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User Page editing privileges216:56, 20 March 2012
Page editing014:47, 5 February 2012
user page deletion014:36, 7 December 2011
Crystal Deer Sale thing...223:50, 23 November 2011
Kristell's Birthday Event // Birthday Gachapon419:40, 16 November 2011
Elatha in Shadow Missions208:17, 24 October 2011
Something something...112:53, 10 October 2011
Taming Journal Images200:05, 30 July 2011
G10 Editing1020:24, 24 July 2011
Weight100:15, 24 July 2011
Hey there.315:57, 20 July 2011
Re: Trick master debate013:36, 15 July 2011
Zebras - Taming them815:55, 10 July 2011
Game Maintenance022:44, 23 June 2011
Milletians010:28, 21 May 2011
Losing your password000:16, 12 April 2011
Template:SkillTableRow800:40, 9 April 2011
Psst.017:24, 30 March 2011
RE: Template:StyleCharacterInfobox118:45, 21 March 2011
Trinity staff022:55, 19 March 2011
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User Page editing privileges

Hi I was wondering if you know how I can gain permission to edit my user page?
Do I have to request it? Or is it simply automatically given after a certain amount of contribution?

Laden16:23, 20 March 2012

You have to have 30 edits. And not just any 30 edits, they have to be contributive and not undone like your translations. Also, you need to continue to make edits in order to maintain your page. Read the Wiki Policy for more info.

Pyro - (Talk)16:27, 20 March 2012

Ok, thank you for the information guess I'll just continue to store my editing notes in MS Word until my contributions are significant enough to publish them on my userPage.

Laden16:56, 20 March 2012

Page editing

I appreciate your help, but please in the future at the very least, ask me first, or at least leave me a message telling me what your going to change and the reason.

Litehaku79514:47, 5 February 2012

user page deletion

Ok,you do realize i just got back after 2 years of not being here,and didn't check the policy(didn't know that was now the case),well then. I'm still relearning how to play and figuring out all the new things that have happened since i left.

Tg85114:36, 7 December 2011

Crystal Deer Sale thing...

I'm sure you can pull up the link in your history can't you o.o? I never saw this post and it must got taken down quick. then again I've been feeling out of it all day...

a couple forum peeps also noted that there was a guardian spider and black unicorn pet too...

LexisMikaya23:19, 23 November 2011
Pyro - (Talk)23:32, 23 November 2011

O.o that is one post I missed for sure...probably got taken down due to being too early or something. Nexon's always doing that though. lol. the sale will probably happen anyways. I'll put back up.

LexisMikaya23:50, 23 November 2011

Kristell's Birthday Event // Birthday Gachapon

Why did you move it to Kristell's Birthday Event page? These are two separate lists. You talk to Kristell for other items while wearing the title, while the Gachapon has its own list of items.

Kiyoura19:23, 16 November 2011

I agree. They are to different things o.o...are they?

LexisMikaya19:31, 16 November 2011

Oh? I didn't know that... But there is more than one birthday gachapon. (Although only one is out at a time.)

Pyro - (Talk)19:31, 16 November 2011

I can fix that o.o;; kinda sorta...

LexisMikaya19:34, 16 November 2011

Why can't we have both on the event page?

Pyro - (Talk)19:40, 16 November 2011

Elatha in Shadow Missions

He won't appear every time you use an Arat Berry. In fact, he appears very rarely. Although I haven't seen him in Lingering Darkness personally, having never done the mission, I can confirm he does show up in Crag Cow, but very rarely. Maybe someone can get a bunch of arats and test Lingering?

Kurodo03:18, 24 October 2011

How is that even possible considering G10... Aren't we technically Elatha now?...

Pyro - (Talk)03:42, 24 October 2011

No idea. I was just as surprised as you are when I stumbled across him in Crag Cow.

Kurodo08:16, 24 October 2011

Something something...

I apologize for that 'something', but aren't people supposed to be informed of 'you-know-what'?

Maybe we should never speak of this again...

Infodude57512:43, 10 October 2011

Not if it's abusable. Especially since it can get them banned and them, seeing it on the wiki, think it's okay. (Since for some reason some people think the Wiki=Nexon America...)

Pyro - (Talk)12:53, 10 October 2011

Taming Journal Images

I have collected: -Golem -Sahagin -Ghost (Non-Desert one) -Gargoyle -Ghoul -Spider Wasp -Gnoll -Slate -Hippo -Cait Sith -Alligator -Lion -Balrog -Cyclops -Grendel -Spider Goblin -Bugbear -Cloaker -Cobweb Mummy

So I can upload them tomorrow... just how did you take the images from the game so I don't kill the quality...

TwiliTerror00:01, 30 July 2011

You know, I can just steal them from the package files easily.


Please do.

Pyro - (Talk)00:05, 30 July 2011

G10 Editing

I have Novice rank on my Human too, but I brought a Royal Alchemist along. You sure you didn't do that? And besides which, if you want to debate it, I can send you the video I happen to make while I was doing G10 final. The second time I tried Life Drain with Novice rank, it's really clear that even though it finished before the music box's effect ended, the stealing process didn't happen. I had to rank it up to F, and then it worked like a charm that time.

