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User Guides

4Key PreCloth 2Scholar SuffixCloth 4Tripod PreHandgear 1Fragment SuffHandgear 4Tripod PreFootwear 1Fragment SuffFootwear* 4Created SuffHeadgear

Master Title +2 Transmute +10 Alchemy Mastery +7.5 Master Talent +5 Grandmaster Active +5 1.2 multiplier for thunderstorm 1.2 multiplier for Saturday

  • Good Places for Phantasmal Remnants:
  • Guard Cylinder Tests: Gains Piercing, Sword of Elsinore visual flame, BUT no Poison, no Tethra effect
  • New Spirit Weapon Quotes WIP, see Spirit Ascension/Spirit Quotes
  • Partner Mounts ignore aggro, and can be used to gather Emerald Cores.
    • Also, the engineering rack in Saga 5 can be used alongside Rain Casting.
  • Blossoming Cage = Branches drop often from Shadow Lancers in Basic Missions/Iron Bars?
  • Pressing F5 will allow you to scroll when using In-Game Web Shop.
  • The Sneaky in Counterattack will often spawn in one of the first rooms, including the squire's; check all squire rooms.
  • A Guide on Earning Gold
  • Anchor Rush can be used to enter Illusion Circles without drawing aggro by anchoring into circle from hallway.

Helpful Things

Bake that Cake

To Do

Sold by:          Template
Usable in:        North
Limit:            10,000,000
Sales Fee:        1%
Exchange Fee:     1%
Price:            10000
Note:             Direct Bank Transaction enabled

To Do Baltane

Walk Masquerade Library
  • Steamed Shark Fin
  • Run Away
  • Mana Herb Garlic Steak
  • (Seem to think the food is Okay) Spaghetti alle Vongole +11
  • (Seem to like the food) Chicken Wings +14
  • Get Angry
  • (Not) Lively Looking Guest
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Guest with sharp eyes +13
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Guest with Bronzed Tan +10
  • (Seems to Like Quite a Bit) Black-haired Guest +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) A Giant's Expedition to the Zardine Volcanic Region +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Brifine Carp Book
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Behold the Dungeon
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Fire Arrow, the Ultimate Archery +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Master Chef +13
  • (Seems to be Pleased) Legend of the Giant Bird +14
  • (Seems alright) There's Something about the Cheese Bread she Makes +10
  • (Seems alright) Draw a Bow +10
  • (Seems alright) Glewyas Mythril Chef Recipe Book +11
  • (Doesn't Seem to be Pleased) Seal Stone Research Almanac: Ciar Dungeon
  • Croque Monsieur
  • Gateau Au Chocolat
  • Kind looking guest
  • Short haired guest
  • Friendly looking guest
  • Cover
  • The Good Son
  • Squire
  • (Seems to be thinking deeply) Run Away +10
  • (Is okay) Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
  • Guest with Sad Eyes
  • (Seems to like quite a bit) Light Brown Hair