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AP Coupon

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Inventory icon of AP Coupon

1 × 1
Stack: 100

You'll get 1 AP for every 10 coupons you use. Work on various quests everyday to gather AP Coupons. (Not tradable)


Cannot be stored in Special Inventory.
Cannot be stored on pets.
Cannot be traded.
Cannot be bank shared.

Methods to Obtain

  • Complete a Daily Shadow Mission.
    • Each grants 15 AP coupons.
  • Use Saga EP Boxes.
    • On a normal basis, a completion of an episode grants 12 AP coupons.
    • Completion of the daily episode instead grants 25 AP coupons.
  • Complete a Daily Uladh Dungeon Quest from Eavan.
    • Each grants 3 AP Coupons.
    • Peaca Dungeon Daily rewards 10 AP Coupons.

Used In

  • 10 coupons are exchanged in return for 1 AP.