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Whack-A-Watermelon Event

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Whack-A-Watermelon Event Advertisement
August 24th, 2016 - September 14th, 2016


Hit the beach at Port Qill or the southern shore of Longa Desert and grab your whacking stick! Watermelons are somehow appearing all along the beaches there, rising up from the sand seemingly by magic. This could be the start of a dastardly, villainous plot... but who cares? These Watermelons are filled with tons of goodies, including outfits, Blacksmith Manuals, Potions and more, so join in on the juicy mayhem!


  • Watermelons will begin to appear in Port Qilla and the southern shore of Longa Desert.
  • Watermelons spawn every 15-20 minutes.
    • The spawn will be announced at the top of the screen, similar to how Field Bosses are announced.
  • The Watermelons can only be damaged by a Blunt Weapon.
    • The Watermelons are fairly weak, and can normally be destroyed in one hit.
  • Sometimes, the Watermelon can spawn a random monster instead of dropping an item.
    • It is not required to defeat the monster to proceed.
    • The spawned monster is weaker and smaller than normal, and does not drop any items from the list.