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Ancient Treasure Chest Event (Aug. 2010)

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August 25th, 2010 - September 7th, 2010


While adventuring through Erinn Dungeons and the Shadow Realm in the next two weeks, you may come across Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments. Fragments, of course, are no good all by themselves so you'll need to find someone who can piece the chest together. That person is the Town Office Administrator in Dunbarton: Eavan. Eavan will provide you with a keyword that will allow you to exchange Fragments for prizes.

Battle your way through dungeons and the Shadow Realm, fighting monsters of your own level. Fighting Fomors and monsters weaker than you will yield no Treasure Chest Fragments. Once you've had your fill of combat, bring Eavan ten Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments and she will reward you with two items, a Gift Box and an Ancient Treasure Chest. The Gift Box is easily opened and useful items. The Ancient Treasure Chest requires a special key found in the Cash Shop. If you do not wish to purchase a key from the Cash Shop, you may dispose of the Ancient Treasure Chest by dropping it on the ground. Due to the fragile nature of the Ancient Treasure Chests and the volatile chemical Eavan uses to fuse them together, the Chest will dissolve upon landing on the ground, along with anything contained therein. [1]


Obtaining Fragments

Inventory icon of Ancient Treasure Chest Fragment

1 × 1
Stack: 100

  • Finishing a monster in a dungeon or shadow mission will randomly result in an Ancient Treasure Chest Fragment being dropped.
    • Despite the event's description, fragments will also drop from dungeons within the continent of Iria.
    • Fragments drop from all monsters in Shadow Missions and dungeons. Fragments will not drop from monsters in the field such as Bears or Raccoons.
    • Fragments will drop if you're playing as a pet.
      • However, you cannot pick up fragments while playing as the pet itself.
    • If your pet deals the finishing blow on the monster and a fragment drops, your pet must be summoned (you must be playing a Human/Elf/Giant) to be able to pick up the fragment.
      • Once the monster's body disappears, you may pick it up even if you de-summoned your pet.
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments can also be stored in pets.

Tips on Obtaining the Fragments

  • All level monsters drop fragments.
    • The higher a monster's CP class, the more often they drop fragments.
      • Weakest monsters hardly ever drop fragments.
      • It is possible to get around this by enabling pet auto-finish and using a somewhat weak pet to attack.
      • You may also summon a stone golem since they have low CP.
      • You can also use -CP enchants to make monsters stronger.
        • This method may require a large number of potentially expensive enchants, depending on your CP.
        • See CP Modifiers for details

Obtaining your prize

Inventory icon of Ancient Treasure Chest

2 × 2
Stack: 1

Inventory icon of Gift Box

2 × 2
Stack: 10

  • Talk to Eavan in Dunbarton for a keyword.
  • Use this keyword on her to access the restoration dialog.
  • Eavan will create a Gift Box and an Ancient Chest using 10 Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments.
  • Eavan will only take 10 Ancient Treasure Chest Fragments at a time.
  • The Gift Boxes may be used free of charge and give you a random item. (See below)
  • The Ancient Treasure Chests require a key to be opened and give you rarer, more expensive items. (See below)
  • Ancient Treasure Chest Keys can be bought from the Item Shop at a cost of 1,000 NX each, or 7,000 NX for 10 keys.
  • If you drop the Ancient Treasure Chest, it will open and show you the item inside before both the chest and item disintegrate.
    • Once you drop a chest, you cannot pick it up.
  • Chests and Keys can neither be stored on pets nor in the bank.
  • Gift boxes can stack to 10, however, chests cannot stack.
  • Keys are not tradeable.


This is a long list. You may want to use the search function in your browser (CTRL+F) to find items quickly.

Rewards listed in bold are rare items found in Ancient Treasure Chests or Gift boxes.

Gift Box

Ancient Treasure Chest