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Ascon (Sidequest)

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For the character, see Ascon.


How to start

NPCs involved in Ascon's sidequest


Torn Letter.png
Ferghus's Letter.png
Name Anonymous NPC Austeyn, Augustine

  1. Upon logging in, you will receive a quest.
  2. Talk to Austeyn in Dunbarton's bank. He will give you an Anonymous Letter.
    • During the conversation, you will be prompted to select between two choices several times. Regardless of which you choose, the outcome will still be the same.
  3. Go to Port Cobh and talk to Augustine.
  4. Talk to Augustine, who prompts you between two choices (Ask Politely or Command Arrogantly). The outcome still become the same where he will tear the letter.
  5. You will receive three Torn Letter pieces and a Handicraft Kit (it is advised to keep the Handicraft Kit as it will be needed in the next quest). Stack the Torn Letter to put it back together. You will receive Ferghus's Letter after putting the pieces back together.
  6. You will be awarded 15,000 EXP for completing the quest.

Ascon and His Lanterns

Thin Spars (Part-Time Job).png
Average Firewood (Part-Time Job).png
Name Ascon and His Lanterns NPC Ascon

  1. Talk to Ascon. You will be prompted to take a Star Sapphire with Thanks or Ask for More (The size of the Gem is 3.12cm). You are then prompted to Help or Ignore him with his request (again, the same outcome will always occur).
    • Although the quest tells you to read Ferghus's Letter, the quest marker directs you to Ascon.
  2. Make 4 Thin Spars (Part-Time Job) via Handicraft with the 20 Average Firewood (Part-Time Job) you are given.
    • A Thin Spar is made with only one Average Firewood, and the success rate is very high. You may have many leftover items.
  3. Deliver the Thin Spars to Ascon.
  4. You will be awarded 10,000 EXP and Wood Board x2 for completing the quest. The next one should take about 30 minutes to arrive.

The Lost 50 Years

Combat Mastery.png Name The Lost 50 Years NPC Ascon

  1. Talk to Ascon, prompting Sure, I Will or Thanks, but No. Continue to watch a cutscene.
  2. Talk to Ascon after the cutscene to view another one about his past. You will then enter a Shadow Mission in an RP version, taking the role of Ascon as a child battling pirates named Tiny Billy and Maurice the Engorged.
    • Ascon is extremely weak, having Rank Novice Combat Mastery, Rank 8 Defense, and Rank 8 Counterattack.
    • The RP will automatically end once either Maurice or Billy's HP drop below 50%, Ascon gets defeated, or the Shadow Mission lingers for more than 5 minutes.
      • Although there is a time limit, there is little to do other than be defeated. There are Rank 1 Barrier Spikes on the pathway from the lighthouse, preventing escape. It is possible to survive by hiding behind the lighthouse and anchor statue.
  3. You will be awarded 10,000 EXP for completing the quest.

A Letter From the Past

Letter from Ascon.png Name A Letter From the past NPC Ascon, Walter, Siobhanin, Annick

  1. Talk to Ascon. You will be prompted with the responses; Help or Ask for Details.
  2. You will receive a book Letter from the Past, read it.
  3. Talk to Walter in Dunbarton, you will be prompted; Ask Politely or Ask Bluntly. Another one will prompt; Calmly Persuade or Accuse Suspiciously.
  4. Travel back to Port Cobh and talk to Siobhanin.
  5. Go the pub and talk to Annick. You will then receive a Letter for Ascon. You are then prompted; Ask about Videk or Tell her she is not funny.
  6. Read the letter.
  7. After reading the book deliver it to Ascon. You are prompted; Calm Him Down or Give Him the Letter.
  8. You will be awarded 20,000 EXP for completing the quest.

Kind-Hearted Videk

Tough String.png
Courcle Taming Cane.png
Taming Bait.png
Name Kind-Hearted Videk NPC Rich person, Gordon, Ascon

  1. Travel to Emain Macha and talk to the Rich person NPC in the square. You will then be given Rich Man's Pouch String
  2. Go to Coill Dungeon and drop the Pouch String. The dungeons difficulty will be determined by your total level.
    • It is a mixture of Barri Basic, Fiodh Intermediate and Fiodh Advanced, and Coill Normal depending on difficulty, and is 1 floor long.
    • You may bring a party of three.
    • This dungeon is mostly made up of Orb Rooms
    • The boss is dependent on difficulty.
  3. Take the Empty Jewelry Pouch back to the Rich person. You will then receive a Courcle Taming Cane and 11 Cyclops Bait.
    • You may talk to him again to receive one Bait if you lose them all, but won't provide another Taming Cane.
  4. Go to Rundal Dungeon and drop 1 Cyclops Bait.
    • The dungeon is a mixture of Rundal Normal and Advanced, and Alby Basic. It is 2 floors long, and both floors aren't very long.
    • This dungeon can only be done alone.
    • The Boss is Father Cyclops, Mother Cyclops, Young Cyclops, and Kid Cyclops.
      • You must use Taming Wild Animals on the Kid Cyclops (the smallest, yellow Cyclops of the group).
        • The Kid Cyclops has incredibly low CP, so Taming at Rank F should not be too difficult.
      • It is not necessary to defeat the other three enemies, as the door will open as soon as you tame the Kid Cyclops.
    • There are no rewards for this dungeon.
    • Upon leaving the dungeon, the Kid Cyclops will disappear; a message states "The Rich Man has taken the Kid Cyclops".
  5. Talk to the Rich person.
  6. Talk to Gordon. You will be prompted; Ask about Videk or Ask about Arranz.
  7. Return to Port Cobh and talk to Ascon.
    • He will then give you a 4.25 cm sized Diamond, and you are prompted to Talk about Arranz or Leave Quietly.
  8. You will be awarded 30,000 EXP for completing the quest.