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Ancient Spirit Fossil

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Inventory icon of Ancient Spirit Fossil

2 × 2

A fossil where inside, the Spirit sleeps. Give this to Edern and he may be able to refine it into a Spirit Stone.

  • Can be held in pet inventory.
  • Can be mailed.

Methods to Obtain

Synthesis (Fixed Recipe)

Name Total Materials Needed to Make Rank
Ancient Spirit Fossil Crystal of Stone Spirit x1
Fossil x2
  • The two fossils used for synthesis must be different. If one pair of fossils does not show the recipe image then try switching fossils until you see it. Or check fossils before hand by clicking restore then typing /logout to preserve it in an unrefined form. Also when placing the fossils in the synthesis window you will see either Fossil x2 or Fossil x1 Fossil x1, two instances of the word fossil indicate two different types are being used.
    • Fossils must be a combination of Tibia, Beak, or Tooth Fossils for this recipe.

For example, Tibia Fossil + Beak Fossil + Crystal of Stone Spirit is one working recipe.

Used In