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==Teleport Locations==
==Teleport Locations==
*[[Dunbarton]] Square
*[[Dunbarton]] (Bell Tower, Square, Unicorn Statue)
*[[Rano]] ([[Landmarks#Rano|Bird Landmark]])
*[[Connous]] ([[Landmarks#Connous|Fish, Lizard, Sandworm, Scorpion, Spider Landmarks]])
*[[Physis]] ([[Vales]] [[Mana Tunnel]])
==Methods to Obtain==
==Methods to Obtain==

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Inventory icon of Yellow Event Wings

1 × 2

Transports you back to the event locations without causing any damage to your body or spirit. These wings will lose their power when the event is over.


Expires in 1 hour, or
Expires in 30 minutes.

Teleport Locations

Methods to Obtain

See Also