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Revision as of 12:11, 28 November 2009 by Mabiwar (talk | contribs) (Optimal Pets)
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Greetings, anyone that might visit this page. My srsness pierces through the heavens. I play on the Mari server of Mabinogi North America version. You don't need to know who I am, just know that I exist.

Yo' wiki, I'm a trolling, And you, you're patrolling.

But in all srs bizniz, check out my highly-opinionated tips for Mabinogi:

Mabiwar's MabiTips


Optimal Pets



Power: ****; (Decent attack power makes it a good choice for a battle pet)

Speed: *****; (Fastest ground pet in the game)

Ability: *****; (Can carry a single rider (Fastest Horse))

Cost: High

Overall: *****; (A must get for all players. Multiple of these is even recommended if one has the money)

Black Wolf


Power: *****; (High attack power and critical, especially when transformed. Excellent choice for a battle pet)

Speed: ****; (High moving speed)

Ability: ****; (Transformation boosts power and allow the use of Windmill, however, it also cancels the wolf's loaded skill, which may prove deadly to the wolf)

Cost: Midrange

Overall: ****; (Cheaper Minibear, with the ability to Windmill)



Power: *****; (High damage, decent critical)

Speed: *****; (High speed; second fastest ground pet)

Ability: N/A;

Cost: Mid-High

Overall: ****; (A good combat pet, there are also seasonal/event variants such as the Panda with the same stats)



Power: ***; (Mid damage, 2 hit knock back normal attacks reduce overall damage)

Speed(Ground/Air): ***/*****; (Fastest in air, but slow ground speed)

Ability: *****; (Can carry a single rider)

Cost: Mid-High

Overall: ***1/2; (Fast speed for Iria travel)