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Tory Ravine

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An overview of Tory Ravine.

Description and Geography

Map of Tory Ravine.

Tory Ravine can be accessed on the southwest side of Belvast Island through the Mykeeness Cliffs. When entering it for the first time, regardless of your progression in the storyline, you will see a one-time cutscene related to Generation 24.

There are two moongates in the ravine, which are fallen pieces of Ladeca rather than the usual moon gate.


  • The Decaying Swamp, murky, poisonous waters where the Shadow of Yggdrasil stands, is especially dangerous to unsuspecting travelers. A poisonous swamp lies above the vast ravine.
    • Standing in the Decaying Swamp ponds for three seconds inflicts Effect - Skull Yellow.png Decaying Swamp Poisoning, which poisons characters for 250 damage per second for 10 seconds, and can render players unconscious.
      • The poison may be avoided either by using a Cravan Liquid.png Cravan Liquid dropped by the endemic Cravan, or by wearing equipment with Poison Immunity Equipment Combination Effects.
      • Note that acquiring Poison Immunity while already under the effects of Decaying Swamp Poisoning will not cancel the remaining duration, but using a Cravan Liquid will.
  • Blackstone Beach, a black sanded, rocky area where gathering nodes may be found. Rough waves break unceasingly against the stones of this grim beach.
  • The Magic Bridge, which Merlin creates during Generation 24's Turbulent Soul, links the northern part of Tory Ravine to the early areas.
    • If the player needs to access any of the areas beyond it, they will need to have completed this quest or find another player capable of sneaking them across who has.
  • The Altar of Doubhca, a mysterious altar used by the members of the Order of the Black Moon. An ominous energy spreads from an ore growing out of the ground.
  • The Door-engraved Cliff. A giant, antique door that looks to be sculpted from stone. It doesn't budge, even if you push with everything you've got.
  • Tor Mor, located at the highest point of the ravine.
  • Crom Bás, a fortress standing high over the ravine, hiding dark secrets.


According to some residents at the Commonwealth of Belvast, Tory Ravine was a frequently visited place until an unknown body washed up on shore. It is not known what species the body belonged to, only that it was not human. Ever since that incident, the people of Belvast stopped visiting and Tory Ravine became a heavily restricted area. The stream flowing from Tory Ravine to Scathach Beach seems to indicate that there may be an ominous presence there, most likely caused by the mysterious corpse.

During the events of generation 24, the Cursed Fleet can be seen in Blackstone Beach.

Areas of Interest


Resource Obtained From Location
Iron Ore.png Ore Deposits
Spirit Transformation Stone.png Spirit Transformation Stone
Ores (Mining) Blackstone Beach
Unknown Ore Fragment.png Metallurgy Spots
Various Gems
Metallurgy Decaying Swamp


  • None


  • None



Areas Connected


Track Title
From the Depths of Despair


  • The island dedicated to Tor Mor remained undefined even after its release. This may have been caused in part by Tor Mor being on a different map, but also in order to prevent spoiling the players about its apperance too soon.
  • The path leading to Tor Mor, unlike other areas, does not require any input from the player other than to head towards its direction.