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(Equip on Guard Cylinder)
(Equip on Guard Cylinder)
Line 40: Line 40:
  |?Enchantable on
  |?Enchantable on
  |?Enchant enabled regardless
  |?Enchant enabled regardless
|?Enchant type
  |sort=Enchant rank
  |sort=Enchant rank
Line 58: Line 59:
  |?Enchantable on
  |?Enchantable on
  |?Enchant enabled regardless
  |?Enchant enabled regardless
|?Enchant type
  |sort=Enchant rank
  |sort=Enchant rank

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This is a demo for semantic look ups, excuse the mess while things are researched and tested in here!

Template links

Links to templates for editing:

Query table template for enchant lists per rank and other things:

Query table template foe enchant lists by type:

The form for inputting enchant data:

Equip on Guard Cylinder

Name Rank Enchants Onto
Sturdy Prefix, A Shields, Footwear, Headgear
Hamster Prefix, A All
Unusual Prefix, A Shields
Hidden Prefix, A All
Hulking Prefix, A Shields
Rigid Prefix, A Shields
Colorful Prefix, A All
Stable Prefix, A Shields
Fearless Prefix, A All
Magical Prefix, 9 All
Amnesia Prefix, 9 All
Nostalgic Prefix, 9 All
Careful Prefix, 9 Shields
Oblivion Prefix, 9 All
Contemplate Prefix, 9 All
Pain Prefix, 9 All
Engineer's Prefix, 9 All
Guardian Prefix, 9 Shields
Guard Prefix, 9 Shields
Brainstorm Prefix, 8 All
Edgy Prefix, 8 All
Mana Stone Prefix, 8 Shields
Steam Prefix, 8 Shields
Unfamiliar Prefix, 8 Shields
Adamant Prefix, 8 Shields
Fantastic Prefix, 7 All
Elven Prefix, 7 All
Icebound Prefix, 7 Cylinders
Moist Prefix, 6 Cylinders
Synergy Prefix, 5 Cylinders
Sage Stone Prefix, 1 Cylinders
Name Rank Enchants Onto
Tragic Suffix, A All
Merciless Suffix, A All
Cruel Suffix, A All
Water Drop Suffix, A All
Poison Hunter's Suffix, A All
Fighter Suffix, A All
Earnest Suffix, A All
Professor's Suffix, A Shields
Hawthorn Tree Suffix, A All
8th Anniversary Droplet Suffix, A All
Shining Suffix, A All
Healer Suffix, A All
Thief Suffix, A All
Lifesaver Suffix, A Cylinders
Breeze Suffix, A All
Homunculus Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Shields
Magma Suffix, 9 Cylinders
Gamer Suffix, 9 All
Marshal Suffix, 9 Shields
Restorative Suffix, 8 All
Camellia Tree Suffix, 8 All
Weaving Suffix, 8 All
Colonel's Suffix, 8 Shields
General Suffix, 8 Shields
Mana Witch Suffix, 8 All
Poison Ranger's Suffix, 8 All
Alteration Suffix, 8 Shields
Burst Warrior Suffix, 7 All
Composed Suffix, 7 Shields
Ebony Suffix, 7 Shields
Mana Wizard Suffix, 7 All
Abysmal Suffix, 6 Shields
Burst Fighter Suffix, 6 All
Count Suffix, 5 Shields
Wave Suffix, 5 Cylinders
Disaster Suffix, 4 Cylinders
Humongous Suffix, 2 Clothing, Armor, Shields


Total Potential Frozen Blast Duration Change Name Type, Rank Enchants Onto Effect(s) Comes On/From
2 seconds Icebound
Prefix, 7 Cylinders
Frozen Blast Angle +8 degrees
When Frozen Blast is Rank A or higher Frozen Blast Duration +2 seconds
Exclusive Enchant Scroll (Fiodh Intermediate, Defeat Fomor Commander II Elite, Rescue the Scout Elite)
Dual Enchant Scroll (Eweca Orb (Ended 2015-11-18))
  1. Note: Once an item is personalized by an enchant, the personalization is permanent, even if the personalizing enchant is later overwritten by another enchant.