AKAAkira19:03, 23 July 2011

I am an elf, novice rank Life Drain, but didn't bring a Royal Alchemist. I can guarantee you it is possible. A video would be nice. If you do not believe me, try again yourself, I did it twice with novice rank elves alone. One of which wasn't an alchemist.

Pyro - (Talk)19:13, 23 July 2011

Here, look at this image as proof. I have Sword of Gods achievement and only rank Novice Life Drain. As we all know, you can never de-rank skill back down to novice, only to as far as F.

Pyro - (Talk)19:38, 23 July 2011

The picture looks alright, though I'm still doubtful about the Royal Alchemist. Don't take that personally though, that's a matter of not being able to confirm. Anyways, I'll try to have the video uploaded, probably to YouTube unless you got another suggestion.

AKAAkira20:02, 23 July 2011

I'm an Royal Alchemist and I can confirm that it doesn't matter who does the life draining or the rank it will usually work. Course there are just times that it just won't work for no apparent reason then work the next time.

TwiliTerror20:17, 23 July 2011

Okay, got the video uploaded. (Sorry for the bad quality, I put the fragments together with Windows Movie Maker, probably a mistake. If you want better quality I'll upload the fragments individually.) The first time I tried the music box is 2:08, the second time is 3:30, the rank up happened at 3:54, and the third and successful attempt at Life Drain occured on 4:58. And as you can see for me it was only successful after the Rank F upgrade. It's by no means irrefutable proof, but it looks like the darn likeliest possibility. At the very least there's another factor here that someone's missing. I thought it might be the music box, the second attempt I might have played it too late, but the first attempt I seem to have played it and used Life Drain in time, so probably not. At the very least I think we'll need some more testing on this.
Twili, can you confirm that you've watched people who definitely has Rank Novice use Life Drain successfully on the Doppleganger? That's what we're arguing about here.

AKAAkira13:20, 24 July 2011

Okay, I watched that video at your specified locations. The first attempt failed because you used life drain too late after using Elatha's Music Box. The second attempt failed because your were too wounded to have your HP completely restored during rank novice's duration. This could've been fixed by using HP potions then hitting Doppelganger with a really weak attack that would take out 1 of your HP. The third attempt worked because your HP was completely restored and you had enough time.

Pyro - (Talk)13:33, 24 July 2011

The first attempt did look like it was used too late, but I watched it carefully and there is an instant where the Doppelganger is still holding its head after the *knockback* part of Life Drain.
But where the heck does it say I had to have my HP fully restored on the Life Drain? It makes sense, I watched my own third attempt and the cutscene triggered right after my HP was filled, but if it's true that's vital information that should be put on the page.

AKAAkira19:36, 24 July 2011

Oh yes, I thought that information was already on there. I'll add it now. But the Doppelganger holding his head for some micro interval is apart of the animation, that is irrelevant. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you wasted 3 AP on that boss battle. =P

Pyro - (Talk)19:44, 24 July 2011

The information we have now says Life Drain must finish before the Doppelganger recovers, and I'd think that if the animation is still playing it's still in the "recovering" phase. But other than that, yeah sure.
I hope you don't mind if I add to your information. I don't think you can argue this tidbit isn't legit, and I do so like to leave my mark.

AKAAkira20:05, 24 July 2011

Very well, go ahead.

Pyro - (Talk)20:24, 24 July 2011

how does it work then? :l

You gain net 1 weight when you eat a food that makes you over completely full. For example, you gain 1 weight when you eat something that fills 5% hunger when your at 96%+ hunger. Although, weight percentage isn't the same as the hunger that is restored. However, if you are still hungry or just barely reach 100% hunger when eating a food, you do not gain any fat at all.

Pyro - (Talk)00:15, 24 July 2011

Hey there.

Let's not mess with anything that doesn't require messing with, shall we?

What are you referring to?

Pyro - (Talk)15:34, 20 July 2011

(Threaded discussion log); 15:20 . . Pyrus (Talk | contribs | block) changed the subject of Thread:Talk:Wiki Home/One Billion Views from "One Billion Views" to "Ten Million Views"


Oh, thought it'd be appropriate. Sorry about that.

Pyro - (Talk)15:57, 20 July 2011

Re: Trick master debate

Well everyone works fine. Just wanted to point out, while all players currently are milletians in the game devcat does not have to keep it that way. So player works better D<

Fishstickys13:36, 15 July 2011

Zebras - Taming them

Just because it's much easier to have a discussion here than via editting.

Before an update (G14 update to be exact) Zebras were tameable without weakening then suddenly after you had to weaken them, that's sounds like a bug to me.

But needing someone around to tame Zebras seems kinda impractical.

TwiliTerror17:39, 9 July 2011

True, but they are still tamable.

