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User talk:Wolfen198

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Revision as of 12:39, 27 April 2009 by Wolfen198 (talk | contribs) (Shortcut Keys and stuff)
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Use an article's discussion page if you have a question on what something means. 'Log' is mathematical notation for logarithm. It's the 'log' key on your calculator. --- Angevon 08:55, 29 June 2008 (PDT)

Understood, but a few questions

I'll remember that next time, thank you, also, I have a few questions reguarding the Wiki's Links to other parts of the site, recently, i have added a very large amount of links to the system, however, i have this nagging feeling that i might just be making things more difficult, what do you think. To be more specific i dont randomly add links, i use keywords already there such as "Dex" or "Defense" and turn them into links to the specified skills, is this a problem?


ah! another interested in the enchant! =) Jacobpaige and I have been talking about this here and I've been mucking about with deadeiry code to make tables that we don't have to code each time. ie. we enter the data in one place and then enter the code for the tables in another and the wiki makes the tables. The tables even sort! =D

Test 1, mp

Test 2, dmg

I'm still playing around with the idea of separating out stat change and stat requirement in the data, plus, inserting wiki calculations so that they can convert Str into max-min values FOR you instead of calculating it everytime by hand. thoughts? -- Ladywinter 20:46, 25 March 2009 (UTC)

Ok, how's this:

I'd like some opinions before I go haring onward. XD -- Ladywinter 01:57, 31 March 2009 (UTC)

That looks good but some of the enchants are missing like Kobold but im sure your working on that and for that i would like to thank you on bahalf of all the little enchanters out there from the bottom of our hearts =D One suggestion however, to make a link where the enchant name is for all the enchants to the other enchants pages that are organized by rank, possibly making a small note at the top of each list telling that the links go to the original pages, however this is just a suggestion and maybe leaning towards a personal preference. Wolfen198 07:06, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
Ty. =) And yeah I just did Rank E and F enchants (plus some misc) to test out the tables, with some of the coding I can't tell what's going on unless there's data. And EXCELLENT point about the name linking to the Rank page---and how about one better: a link to the EXACT place on the rank page that the enchant lives? XD See my user page for more (under Enchant Sandbox). -- Ladywinter 07:18, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
Not a problem and that would be great, by the way whats your name in mabinogi, go to my user page and add it if you dont mind, I like to edit the wiki too, i was-- ah, off track, just head to my page please so we can talk there in "private" somewhat. The linking would be wonderful and sorry if i missed the fact that you were just doing E and F enchants. EDIT: oh wait.. or IS this my user page... im not sure O.X Wolfen198 07:24, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
lol all my information is at my userpage, just click on my name in my signature. People tend to use their user main page for telling about themselves and what they do, and the talk page for...well talk. So this IS, in a sense, your user page in that it's your user:talk page. =) -- Ladywinter 08:25, 1 April 2009 (UTC)
ah ok, i guess ill work on that when i get the time, thank you heheh Wolfen198 02:15, 2 April 2009 (UTC)

Shortcut Keys and stuff

lol! I dont' mind at all, kinda flattered actually. =) -- Ladywinter 20:33, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Holy cow you really keep on top of things i just added that like what.. less than 2 hours ago? I'm amazed that you actually have enough time in game to play, I'm guessing your at school or something? By the way I noted you IG using my proffer. Wolfen198 20:51, 26 April 2009 (UTC)
lol I just hit refresh on either recent contribs or my watchlist. I have ppl on watchlist that I have convo's with and because we were talking about enchants you were on there. Also it's the weekend. XD -- Ladywinter 23:50, 26 April 2009 (UTC)
Oh ok, I see now, I had some elemental work I did a LONG time ago but never added it to the Wiki, I've been sick for the last day and a half believe it or not from my very own cooking so I haven't been feeling up to writing a guide and I wouldn't like to write one in the first place, its very extensive and it wallops the current data, its WAY off. I did it like.. a year ago T.T take a look .... if you want Wolfen198 19:39, 27 April 2009 (UTC)