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Basic Information

  • Crossbows are weapons that utilize archery skills and Bolts to attack from a distance.
  • Giants cannot equip Crossbows.
  • Smash or Assault Slash can not be used with a Crossbow.
  • Crossbow attacks can be used to hit enemies in Flight.
  • Crossbow attacks trigger Natural Shield.
  • Compared to Bows, Crossbows excel in Balance and Critical Hit Rate, but are outmatched by the Bow's superior Range and Damage.
  • Unlike normal Bows, using skills with Crossbows do not slow the user to a walk.
  • Unlike normal Bows, Crossbow Bolts do not receive lit arrowheads from Campfires and therefore do not receive a damage bonus from them.
  • Damage done with crossbows is influenced by the user's dexterity.
    • Every 2.5 Dex adds +1 to Maximum Damage; 3.5 Dex adds +1 to Minimum Damage.
  • Crossbow Mastery increases the user's minimum and maximum damage, critical, and Armor Piercing when a Crossbow is equipped.

For a comparison list, see Crossbows List.