Pyro - (Talk)18:14, 9 July 2011

Yeah but not without weakening... which is why your reverting confuses me.

TwiliTerror20:41, 9 July 2011

Poisoning is still considered weakening.

Pyro - (Talk)20:45, 9 July 2011

I'm pretty sure we're definitely not on the same wavelength.

I'm saying that the edit you reverted is correct that you can't weaken it by itself because of a bug, yet you reverted it back to saying you can tame it without weakening. Wouldn't it be better to add to the edit that you reverted instead about a way to get around it?

TwiliTerror21:38, 9 July 2011

Pyro! Prove that you can tame it (the zebras) first before you post that you can. >:C

Fishstickys12:32, 10 July 2011

Oh, sorry about that, Twili. And Fish, I cannot prove it, but if you really want proof, just go out and try for yourself.

Pyro - (Talk)14:28, 10 July 2011

I'm good now with the more correct info being on the skill's page now~

TwiliTerror15:40, 10 July 2011

Sounds okish ;; but someone test this!

Fishstickys15:55, 10 July 2011

Game Maintenance

Actually, they specifically said Mabi was being taken down for Maintenance and game update as well as the Nexon Sites. Most likely their fixing the bugs and glitches that came with G14S3 (non-sticking hotkeys, etc).

Code 200822:44, 23 June 2011


A thread, Thread:User talk:Pyrus/Milletians, was moved from here to User talk:Fallenone. This move was made by Pyrus (talk | contribs) on 21 May 2011 at 17:28.

Losing your password

If you ever lose your password, yet you did not provide an email, there are still ways admins can assist you in restoring your account rather than creating a new one. Keep this in mind in the future.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)00:16, 12 April 2011

Template:SkillTableRow do you use the "mastery" line you added to the template? I'm very proficient with these things, so I have no idea how to even make that work. x_x *hence why I didn't try adding it in myself* Dan thing though I didn't even think about, lol.

Qaccy13:27, 8 April 2011

Here is an example of the coding:

|SkillRank=Dan 2

If you have mastered it, you add a lowercase "y" for yes. If you have not, you either type "n" (anything besides "y" will work), or you leave it out because it is "n" by default. An uppercase "Y" will not work. Here is an example of it:

Example's Skills
N F E D C B A 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Firebolt.png Dan 2
Pyro14:34, 8 April 2011

Also, if you wanted to know how it works, here is the basic coding.

{{#ifeq: {{{Trigger|Variable A}}}|Variable B|Outcome}}

First of all, you should set a Trigger. If Variable A and B are the same, then it show up by default. If variable A and B are different, then you have to type:

|Trigger=Variable B

Anything besides Variable B will not cause the Outcome to show up unless its something like:

{{#ifeq: {{{Trigger|Variable A}}}|Variable B|Outcome}}{{#ifeq: {{{Trigger|Variable A}}}|Variable C|Outcome}}


|Trigger=Variable C

That way, the Trigger will not trigger Variable B's outcome, but will trigger Variable C's Outcome.

Pyro14:41, 8 April 2011

{{#ifeq: {{{Trigger|Variable A}}}|Variable B|Outcome}}

Should actually be

{{#ifeq: {{{Trigger|Default value if Trigger variable does not exist}}}|Text to match|If match|If does not match}}

κєνıи тαıĸ«)16:21, 8 April 2011

I do not see the point in the "Unattained" Skill part of the template title.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)16:26, 8 April 2011

Alright, I think it turned out much better now. :D Just that with most of the skill images using the names from foreign servers, the template doesn't support using NA names for those skills (main examples being most of the G13 skills). Is there a way to change the names on image files?

BTW, I forgot to put "not" in front of "very proficient" in my original message, lol. >_>; *fails*

Qaccy20:44, 8 April 2011

There is, although, due to my terrible short term memory, I do not remember how. By the way, some people use the template with the Korean names. This directs them to the correct link and correct image but the wrong color for their boxes unless they implemented them already. So just in case, do not remove the old names from the template.

Pyro21:04, 8 April 2011

Oh. Toolate. :c

κєνıи тαıĸ«)00:40, 9 April 2011

Readd em, if you'd like. I'm too lazy to dig up korean names.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)00:40, 9 April 2011

Read revision history before you add the same same thing that was removed by other people. Usually it provides the reasons they were changed.

Fishstickys17:24, 30 March 2011

RE: Template:StyleCharacterInfobox

I was thinking maybe something along the lines of ? With much more creativity, of course. If you had a different image of this, shoot me with it, please. :)

κєνıи тαıĸ«)16:38, 21 March 2011

This is how it resulted using my dumb little brainstorming.

κєνıи тαıĸ«)18:45, 21 March 2011

Trinity staff

Please do not revert the images on the Trinity staff. The version you reverted them to has a solid black handle that obscures the texturing of the staff as well as blending it into the trinity wear the user is wearing. If you have an un-special upgraded Trinity staff feel free to replace them.

Miyani22:35, 19 March 2011
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