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Tory Ravine

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Tory Ravine can be accessed on the southwest side of Belvast Island through the Mykeeness Cliffs. When entering it for the first time, regardless of your progression in the storyline, you will see a one-time cutscene related to Generation 24.

According to some residents at the Commonwealth of Belvast, Tory Ravine was a frequently visited place until an unknown body washed up on shore. It is not known what species the body belonged to, only that it was not human. Ever since that incident, the people of Belvast stopped visiting and Tory Ravine became a heavily restricted area. The stream flowing from Tory Ravine to Scathach Beach seems to indicate that there may be an ominous presence there, most likely caused by the mysterious corpse.

In the Decaying Swamp there are areas for Metallurgy. In the Blackstone Beach there are spots for Mining.

There are two moongates in the ravine, which are fallen pieces of Ladeca rather than the usual moon gate.


Geata Icon.png Geata
Mining Pick Icon.png Mining Spot
Unknown Ore Fragment.png Metallurgy spot
Magic Mastery.png Portal
Door Marker.png Door
Full-size Map
Tory Ravine.png

Areas of Interest

Decaying Swamp

Surrounded by the unhealthy-looking Shadow of Yggdrasil, the Decaying Swamp is dangerous to unsuspecting travelers. While mobs only attack in self-defense, players might be confused by the tree-like Cravan who otherwise pretend to be inanimate like Mimics. In addition, the toxic water damages on contact.

Standing in the Decaying Swamp ponds for three seconds inflicts Decaying Swamp Poisoning, which poisons characters for 250 damage per second for 10 seconds. This causes a total of 2500 HP damage, and can knock characters unconscious.

  • This can be prevented either by using a Cravan Liquid.png Cravan Liquid dropped by the endemic Cravan, or by wearing equipment with Poison Immunity Equipment Combination Effects.
  • Note that acquiring Poison Immunity while already under the effects of Decaying Swamp Poisoning will not cancel the remaining duration, but using a Cravan Liquid will.

Successfully surviving the swamp water will enable the player to make use of the Metallurgy spots underneath. Note that the spots can be visually obstructed by the swamp water.

Blackstone Beach

At the bottom of a long staircase is the shoreline of the black-sand Blackstone Beach. Mining nodes are available to players here without the need to travel to Barri Dungeon, Solea, or the Connous Underground Maze. In addition to regular ores, the Blackstone Beach is also unique in that it offers Spirit Transformation Stones which can be used to obtain the four basic Spirit Transformation Liqueurs.

Magic Bridge

After the events of Generation 24's Turbulent Soul quest, players will obtain a method of travel to the areas mentioned below. If the player needs to access any of the following areas, they will need to have completed this quest or find another player capable of sneaking them across who has.

Altar of Doubhca

A mysterious altar used by the members of the Order of the Black Moon.

Tor Mor

At the highest point of Tory Ravine is a mysterious location known as Tor Mor. Players cannot access this location until the events of Generation 25.

Crom Bás

A fortress standing high over the ravine, hiding dark secrets. Players cannot access this location until the events of Waves Amidst the Calm.