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(Shortcut keys)
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=Play setup=
=Play setup=
==Shortcut keys==
*I believe this to be the sole reason that I am able to function properly in this game, if I was still stuck with the F1~12 keys I would have quit a LONG time ago.  I use the skills in the skill window and the numbers along side them to greatly aid the speed at which i can respond to situations in game.
** *Tries to make a chart for about 5 hours and finally decides, "SCREW I"*, Heres a link to a similar set up that I was trying to make look cooler but cant, heheh" Kudo's to ladywinter for letting me take the setup of the chart to the right... not that she knows I took it yet <.< >.>....  There is nothing else I can add to her tips and tricks that would help you any, she's just that cool..... *pun ensues*

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Play setup