’re holding the chat today since we’re launching Hamlet this week (at some point). NXNeural (nexonamerica): To participate, please submit your questions to NxAye!, NxHime, NxKazo, and NxSabina. You’ll have to add them as friends to do so. NXNeural (nexonamerica): We’ll picks questions, discuss them, and provide the answers to the chat room, so stay tuned! NXNeural (nexonamerica): sorry guys, we're getting a lot of questions so are working through them right now :) NxAye! (booox1): [Ruairi] Kunka[NOT A GM]: Will you guys ever change the font to a different one, that doesnt lag? NxAye! (booox1): Answer: Yes, we are currently working to find a font that will not create lag everytime you open the Character Window. :) NXNeural (nexonamerica): One note: Please keep the questions to Hamlet-specific topics. NxAye! (booox1): Azareel [Alexina]: I'm sure many of us wan't to know this one. How do you get the Trinity Staff, in NAMabi? If it's from a Theatre Dungeon, which one, and what difficulty? NxAye! (booox1): Answer: The trinity staff will be available as drops in the new theatre missions as well as Fiodh Adv. NxAye! (booox1): Answer: Also, the Trinity Staff will be available in an upcoming event. ;] NxAye! (booox1): (Ruairi) jonin: is g13 going to be able to be started while others are incomplete? NxAye! (booox1): Answer: Yes, G13 will be available to all users. This includes new users as well as old users. NxAye! (booox1): [Mari]Code: 4. Where does the Glory Sword Drop? Answer: The Glory Sword drops are the same as the Trinity Staff. Both are available in Theatre Missions as well as Fiodh Adv. NxAye! (booox1): trainaurion: i would like to know how soon i can choose a class when g13 comes out or will i have to wait to rebirth? Answer: You will need to rebirth in order to choose your destiny. NxAye! (booox1): solow101: Will our charater play a major part in this generation? Answer: 80% of the time, you will be using your own character. NxAye! (booox1): (Alexina) Haven923: Now that Nexon NA is mostly caught up with the Korean servers, can we expect to see NA explusive events and items in the near future? Answer: Who knows. ;] We might have a surprise for you. NXNeural (nexonamerica): almost certain that's suppose to be exclusive :) NXNeural (nexonamerica): almost :/ NxAye! (booox1): (Ruairi)Shakklan: Will all new skills be available, or will I have to have the specific desteny to obtain them? Answer: You can only have the skills that are available for your destiny. :T NxAye! (booox1): Wyse[Tarlach]: Regarding to the latency of the servers, will the game actually have their servers upgraded or change or game mechanics to actually reduce the lag? Answer: We are actually working really hard to find a solution for this issue. We know it's been bugging you guys for a while and we ensure you that we are doing all that we can to fix this. Trust us, we want you to play our game as much as you do. ;] NxAye! (booox1): (Ruairi) jonin: Is there a time limit to defeat the spotlighted monster in "Theater Missions"? Answer: Yes, there is a time limit. NxAye! (booox1): solow101: During theatre missions there are spot lights that raise your stats, which color spotlights raise which stats? Answer: Red = Strength, Blue = All Stats, Yellow = Intelligence, Green = Dexterity. NxAye! (booox1): otakufangirl: Once we complete one destiny can choose another destiny and still keep the skills from the previous one? Answer: Yes, nothing changes after rebirth. You keep the skills that you have obtained from the first rebirth. NxAye! (booox1): [Mari] Runa: In the Erin Walker, it said that crossbow mastery and bow mastery was comming soon, does this mean it will be released in an other generation or later as little update and if so is there an estimated time before we get them ? Answer: This will be available in the update we are having tonight. :) NxAye! (booox1): quackerviet: How do you get the Gauntlet in which used to pick up the Raging Flame Sword in Avon? Answer: Not a Gauntlet, it's actually gloves. You can obtain these ICE GLOVES by handicrafting them. NxAye! (booox1): Who thought Handicrafting would come in handy huh? NxHime (nxhime): I was never very good with that skill. >.< NxAye! (booox1): (Ruairi) jonin: Where will theater missions take place? Answer: At the Globe Theatre, where else? :D NxAye! (booox1): (Tarlach) Yao5: are ther any special steps to get to Avon, besides the book what we get from alby? Answer: This is the only way you're getting into Avon. :( NxAye! (booox1): [Ruairi]Randomcheese: Can we only learn hailstorm if we pick the Mage destiny? Answer: No! The only perk that you get if you choose the Mage Destiny and obtain the Hailstorm skill is that your EXP gained for skill is doubled. (Skill Training) <NxHotarrow (snowbombs) has been permanently removed from this room> NXNeural (nexonamerica): All, please behave in a civil manner to our hard working moderators NxAye! (booox1): quackerviet: How do you get the Gauntlet in which used to pick up the Raging Flame Sword in Avon? Answer: Not a Gauntlet, it's actually gloves. You can obtain these ICE GLOVES by handicrafting them. Correction: Tailoring D: Sorry! I failz T.T